Automotive Employers Interviewing Students

Julia Johnson, Professor of Automotive Technology set up and organized an automotive student internship program and hiring day on Wednesday, April 8, 2015. The event featured 16 premier automotive employers who participated in a job fair where they met and interviewed 25 Skyline College students. The employers represented car dealers like BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Ford and Honda. Also represented were independent repair owners such as San Bruno Auto Repair and chain stores like Firestone and Midas just to name a few.

Professor Johnson Assisting Automotive Students

Professor Johnson ensures all of the prospective students are prepared with instruction on what to expect from an employer, how to act and behave, as well as putting them all through mock interviews both in person and over the phone. These are soft skills that often get overlooked. Some of these employers are hiring Skyline College students as interns and offering pay well over 25% to 35% of what most entry-level automotive students would normally be offered.

Due to the retirement of baby boomers in the automotive profession, quality automotive students are in high demand. The Skyline College automotive program excels at meeting these demands, not only in turning out skilled knowledgeable students but also helping to mold mature, responsible and productive members of society. When students graduate after they have spent 3 years of their life with Skyline College getting their education, they are now part of our extended family.

Article & Photos by Thomas G. Broxholm