The Skyline College Honors Transfer Program recognizes and celebrates UC Berkeley transfer student Megan Chan, who attributes her success and transfer journey to many of the resources, programs, and services available to all students at Skyline College. When asked to shout out the places where she was involved at Skyline College, she cites, “the STEM Center, my counselors, and my professors were super helpful during my transfer process and search for internships! It’s super helpful to reach out and talk to people with experience, especially being a first-generation student!”

I had an opportunity to ask Megan some questions after she reached out to me about an workshop event that the Society of Women Engineers–the student organization with which she’s actively involved–held in November 2021, during the transfer application process. The event, “Engineers @ Berkeley” was offered specifically for community college students to receive personalized peer application advice for students of all genders. Because they knew how difficult the transfer process was, they hoped to demystify the process for current applicants.

JS: What was your major, and how did you decide on it?

MC: My current major is mechanical engineering. While at Skyline, I started off as an economics major, then made my way into applied math and undecided engineering.

JS: What were the most valuable skills you learned from the Skyline College Honors Transfer Program that you use and build on at UC Berkeley?

MC: Getting experience reading scientific papers and interacting with professors during the Honors Transfer Program was helpful because I did not know what the research experience was like prior to HTP. It also allowed me to explore different topics I was interested in, and apply knowledge beyond the textbooks.

JS: What were the most important steps you took to start your transfer journey?

MC: I was a peer mentor and peer tutor, which allowed me to work while being in school. I also got to be closer to the Skyline community. Although it was virtual, it was a great way to meet people and work together with staff and other students!

JS: What made you want to transfer to UC Berkeley, and what have you learned most about yourself since you’ve been there?

MC: I transferred to UC Berkeley because of the vast number of opportunities they offer! I looked into their engineering program, and they aligned with my many interests. Once I got accepted, I had already felt welcomed because their transfer community reached out. I also enjoyed the energy on campus when I went to visit, and the weather there is nice.

JS: What valuable piece of advice do you have for current and future transfer students?

MC: My advice for students is to be curious and stay hungry [for knowledge]. During my experience in community college, I went through a journey of self-exploration. Since I had so many interests, it was difficult choosing a single major. I still have many interests, and I understand the importance of intersectionality and interdisciplinary work. If you are interested in something, try to get experience, and ask deeper questions to know more about it! The possibilities are endless!

If you are interested in joining the Honors Transfer Program, you can find the application and other important program links on our Linktree. Students have until Week 5 of each semester to apply to become an Honors Transfer student for the current semester. For more information, please email English Faculty member and Honors Transfer Program Faculty Program Coordinator, Janice Sapigao at


Article by Janice Sapigao | Photo provided by Megan Chan

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