Back row, left to right: Shabnam Fazlalizadeh, Clapton Hernandez, Nick Kapp, Jonathan Zhang, Patrick Talavera, Khaledh Tahan, Megan White
Front row, left to right: Kaileiani Louie, Lareytha Dilian Husni
Not pictured: Chuyun Wang, Kevin Recinos

The BioScope Team and Biomanufacturing Club, which meets once a week, kicked off the semester by pouring and shipping out nearly 3,000 microbiological growth plates to BABEC (Bay Area Bioscience Education Community). These plates will be distributed to high schools in the Bay Area. Skyline is one of two community colleges which teams up with BABEC to procure supplies and collaborates to provide materials at free or reduced cost for Biotech and science classrooms around the Bay Area.

Dr. Nick Kapp, a professor at Skyline College’s Biology department, and the student-led BioScope Team take initiative to encourage and guide the Biomanufacturing Club through technical and documentation procedures to enhance their in-lab skills and techniques. This also allows students to gain work and leadership experience while collaborating with their peers.

The BioScope project is a federal grant funded by the NSF. Skyline is in its 3rd and final year of this project. The BioScope Team and Biomanufacturing Club consists of students from Skyline College who are first- and second- year students, students who are seeking to gain work experience and/or transfer, as well as those who are interested in learning more about the field of biotechnology and instrumentation. It’s open to anyone who would like to join, with meetings on Friday from 9a-12p (drop-in and leave at any time) in room 7-204.

For more information on BioScope and joining the Biomanufacturing Club, please reach out to Dr. Kapp ( or Khaledh Tahan (

For more information on who BABEC is and what they do, visit their website at

Article by Kaileiani Louie | Photos by Biomanufacturing Club

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