Tonga Day Flyer


On November 4, the ASSC celebrated Tonga National Day 2020. In honor of their Polynesian classmates, peers and community members who have heritage from the Kingdom of Tonga, the ASSC celebrated Tongan culture, history & language through their online event. The ASSC Commissioner of Activities Elline Arroyo and Student Life Assistant Ryan Samn worked with Punake Kuata Vainikolo and his wife Nia Vainikolo, of whom are Tongan community leaders from East Palo Alto to set up an exclusive online performance by their troupe KPA.

After the performance online, Punake Kuata and Nia gave a thorough presentation about the beautiful and cultural “faiva” outfits, cultural regalia often used in Tongan ceremony and dance. Next year the ASSC hopes to host Tonga Day as it was held in 2019: which was in person with a Kava Ceremony that honored our previous Vice President of Student Services, Dr. Angélica Garcia. If you’d like to see the video, it is on the ASSC YouTube Channel here:

Article by Ryan Samn and Felagot Desta

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