impossibleThis week’s Science In Action series “Achieving the Impossible with Impossible Foods” featured Skyline College alumni’s Irene Yim and Susan Wu and was held using the Zoom, a video conferencing software.

Irene was a nontraditional student, working as a chef in many restaurants while attending the University of California, Davis. She applied to Impossible Foods while working on her Masters in Food Science. Both Irene and Susan shared their experience of working for Impossible Foods, highlighting their work with their colleagues and products. The goal of Impossible Foods is to develop sustainable products that also require less resources to create. At the end of the series, Irene and Susan agreed to bring some Impossible patties to Skyline College for a cook-out later in the spring!

The Science in Action series will resume to be broadcasted using Zoom on Tuesdays from 4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. for the next two weeks. Find the links to the online video meetings and future speakers and topics here. Login to the upcoming Science in Action series:

March 17, 2020

Speaker: Cory Padilla | Dovetail Genomics

Topic: Cory’s transition from graduation to the biotechnology industry and the impact of genomics.

Article by Nick Kapp

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