This January, Skyline’s Phi Theta Kappa chapter, Beta Theta Omicron, achieved five-star status for their work done in 2023. The journey began in the summer semester of 2023 when the newly elected chapter officer team collaborated with the co-advisors to ensure all requirements were met by organizing fun, informative, academic, and research events and recruiting eligible students. All officers completed one or more PTK and Advisor professional development programs, attended and participated in the regional conference, and then carried out a college project and Honors in Action research.

The chapter conducted academic research on community college students’ lack of belonging using Honor in Action research, following the PTK research guidelines of informed action through research.

For the College Project, the team collaborated with campus services. The chapter created informative videos to raise awareness about available services, assisting fellow students in making the most of campus resources and highlighting community college student success through the creation of student success boards published on campus and on the chapters and colleges’ social media platforms.

Towards the end of the fall semester, the entire officer team collaborated to plan for the hallmark awards entries at the upcoming catalyst event. They engaged in discussions and shared valuable ideas. To cover all aspects and finish the submissions promptly, the team divided into groups, each focusing on one of the five different awards, and continued the write-up over the winter break. This collaborative effort demonstrates the chapter’s unity and its commitment to excellence in leadership, service, scholarship, and fellowship.

The journey to five-star status was more than just a checklist of tasks; it demonstrated Beta Theta Omicron’s dedication to positively impacting the campus community. By the end of the semester, the chapter’s accomplishments were evident not only in its achieved status but also in the meaningful connections formed, knowledge shared, and collective vision of a brighter future for all members.

Beta-Theta Omicron remains dedicated to excellence. The chapter shifted to upcoming projects during a recent planning session on Friday, 1/19/2024. Discussions focused on planning for spring events and activities, ensuring the continuation of impactful events and initiatives, and nurturing new officers for the 2024–25 academic year.

Furthermore, the chapter actively prepares three members for regional and international positions, demonstrating their dedication to leadership within Phi Theta Kappa. This ongoing engagement reflects Beta Theta Omicron’s long-standing commitment to fostering academic excellence, service, and leadership among its members and a forward-thinking approach to shaping the chapter’s future.

Article by Lareytha Dilian Husni

Picture by Yesika Wong-Sanchez

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