EOPS Anniversary The 2014-2015 academic year marks the 45th anniversary of EOPS/CARE. Commendations from the City of San Bruno and the California Assembly were presented. Dr. Angelica Garcia, Dean of Counseling, Advising and Matriculation kicked off the event with a welcome and introduction.

Three former EOPS students joined in the celebration on Tuesday, May 12 to share their stories with our students. Seabrien Arata, UC Berkeley graduate and current MBA student, works as an Account Executive for a start uEOPS Anniversary p in San Francisco; Teresa Maria Lane, UC Davis alumna and current Realtor, and Ramona Mitchell who graduated from Sonoma State University then went on to receive her graduate  degree from Golden Gate University and is now a Child Support Specialist for Sonoma County.  Their inspiring stories celebrated the best that is EOPS/CARE.

Former EOPS staff members, some who started in the 1970’s were also present: Arnett Caviel, Pablo Gonzalez, Maria Escobar and Pat Tyler.

This annual event is a family affair celebrating our everyday heroes- EOPS students who are taking their dreams higher!

Article by Jeff Acidera | Photos by Javier Urena and Jeff Acidera