Photo of Ane BananezAne Basanez is a Skyline College International Student from Spain, currently studying electrical engineering and computer science.  Ane is also a Student Intern as part of the Bay Area Entrepreneur Center’s Internship Job Shadow Program and is on the Study Abroad and Exchange Program Team at Skyline College.  As part of her role on the Study Aboard team, Ane assists with creating useful email templates, capturing relevant data and making sure the team stays current with news.  She uses her customer service skills and leadership ability that she learned in Spain to be a positive force on the team.

Ane has participated in the Latin American Student Organization club (LASO) and the Women in Science & Engineering Represent club (W!SER).  Ane loves math and has aspirations to work with fellow students in the tutoring center next semester as a math tutor.

Ane shows us how Skyline College truly shines!


Article by Pcyeta Stroud

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