The Bay Area Entrepreneur Center (BAEC) has transitioned from the Global Learning Programs and Services Division to the Business, Education & Professional Programs Division – and will be specifically linked with the Center for Career & Workforce Development (CWD).

“This transition is going to create even stronger connections for students and community members to pursue their business ideas and entrepreneurship goals. It is part of the SMCCCD Board of Trustees strategic plan to strengthen program organization and community connections!” said Pcyeta Stroud, Director of BAEC.

By connecting the BAEC with the Center for Career & Workforce Development, BAEC will be able to take full advantage of existing connections with local business and industry, community-based organizations, and governmental agencies to connect entrepreneurs with the resources and relationships they need to succeed.

The CWD also works with business to provide customized training and education solutions for both credit and not for-credit on-site workforce preparation and development needs. The CWD is responsible for coordinating the delivery of contracted credit and not-for-credit courses, associated services, and programs requested by business, industry, governmental or community agencies. BAEC is uniquely situated to benefit from, and enhance these community connections.

Article by Connor Fitzpatrick

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