bio bridge studentsStudents in the inaugural Biotechnology Career Advancement Academy recently completed their first major assignment: creating and packaging “Skyline Altoids” based on the popular breath mint. As part of their hands-on training, the Biomanufacturing students have created their own company, logos, branding, and products under the name: Skyline Biotech Laboratories.

BioBridge students researched a number of products they wished to produce and selected breath mints as their first venture. The product comes in a variety of flavors and was manufactured in the Skyline College Building 7 laboratory by mixing sugar, egg whites and food grade cellulose gum.  In addition to producing their mints, students learned and applied other critical bio-manufacturing skills including: sanitation, documentation, processing, and procuring of proper licenses.

While students successfully created their first batch of candy, the Skyline Biotech Laboratories student company has not been able to procure a proper license yet to make their candy product available to the public. Students are currently exploring the creation of other potential products, including a disposable sterile nasal irrigation system (e.g. Neti pot), eye drops, and a biofuel and research enzymes that will be distributed to local high schools.

The BioBridge Program provides a broad foundation of scientific education and hands-on instruction along with contextualized math and English courses in a highly supportive learning environment.  After completion of this two semester program, students receive a Certificate of Achievement in Biotechnology and are prepared for entry-level employment in bio-manufacturing. Skyline College also offers an Associate Degree in Biotechnology for students who are looking for a clear transfer pathway to a four-year colleges and universities.

Skyline College’s Career Advancement Academy Biotechnology program—BioBridge—is supported by grant funding from the National Science Foundation, grant #1502042.  Please keep an eye out for the BioBridge students, who will soon be wearing their Skyline Biotech Laboratories hoodies, and be sure to ask them about their work!

For more information about the BioBridge program and other Career Advancement Academies, please contact, Jeremy Evangelista at or (650) 738-4185, or fill out an online application.

Article by Nick Kapp | Photos by Melonie Tan