Business Expo Week is a series of events designed to highlight the campus’ entrepreneurship department and the opportunities it offers to students. The week featured three days of engaging activities, inspiring speakers, and interactive events that brought the college community together.

Day 1: Expo Week Kickoff
The week began with a dynamic kickoff featuring two guest speakers, Kyle Nishikido (KyleNBeats) and Keane Nishikido (Kwote the Poet), Skyline’s CIPHER Learning Community alumni. The brother duo shared their remarkable journey from homelessness to success. Kyle, a music producer influenced by J Dilla and Nujabes, and Keane, a rapper/musician, inspired the audience with their story of resilience and determination, encouraging students to follow their dreams.

Day 2: Resource Fair
The second day focused on showcasing valuable campus resources. Programs like the Study Abroad Program, Strategic Partnerships & Workforce Development (SPWD), and the Business, Entrepreneurship, & Finance Club (BEFC) were featured. The fair was a lively event with free boba for all attendees, providing a platform for students to explore various opportunities and resources available at Skyline College.

Day 3: Market Day
Market Day was a highlight of the series of events featuring businesses created by Middle College and Skyline College Entrepreneurship students who prepared for weeks. The quad was filled with over 45 vendors, including various student businesses like Bloom Bar, Mega Grilled Mega Cheese (MGMC), and Ethos. The vibrant atmosphere was enhanced by music from DJ Bitesize, making it a memorable day for everyone involved.

Looking Ahead
We look forward to continuing to promote Skyline College’s excellence through future events and initiatives. A special thank you goes out to the administrators, faculty, and student ambassadors who contributed significantly to coordinating and making Business Expo Week a success. This week would not have been possible without the support of Dr. Lauren Ford and Dean Michael Kane, Dean Alex Kramer, Director Martina Center, as well as the countless hours put in by the planning committee: Professor Grace Beltran, Professor Lindsey Ayotte, Professor Tony Viertel, Professor Margarita Guevara, Professor Soledad McCarthy, Professor Jenni Lee, Professor Jessica Hurless, and student ambassadors: Elian Fontanilla, Paolo Estay, Jaime Flick, Moana Upuia and Serena Ng. Join us in celebrating the achievements and opportunities within Skyline College’s Business program as we continue to inspire and support our students.

Article by Elian Fontanilla and Soledad McCarthy
Pictures by Claudia Paz

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