On March 14, 2022, the Black History Mobile Museum curated by Dr. Khalid el-Hakim came to Skyline College as part of its nationwide traveling tour of over 100 colleges and universities.  The CIPHER Hip Hop Learning Community hosted this event as part of their 15th Annual Rock The School Bells Hip Hop event series.


Over 10 tables of artifacts detailing Black memorabilia dating from the trans-Atlantic slave trade era to Hip Hop culture was on display for viewing in the Farallon Room in Building 12.  Through his selection and framing of artifacts, Dr. el-Hakim created visual narratives and constructed meaning for his attendees.  He explains through his presentation that, “Exhibitions are interpretive acts and forms of pedagogy.”  He challenges us as educators to reflect on how we can impact student learning in different ways beyond the classroom walls.


We were also blessed with a special guest appearance by Marvin X who performed two powerful poems that resonated throughout the halls of Building 12. Marvin X was part of the Black Arts Movement led by Amiri Baraka and worked alongside Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, and Eldridge Cleaver.


Dr. el-Hakim facilitated a learning activity with Middle College students, sparking students’ academic growth, cultural competence, and sociopolitical awareness.  Students engaged with the artifacts that were intentionally placed in chronological order from the time of slavery, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, the Civil Rights Movement to Hip Hop culture. Dr. el-Hakim explains, “The point is to get us out of our comfort zones and force that uncomfortable conversation about race and identity to happen.”


This event was organized in collaboration with Student Equity & Support Programs, the Center for Student Life and Leadership, TRiO, ASTEP/Umoja, Skyline College Outreach, and the Equity Institute.


Article by Nate Nevado  |  Photos by Marisa Thigpen

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