The 2020 Virtual Food Drive at Skyline College is an effort to support local communities to gain access to fresh, nourishable groceries and meals provided by Second Harvest of Silicon Valley. Normally, we would be hosting this event on campus with the support of Second Harvest of Silicon Valley, SparkPoint, the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, the Kappa Beta Delta Honors Society, and the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society, along with many other clubs and organizations; but, due to current circumstances we are asking that you donate money virtually through the link provided. Any amount donated will help to make a difference in the life of somebody in need in Silicon Valley.

Through our community partnership with Second Harvest of Silicon Valley, SparkPoint at Skyline College has been hosting a weekly drive-thru community market, wherein individuals or families in need can arrive and receive groceries, at no cost. Since its inception earlier this semester, the drive-thru market at Skyline College has distributed thousands of pounds fresh produce, milk, eggs, canned goods and other items, offsetting over $350,000 in grocery expenditures for families in need. These figures do not account for the several thousands of pounds of food and the families who have been assisted by the efforts of our SMCCCD compatriots at the College of San Mateo over the summer and through this fall semester. Your donation will make it possible for programs such as this to continue and thrive. Please consider donating to help provide this resource to additional families and advise anyone who may need additional support to take advantage of this incredible resource.

The Skyline Drive-Thru Community Market takes place on Wednesdays, from 11a – 1p; additionally, if you do not live in San Bruno or can’t make it on Wednesdays, there is an additional event that takes place at the College of San Mateo on Fridays, from 11a – 1p. Please donate what you can by following this link:

Article by Christopher Wardell

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