An Appreciation Reception hosted by Chairman, Ron Derenzi and the President’s Council was held in the Art Gallery on Thursday, February 15, 2018. The event was a chance for us as a college and the President’s Council to thank those that have so generously donated as part of the President’s Breakfast efforts the past 2 years. The President’s Breakfast fundraising efforts support the President’s Innovation Fund and also, now provides the funding source for Promise scholarships as part of the Promise Scholars Program. Over 100 guests attended the reception, enjoying art, jazz music, h’ors de’ouvres and wine. Guests were provided a wine opener gift set a token of our thanks for their generous support.

Ron Derenzi, Chairman of the President’s Council welcomed guests on behalf of the council and recognized the many elected officials who were in attendance. President Stanback Stroud welcome guests on behalf of Chancellor Ron Galatolo and the Board of Trustees of the San Mateo County Community College District. Dr. Stanback Stroud thanked all the donors for their generous support and the love they’ve shown the college over the years, which has allowed for the campus to continue its tradition of developing innovative projects and provided over 400 students to date, with Promise scholarships.

Guest had the opportunity to meet a few Promise Scholars who were in attendance. Promise Scholar Leanne Gajunia spoke as part of the short program about her experience as a first year college student being fully supported by the Promise Scholars Program. Leanne was a Middle College student who was able to get a head start on her college credits and will transfer as a junior next academic year. The investment of the donors in the room with her as she spoke, got her the support she needed to continue on in her educational journey.

We would like to thank alumna Daisy Li, owner and Annie Chan, catering manager of Moonstar in Daly City who generously donated all the amazing food! This was the second year in a row that Daisy Li provided food for the reception. Pacific Dining provided the water, coffee and tea service for donors, gratis. Guests enjoyed wine courtesy of Recology San Bruno and Republic Services who teamed up to donate white and red wine so our reception was complete!

We would also like to thank Paul Bridenbaugh for providing such a beautiful venue, where we were able to enjoy the artwork of 5 women artists as part of the current exhibition “Holding the Center” on display through March 16. Music Professor Zachary Bruno and the Skyline College Jazz Combo provided incredible background jazz music, greatly enhancing the ambiance of the event. The community and faculty and staff in attendance were quite impressed with the talented students and professor of music.

A special thanks to the leadership and staff who planned, organized and delivered such an exceptional representation of the college. From the Marketing, Communications and Public Relations office, Brian Collins and Mia Coo who picked up the food with Manny Tablan of the Administrative Services team, Connor Fitzpatrick who prepared the student speaker to deliver a compelling speech, Zaw Min Khant and Kevin Perez who provided photography and assistance with set up and Brittney Sneed who was involved every step of the way from RSVP to clean up and never misses a detail. From the President’s Suite, Bryan Besnyi, Belinda Chan and Becky Threewit who served wine, Golda Margate, Angelica Mendoza and Theresa Tentes who assisted with guest registration and greeting/mingling with our guests to make sure they felt at home and were available should anything arise that needed attention.

Under the leadership of Andrea Vizenor Director of Career and Workforce Programs and the Retail, Hospitality and Tourism Program, we would like to recognize Claudia Paz, Visual Communications Coordinator in Career and Workforce Programs and Elizabeth Tablan, Program Services Coordinator in Career and Workforce Programs for serving as catering managers and assisting with the set up and execution of the event! You two were incredible and went above and beyond!

Career and Workforce Programs also recruited servers who were interested in working for the event. The servers who did an exceptional job of serving the donors with grace included:

  • Ling Jung Chien, BAEC intership program intern and now student assistant,
  • Jody Gonzalez, previous BAEC intern and now Short-term OAII
  • Maria Hanna, Women’s Mentorship and Leadership Academy and student of the Hospitality & Tourism Management Adult School Bridge Program
  • Emerita Hinojosa, Women’s Mentorship and Leadership Academy and student of the Hospitality & Tourism Management Adult School Bridge Program
  • Eva Liang, BAEC internship program intern and now student assistant
  • Linda Truong, Office Asssitant II, BAEC

Last, but certainly not least, we’d like to recognize Tykia Warden, Interim Executive Director of the San Mateo County Community Colleges Foundation, for her leadership and partnership in fundraising for the betterment of our college and in support of the amazing Skyline College students. She and her team have been with us every step of the way with all the fundraising activities of the President’s Council.

Article by Cherie Colin | Photos by Zaw Min Khant

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