bits and bytes at JapanOver the winter break, members of Skyline College’s computer science club, Bits N’ Bytes, traveled together to Japan to immerse themselves in innovative tech culture. Vice President of the club, Yuichi Okuhama is an Okinawa native and toured the club members in Tokyo.

Japan is a nation that is not afraid of innovation and progress, yet is passionately protective and proud of its culture. Temples, shrines, peaceful gardens and traditional customs co-exist with towering skyscrapers, futuristic architecture, speeding bullet trains and a quirky pop-culture. Beyond experiencing the amazing food and culture, the club members absorbed Japan’s vigor in technological advancements which propelled ideas for new projects this semester.

If you are interested in learning or practicing programming languages or computer science, Bits N’ Bytes would like to welcome new members to join and become a part of their club. They invite proactive STEM learners to participate in volunteer activities and career development opportunities. Your involvement will help continue to provide quality experiences for the campus and community.

For more information about Bits N’ Bytes, contact President Valentina Carreno at or Faculty Advisor Nick Langhoff at

Article and Photo by Valentina Carreno

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