Students in Transfer CenterIn addition to a significant increase in the UC Transfer Admissions Guarantee (TAG) applications that happened earlier this Fall, the Transfer Center and Counseling Division saw a monumental increase in participation of Application Assistance support.

Over 400 students visited the Transfer Center during Application Assistance Drop-in Hours in the months of October and November, Transfer Awareness and Application Awareness Months.  Students received one on one support in completing their CSU and UC applications. Additionally, students who wrote personal statements for their UC applications had their statements reviewed one-on-one. As part of the CSU application process, students are asked to report their CSU Transferrable GPA. The importance of having an accurate GPA calculation can greatly impact a student’s eligibility, especially when applying to an impacted major. Through the application season, almost 250 students had their GPA calculated by a Counselor.

All these efforts could not have been possible without the support of the many people.

Here are some highlights of the support our students received:

Our dedicated representatives: UC Davis rep, Mayra Escobar and UC Berkeley rep Bryan Martinez and CSU reps Doris Fendt (SFSU) and Marc Strong (CSUEB) all stayed much longer than their scheduled time to help our students!

Several counselors gave up their coordination time and came in and calculated GPAs and helped out when they had no-shows or an extra 10 minutes. Many came early and many stayed late!  It was a true Division-wide effort!

College staff/directors came in as personal statement reviewers, and also came early and stayed late to support students through the last minute reviews of their personal statements.

The Transfer Center staff and student ambassadors stayed and made sure everything was orderly and students were served fairly and efficiently!

We could not have done any of this without such a strong network and Campus Community who truly supports transfer! Without a doubt, Skyline College students had the support they needed to put their best foot forward in this rigorous application process!

Article by Suzanne Poma | Photo by Vanessa Aragon