biomanufacturing work day betterInterested in biotechnology? The Biomanufacturing Club at Skyline College meets roughly every other Friday. Student Project Manager Jaizel Robles invites all Skyline College students to join as the biomanufacturing club mixes fun with real world work experience by also acting as a contract manufacturing. The products they make are for local high schools and real customers. In order to do this, the Biomanufacturing Club acts as a contract manufacturing organization.

In the picture, Jaizel is inspecting and packaging petri plates that will go out to the local high schools. In order to reduce contamination and emulating the pharmaceutical industry experience, students wore the proper equipment. Tram is working on a manufacturing ticket which are the exact instructions on how to manufacture a lot. These detailed instructions are absolutely followed with each task that is listed signed off and countersigned. This attention to detail is just like Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) that are practiced in Biopharmaceutical companies. Mario and Carlose, who are studying biomedical engineering are using a manifold they printed in the Fabrication Lab and a syringe pump to see if they can efficiently dispense 0.1 mL of a solution into test tubes for a future biomanufacturing club product.

If you are interested in building your biotechnology lab skills while making a product, come and check out the Biomanufacturing Club, every other Friday in Building 7, Room 7-204.

Article and Photo by Nick Kapp

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