Faculty at ASTEP Retreat

Skyline College’s African Diaspora Program which is part of Global Learning Programs and Services, met on Friday, December 4, 2015 with ASTEP faculty. The purpose of the retreat was to address the need to disrupt the learning standards and define more constructive ways to address the success of African American students at Skyline College. Our guest speakers were Dr. Cheryl Ajirotutu, Adjunct Faculty, African Diaspora Program and Dr. Wendy White, Co-Chair, Humanities, Philosophy and Social Science at De Anza College. The group also took a close look at the “White House Initiative on Men of Color” recommendations. The ASTEP faculty intends to meet several times in the spring 2016 semester to develop strategies, work on grant opportunities, and collaborate campus-wide to integrate pedagogical techniques to address the needs of our students in accordance with the Skyline College Promise of, “Get in, Get through and Get out…on time.”

Article by Tammy Robinson | Photo by Linda Bertellotti