end of year celebrationFor the nineteenth year, the Skyline College Academic Senate is soliciting your nominations for an award to be given at the end of the academic year to a colleague who has been a full-time Skyline College faculty member for no more than five academic years. This monetary award was established by SMT faculty member, Professor Phil Meyer, to celebrate excellence in the classroom—the primary criterion for this award. Other criteria include departmental participation, student activities beyond the classroom, and overall collegiality.

Nominations are due by April 9 and may be made by any administrator, faculty, or staff member of the Skyline College community. To nominate a faculty member, refer to the list of eligible candidates and answer the following:

  1. Please discuss how the nominee demonstrates “excellence in the classroom.”
    1. Part I: Innovative Teaching Techniques, and/or above-average success with student populations that are frequently challenged.
    2. Part II: Supporting Students beyond the classroom, either emotionally or by connecting them to on-campus resources.
  2. Please discuss how the nominee demonstrates excellence in other areas of campus and off-campus work.
  3. Please discuss how the nominee demonstrates overall collegiality.

Please email nominations to Academic Senate Past President Nick Kapp, Professional Personnel Co-Chair Amber Steele & Academic Senate President Kate Browne.

Eligible Faculty Members:


Carina Antilla-Suarez, Paul Bridenbaugh, Tammy Calderon, Younga Choi, Serena Chu-Mraz, Amir Esfahani, Michelle Hawkins, Julia Johnson, Carmen Richardson, Paula Silva, Phillip Williams, Robert Williams, Adam Windham


Michael Cross, Lorraine Demello, Melanie Espinueva, Carla Grandy, Jessica Hurless [2017 awardee], Ruben Parra, Mustafa Popal, Danielle Powell, Kwame Thomas, John Ulloa, Ronda Wimmer, Lavinia Zanassi, Hellen Zhang


Filip Gleyzer


John Calavitta, Brianna Clay, Kim Davalos, Rika Fabian, Jarrod Feiner, Safiyyah Forbes, Nicholas Langhoff, Soledad McCarthy, Regina Mitchell, Lucy Perez Jovel, Carlos Romero, Bianca Rowden-Quince, Cassidy Ryan, Gabriel Saucedo, Erinn Struss


Nicole Porter, Alberto Santellan, Jessica Truglio, Miranda Wang, Kenyatta Weathersby, Kim Saccio-Kent, Pia Walawalkar

Article by Amber Steele

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