Becalos at Mexican Cultural Day 1 The Global Learning Programs and Services Division was pleased to host International Education Week from November 17-20. Each day of the week focused on a different cultural component to bring awareness to the Skyline College campus.

Tuesday, November 18 was highlighted by celebrating Mexican Cultural Day. The Bécalos program took the lead in presenting various aspects of their culture to the Skyline College community. Featured events included Bécalos student presentations on Mexican clothing, demonstrations and historical explanations of various dance forms, Día de los Muertos makeup tutorials, live music and singing and a celebration of Mexican cuisine.

Becalos at Mexican Cultural Day 1The Skyline College community was fortunate to have the Bécalos students available to share with the campus their own personal stories and histories as Mexican citizens. Skyline College students, faculty and staff were able to benefit from a first-hand account of cultural traditions while engaging in intercultural dialogue.

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Article and photos by Alessandra Zanassi