Rock the School Bells FlyerThe award-winning Rock the School Bells is proud to present our 14th season in the form of Digital & Virtual Experiences with events and workshops spanned throughout the months of March and April.  This year’s theme is: RTSB Universe: Space of Infinite Possibilities.  Given the virtual, mental, and environmental “space” that we are living in, this theme is very appropriate as it provides opportunities to address topics that impact youth and students, higher education, and Hip Hop culture as a whole.

Drawing from the theme above, our events will address:

  • In what ways are we creating spaces for students to dream big and dream out loud?
  • What kind of spaces are we creating to allow for creative expression and entrepreneurial thinking?
  • For educators, how will our curricular content and pedagogical approaches change and adapt when we purposefully center our students’ voices and experiences?
  • How are we redefining our educational spaces to serve and support our students equitably?
  • How are we addressing challenges our students are facing as a result of the racial and environmental pandemic?
  • What can higher education institutions learn from Hip Hop culture and education in regard to social-emotional learning in virtual spaces?

The virtual space allows us to collaborate with other Rock The School Bells nationally as well as tapping into the wisdom and experiences of Hip Hop scholars, practitioners, artists, and students all over the world.

Our first event is a Webinar which will take place on Friday, March 19 from 10:00-1:30pm titled, “Get Free: Creating Space of Infinite Possibilities through Hip Hop-Based Counseling Practices.”  Attendees will have an opportunity to learn and engage with a panel of counselors from K-12 systems, colleges, and community-based organizations.  We believe that counselors, especially those who engage in Hip Hop and other forms of creative arts, are healers.  What can educators and institutions learn from Hip Hop that they may inform how we can transform spaces for our youth and students during these difficult times?  More information for this event will be shared next week’s Skyline Shines.

For more information about Rock The School Bells, you can check out the website at or contact Nate Nevado at

Article by Nate Nevado

Flyer Design by Eduardo Taylor

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