assc at museum of toleranceFor their second and final leadership retreat of the year, The Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC) traveled to Los Angeles to attend the Museum of Tolerance. The members of the council learned first-hand about the events during the Holocaust and other acts of  intolerance, and social justice, throughout history. The museum’s purpose is to educate students, leaders and community members about the history of intolerance but also teach, nurture and encourage acts of tolerance. During their visit they had the privilege of hearing the story of a holocaust survivor, Rolf Gompertz. The rest of the retreat focused on team building among the council members, social justice and cultural competency training, and event planning.

Their experiences at the museum inspired the creation of ASSC’s first-ever Holocaust Remembrance Day event which took place on January 26, and will shape the format for the council’s events moving forward the rest of this semester.

Article by Anjelica Gacutan-Viloria