Dillard University pictXavier Univerity PictThis semester on April 21-24, 2019, 12 Skyline College students were chosen to attend a phenomenal and rare opportunity in touring the beautiful location of New Orleans, Louisiana in pursuit of a possible destination in transferring to an HBCU.

Upon this trip the students, soon to be transfers, were able to capture the essence of how an HBCU  (Historical Black Colleges and Universities) could impact their decision-making by giving a wide spectrum of education and culture. Students were able to engage in conversations while networking closely with staff, faculty and administration of each HBCU, as well as enjoying every aspect of each culturally enriched college and university.

Delighted with New Orleans southern hospitality, each Skyline College student was exposed to daily activities, clubs, diversity and the impact of each campus’s strong community, which can vitally play a key role in a student’s success.

Coming back from New Orleans HBCU tour, the majority of the Skyline College students took back a piece of that southern hospitality by bridging together as a small community within itself. Most students were culturally moved as well as inspired to apply to some of these HBCUs. It is evident that being able to attend this tour, it really opened up each student’s mind to a possibility of transferring to a four-year university being of an HBCU. Upon returning back to Skyline College each of these chosen 12 students were enlightened with more of the logistics as to what an HBCU is about leading them to reflect on what this wonderful experience did for them.

Here is a quote of one of the student’s experiences:

“At first I did not have a clear idea or enough information to know the importance of what an HBCU really stood for and what it offered to its students. Being a part of this outstanding experience really opened my eyes up to all that I was unaware of being a soon to transfer student.

Not only was New Orleans full of historical memorabilia, there was a strong value in the word “Community”. Seeing the unity and equality that was bestowed within the culture of this HBCU tour definitely made me reconsider my options of transferring to a school in California to considering building my brand as well as being amongst such a modest environment at an HBCU in New Orleans, LA.

“Home is where the heart is” that comes to mind to me as there was a strong feeling of being at home visiting each HBCU campus. I, myself can honestly say that this tour changed my perspective in all aspects as to what the right fit could be for me when applying to transfer.

Experiencing the HBCU tour has been life changing, and this summer of 2019, I will be applying for two of the HBCU schools in hopes to set myself up for the ultimate goal, which is success!

Thank you to the coordinator of the HBCU trip – Brianna Clay (Trio/Promise Counselor), Michael Stokes (Director of TriO), and Ernesto Hernandez (Transfer Center Program Service Coordinator) for this unforgettable experience and to the future attendees of the future HBCU tours to come, this is a life changing experience in setting yourself up to make dreams come true”.

– Erick Savon McFadyen, Skyline College student participant.

Please see click this link to watch the unforgettable memories of our HBCU tour in New Orleans, Louisiana. Video credits – Kaelynn Malani (Skyline College student participant)

Article by Erick McFadyen | Photo by Kaelynn Malani

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