students at automotiveOn November 14, 2017, the Automotive Department hosted the “Driving Your Future” event for a total of 180 high school students from the Counties of San Francisco and San Mateo.

The event was designed to help young high school students explore automotive technology as a career choice and to expose them to the CTE STAR Automotive Career Program at Skyline College. The visiting students had a chance to hear from three automotive students and a guest speaker from the Royal Automotive Group.

Program Coordinator, Thomas Broxholm, and internship and evening coordinator, Julia Johnson, shared the emcee spot.  The high school students listened to perspectives and experiences from entry level CAA student, Ariel Sallee, Automotive Technology Club President, Mark Hildago, former graduate student, Raymond Lee, and Royal Automotive Group General Manager, Mitch Kudler.

After the presentation the students were treated to a tour of the automotive program by current automotive students who volunteered their time. During this time they were able to ask questions and observe current student participating in lecture and lab exercises along with professor interaction. The tour was followed by a BBQ lunch and a chance to win an Automotive Technology Logo jacket and hoodie.

The event was a huge hit and success with the visiting students, teachers and counselors.  The Automotive Department thanks assistant Nancy Lam and the Workforce Development team led by Andrea Vizenor who were critical to the success of our “Driving Your Future” event.

Article by Thomas G Broxholm | Photos by Claudia Paz

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