Tadashis DadAfter spending many years as a hobby astronomer, generous benefactor Roy Tsuchida (father of Professor Tadashi Tsuchida) decided to pass on the torch by donating his highly valuable astronomy gear to the Skyline College Science Math Technology division. It is clear evidence that an interest in science and in supporting the community seems to be in the genes of the Tsuchidas.

Thanks to the effort of Professor Tadashi Tsuchida, who drove all the way to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving to pick up the gear from his father, we now how this equipment at the college.

Roy’s passion led him accumulate various pieces of observation equipment over the years. Among the treasures are a 30 cm Newtonian Mirror Telescope and a 25 cm Schmidt-Cassegrain Mirror Telescope with electronic tracking and following system which are both so big and powerful that they allow the observation of distant and spectacular cosmic objects like nebula. In addition to these two powerful telescopes we received two spotter telescopes, various filters and eyepieces, red lights, star charts, camera mounts, etc. Roy has given us basically all of his equipment, everything which is needed to start a student astronomy club.

If you, or any of your students are interested in founding a Skyline College Astronomy Club please contact me at my email: wehrfritzm@smccd.edu

Thank you Roy Tsuschida for this wonderful donation!

Article by Marco Wehrfritz

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