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Consulting firm Kennedy and Company continues to guide us through the discovery phase of our technology implementation to determine exactly what technologies we need as part of our college’s comprehensive redesign. They’ve already embarked on exploration by holding forums with campus stakeholders, asking questions about key needs and identifying existing holes in our capabilities that need to be filled.

Recently, Kennedy & Company invited four Customer Relationship Management (CRM) vendors to present their products to groups from all three campuses. This allowed individuals to get an initial sense of what these products could potentially offer, both from a staff and student perspective. The vendors invited to present to the district were Engage2Serve, Salesforce, Ellucian, and Enrollment RX.

About Technology & The College Redesign

Technology is a critical and integral part of every piece of our comprehensive college redesign – it will reshape how we interact with students, and how students interact with the college. The focus of the technology redesign is to architect a suite of well integrated solutions that will empower our students and campus community to support student success at scale. The combination of the College Redesign (Meta majors, Guided Pathways, and Promise Scholars Program), the technology redesign, and dedicated faculty and staff will allow us to achieve student success rates of 75% or higher.

Technology Update Timeline

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