chicagoAlthough live performances of CHICAGO are postponed, the faculty, staff, and cast understand and support the current need for common cultural experiences to remind us of what we share. In response, Skyline College Artist-in-Residence Gary D. Ferguson hosted our first Skyline College Behind the Curtain, VIP Broadway Celebrity Zoom Sessions on April 14th and 16th with cast members from the original Broadway touring company of CHICAGO and other special guests including Broadway professionals in choreography, costumes, dance, hair, and sets.

“Behind the Curtain” offered cast members and the college community exposure to a variety of opinions, ideas, cultures, and people with different experiences and backgrounds in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. Attendees heard ideas and opinions about race, gender, body image, sexual and gender identity in the arts and society, and participate in a Q&A session with each presenter.

We thank Spring Musical Project faculty Jude Navari and Amber Steele for organizing this event.

Article and Photo by Chris Burwell-Woo

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