SkylineLibraryReserveDeskStudents are requesting course textbooks from the library’s reserve collection, but not all textbooks are available.

Your students count on you to put copies of all of your textbooks on reserve in the library. As textbooks become more and more expensive, we are getting many more requests from students for textbooks to use in the library. Since the library cannot afford to buy the current textbooks for all classes, we rely on faculty to request an extra copy from the publisher and place that copy on reserve for their students to access. (Publishers are urged to provide copies of textbooks for library reserve free of charge per California AB2477, passed into law in 2004.)

If you have any questions about placing materials on reserve or about requesting copies from publishers, please call us at the library at extension 4311.

We have a form you can use to put materials on reserve at here.

You can search by your name to see what materials you have on reserve here.

The full text of AB2477 is available on our bookstore’s website.

Article and Photo by Eric Brenner.