Accreditation Quick Guide cover

As Skyline College worked through the self evaluation process for accreditation, we completed a number of projects and initiatives to make sure that we implemented every standard at the highest level—sustainable continuous quality improvement. These changes yielded many resources that are very helpful as we do our work. This week we will highlight the Quick Guide. As we enter the Fall 2013 semester, Skyline College is preparing for the external evaluation component of our accreditation process. If you are new to the campus community, or have remaining questions about accreditation, we hope that you find this Quick Guide to be a useful resource. This Quick Guide provides a centralized hub for accessing the most current information through key College and District documents and web resources. The Quick Guide can be viewed and downloaded on the Accreditation 2013 website.

Visit the Accreditation website for more information. Skyline Shines!

Article by Donna Bestock and Christine Roumbanis.