Marcello MenjivarThe Internship Job Shadow Program (IJSP) would like to introduce Senior Intern, Marcello Menjivar. Marcello is a business administration major with an expressed interest in natural resource management and sustainability. Marcello is also an active member of the LASO club at Skyline College. Marcello has been a part of the IJSP at the Bay Area Entrepreneur Center (BAEC) since the summer of 2018 and has returned, as a student assistant, for the fall semester. As a student intern, Marcello has participated in a number of campus and community events and has gotten to learn more about the inner-workings of Skyline College and the BAEC. Through the IJSP, Marcello has learned the value of building and expanding his network and has had the opportunity to explore different career paths, while developing his skills.

When asked why he chose to attend Skyline College, Marcello said, “It was local…with both of my parents originally being born in El Salvador, I wanted to attend an institution with similar views on ethnic equality as mine”.

Marcello also has some advice for his fellow students and said, “The main thing you will get out of this program is the network you will build and bring along with you when it is over. My student internship came along with challenges and forced me to be able to adapt.”

We are excited to have Marcello on the team!

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Article by Pcyeta Stroud, Terri Wade and Marcello Menjivar | Photo by: Sam Panganiban

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