Children in classroomSkyline College’s Phi Theta Kappa officers developed a summer science program for precollege students. The research that the students did earlier this year showed early exposure to STEM activities positively impacts elementary students’ perceptions of science. And college students can inspire and motivate to precollege students to achieve higher goals. During the summer, Sam Reveles, Karen Lai, Donway Sy, Jose Campos, Akayi Thein, Spencer Wu, Justin Tom, and Michael Wong brought science labs to the Boys & Girls Club. The kids especially enjoyed ice cream science (photo).

Our students are doing a remarkable job: helping people and representing the College. If you have students looking for community service or just wanting to contribute to society, please encourage them to contact our Phi Theta Kappa chapter Vice-president of Operations Donway Sy.

Article by Christine Case | Photo by Pauline Maccay