On April 28, 2015, CITD Global Logistics Program, participated in The CTE Leadership Group to conduct regional strategic planning. The CITD at Skyline College progresses to improve the CTE curriculum with neighboring community colleges by scrutinizing and uncovering the underlying employer needs of today’s industries; regionally and internationally. The discoveries and ideas accumulated from the well-informed discussions can serve to shed some light on sectors which deserve more attention.

The CTE Leadership Group is comprised of the CEOs, CIOs, CTE deans and CTE faculty from each of the 28 Bay Region colleges.  During the meeting the group continued to discuss the progress of the roll-out of the CTE Enhancement Fund, including the most recent CTE Consultation Council decisions around allocating the 40% regional share ($4.3M).  Engagement around the group’s collective agreement, in addition to funding all 28 colleges at the highest level of the CTE Employment Outcomes Survey, drove the discussions.  The CTE Enhancement Funds shall be provided on a one-time basis to create greater incentive for California Community Colleges to develop, enhance, retool, and expand quality CTE offerings that build upon existing community college regional capacity to respond to regional labor market needs. Collaborations and discussions will continue at future Regional BACCC meetings and webinars and Sub-regional meetings.

The Bay Area CITD and BACCC has collaborated on the following events and initiatives:

Workshop on March 18, Global Trade & Logistics (GTL) Curricula and Career Pathway Programs, hosted and facilitated by Yvonne Reid.

Health IT Conference on April 17, 2015, Bay Area CITD assisted in exploring the possibility of developing an Associate of Science degree or Certificate program in Health Information Technology.

Town Hall Meeting at Microsoft on March 10, 2015 Business partners discussed “Job Creation and a Strong Economy”.

For more information on the CITD Global Trade and Logistics Program, please contact Yvonne Reid at reidy@smccd.edu .

Article by Yvonne Reid