drive smart campaign logoAs a result of concerns raised at the Health and Safety Committee meeting and recent communication with the San Bruno Police Department, the college is embarking on an informational campaign, Drive Smart, Walk Smart to raise awareness and increase traffic and pedestrian safety on and around campus. We are asking for your assistance in getting the word out and setting a positive example for students.

Drive Smart

The San Bruno Police Department has indicated it has stepped up traffic enforcement in the area around campus and has taken a “zero tolerance” approach to speed and stop sign violations due to dozens of citizen complaints, 15 reported collisions over the last year and 3 since the new semester began. The main area of concern for drivers entering campus is the intersection of College Drive and Sheryl Drive.

Make sure to watch your speed, put down your phone, stop completely at all stop signs and keep your eyes on the road. Citations for moving violations like those being issued at Sheryl Drive and College Drive can cost a few hundred dollars, not to mention the cost of traffic school and/or increased insurance premiums.

Walk Smart

The crosswalk and stop sign in front of Pacific Heights, Building 14 where the two do not align is a main area of concern for pedestrians and vehicles. Please be mindful while driving and walking in this area. Cross only at cross walks on campus and walk only on sidewalks. Pay attention when crossing or driving near the crosswalks inside campus parking lots.

This message and campaign is part of a partnership with the San Bruno Police Department in an effort to ensure the safety of students, faculty, staff and our neighbors. Drive Smart, Walk Smart and let’s be good neighbors.

Article by Cherie Colin