On Wednesday September 11, 2019, Biotechnology instructors met with Dr. Pat McKay at Genentech to learn more about a protein purification machine that they donated to Skyline College’s Biotechnology program. Dr. McKay is a long-term adjunct professor of chemistry at Skyline College. He works as a researcher for Genentech during the day and teaches chemistry at night. While his job discovering new lifesaving drugs is important, Dr. McKay is also dedicated to his students here at Skyline College, helping develop a new generation of chemists. Dr. McKay is a perfect example of how Skyline College attracts local industry to enhance our students’ education.

The Biotechnology program appreciates using the AKTAexplorer in order to demonstrate the large scale purification of proteins. The Skyline Research club will be the first using the machine in order to purify GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) to use as a demonstration at the Bay Area Science Festival that will be held in November at the Giants Stadium.

Article and Photo by Nick Kapp

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