Creating a Skyline College Seal – We Need Your Input

To mark the 50th anniversary of Skyline College (coming up in Fall 2019), the college will be establishing an official seal in order to create a formal emblem to represent the institution. We need your input on what should be included on the seal! Please take the online survey to make sure your voice is heard.

Both the College of San Mateo and Cañada College have established seals, so this 50th anniversary provides a perfect opportunity for Skyline College to match the visual identity assets of its sister colleges within the District.


A college seal is an emblem that that represents a college through graphic elements, most often circular in design and including text. The text often runs around the border of the circular emblem and usually includes the name of the organization and possibly a motto that is representative of the college.

See some examples of college seals below:


The Skyline College seal will be used on official documents like diplomas and letterhead, in addition to marketing needs where a more formal representation of the college is warranted.


In order to begin the design process, we want input from the campus community on ideas for graphic elements to include in the seal. Please fill out the online survey to have your voice heard in the creation of our college seal.

If you have questions, please contact Cherie Colin.

Save the Date! Building 12 Ribbon Cutting

Building 12 Ribbon cuttingConstruction on the new Environmental Science Building will be complete in mid-September 2019!

Please Save The Date for the official Environmental Science Building Ribbon Cutting and 50th Anniversary Celebration on Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. in the Farallon Room. Enjoy a short program, hors d’ouvres, building tours and most importantly, student work in environmental science.

Article by Cherie Colin | Photo by Mia Coo

New Tier System for Scheduling Events

We’ve heard you loud and clear. College events happening simultaneously, particularly in peak times during the semester, have made it difficult for students, Administrators and Board of Trustee members to choose which event to attend and/or causes them to rush from one to another making quick appearances. This often means we’re not demonstrating the full support of the college for each event. It also puts a strain on facilities staff, who work diligently to provide us with the support we need in order to ensure successful events.

In an effort to prioritize event scheduling and minimize college event conflicts, the SkyEvents and MCPR teams have developed an Event Tier System based on research of how this issue is mitigated at other colleges. When events are requested, they will be designated as Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 according to the following definitions and will be scheduled in that priority order.


Tier 1

College-wide events of the highest priority which are core to the institution’s mission. No other college events should be scheduled on the same day. This is so that faculty, staff and administration can focus on these high priority events and students, board members and district and college leadership are not placed in the position of having to choose which event to attend.

Tier 2

Signature college events which happen annually or in some cases more often. Please check the college events calendar on the homepage of the website for potential conflicts before scheduling your event date and time. If you will be inviting the President and/or a Vice President to keynote or attend, please coordinate with the President’s Office or appropriate Vice President’s Office before finalizing your event date and time.

Tier 3

All other events and meetings on campus.


Note: Please be reminded that the public college events calendar is populated by approved event requests that have been entered into Ad Astra.

All events on campus are important and we will always make every effort to accommodate the campus community to ensure that events are scheduled on or as a close to the desired date as possible.

If you have any questions, concerns, feedback or corrections to the attached document we will use for guidance in scheduling events, please feel free reach out to Cherie Colin at or ext. 4346.



The SkyEvents & MCPR Team

College Events Calendar – Attention Event Planners!

Attention Event Planners!

Did you know? The master college events calendar is now populated directly from the Ad Astra events reservation system in place at the college. Event information entered into the system marked as “featured” by SkyEvents have been coded to pull directly into the public events calendar which is displayed on the homepage of the website at and on the TV screens in main areas of buildings across campus.

The SkyEvents team reviews all event requests and as part of their workflow, Annie Trinh and Linda Bertellotti check the “featured” box for events that are of interest to the public. Take a look at the calendar by viewing the next few events on the homepage or clicking on the calendar icon which takes you to the site displaying events by month

Types of Events Marked “Featured” and Displayed on the College Events Calendar

  • Campus-wide Events
  • Public Events (conferences, athletic games, etc.)
  • Community Events

Types of Events Not Displayed on the College Events Calendar

  • Division Meetings
  • Interviews
  • Participatory governance meetings
  • Other internals meetings

Event Planner Guidelines – IMPORTANT!

There are just a few things you need to be aware of when planning an event to ensure the event is properly displayed on the college events calendar.

  1. Event Description: When requesting your event, please include an Event Description written for public viewing. Keep in mind when writing that the audience (public) may have no background information on your program. Please avoid using acronyms, check for misspellings and write a short, but concise event description no longer than 2 sentences. Please do not include any links in your description.
  2. Contact Information: Please include contact information in your description in case the public has questions about the event.
  3. Conference/Large Scale Events: If you are hosting a conference or large scale event that has multiple locations throughout campus reserved in the Ad Astra system, feature only the check-in location. If several locations show up on the calendar, the additional rooms need to be unchecked as “featured”.
  4. Event Time: Make sure the featured event lists the actual event time only and does not include set up and tear down time.
  5. Featured Event: You may request that your event be marked “featured” so that it will display on the college events calendar when you send your reservation request to SkyEvents. Please notes, t will not actually show in the calendar until SkyEvent has approved your request.
  6. Specialty Event Venues: Please be aware that specialty venues such as the Art Gallery, Theater, Gym and the Quad require permission from individuals that manage the respective space before they can be reserved.  If you have any questions about these spaces, contact Linda or Annie.
  7. Common Event Planner Links:
    • To facilitate your request, a variety of setup diagrams are available for the Fireside Dining Room, Building 6 conference rooms and the Multicultural Center in Room Layouts available on the website. You may choose from the layouts available or use as a starting point and modify to accommodate your event.
    • If you need assistance in using Ad Astra, visit the Ad Astra Event Request Guide.
    • Ready to make a request? Use the Ad Astra Event Request Form.

Why is my Event not Displayed?

There are a few reasons why your event may not be displayed in the college calendar.

  1. Your event takes place in a location that is not reserved through Ad Astra such as the Art Gallery. If this is the case, Deans may identify a staff member to be trained in Ad Astra and enter the public events in directly and mark them as “featured”.
  2. The “featured” check box was missed in the workflow process. Please contact Linda Bertellotti or Annie Trinh to have your event marked “featured”.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact, Linda Bertellotti at ext. 7141, Annie Trinh at ext. 4431 or Cherie Colin at ext. 4346. We look forward to working with you collaboratively to create impactful events for our campus community.



The SkyEvents & MCPR Team

Grab & Go: Affordable Student Meals

Grab & GoSkyline College has created a Grab & Go meal program offering low-cost nutritious meal options for lunch and dinner available to all students with a Student ID at a cost of just $3.00 for each meal. This extremely low-cost meal plan is made possible thanks to the leadership of the Associated Students of Skyline College, which has worked in collaboration with the college to subsidize the $6.00 cost of the meals by half – reducing the cost-per-meal for the student to $3.00. Individuals without a Student ID may still purchase meals for $6.00. The program soft launched in April and is available at World Cup Coffee & Tea located next to the Fireside Dining Room in Building 6.

For $3.00 (or $6.00 without a student ID), the Grab & Go bundle consists of:

  • One triangle prepackaged sandwich (tuna, ham and cheese, egg salad, chicken salad, salami and cheese, turkey and cheese or roast beef and cheese)
  • One fresh fruit or healthy snack
  • One Aquafina bottled water(16.9oz)

The Grab & Go package was developed by the Skyline College Bookstore and SparkPoint, in partnership with the Associated Students of Skyline College.

In fall 2019, a projected 100 meals will be sold each week. Several categorical programs on campus have expressed interest in further subsidizing the remaining $3.00 for fall 2019 students who are in their program. The Grab & Go program is a compliment to the SparkPoint Food Pantry and Free Community Market that are offered at Skyline College. As a full marketing campaign has just launched, we look forward to contributing to a solution for the widespread food insecurity many students at Skyline College experience daily.

Students Shine In the Internship Job Shadow Program

Job Shadow ProgramThis spring, the Internship Job Shadow Program, hosted five student interns across various campus programs, including the off-site Bay Area Entrepreneur Center office. In addition to earning one unit of Cooperative Ed credit, funded by the IJSP, the student interns participated in events, on and off-campus and in various activities where they learned industry-related skills, and the ins and outs of how programs at the college function to serve students.

The student interns also worked collaboratively to complete and present a project where they identified problems in our world and proposed solutions. The focus of their group project was education on the health effects of global warming.

This semester, the IJSP would like to highlight student intern, Vincent Blensdorf.  Vincent is in his first year at Skyline College, is currently studying finance and competes on the wrestling team- go Trojans!  Vincent is also a member of the fall 2018 Promise Scholars cohort. After shadowing under Kevin Chak this past semester, Vincent has been hired to work at the Skyline College Bookstore as a paid student assistant.  Vincent will be the 8th student that was hired as a result of their participation in the IJSP.

With continued support from campus partners, such as the Center for Career and Workforce Programs, Skyline College Bookstore, the Study Abroad and Exchange Program and the SparkPoint Center, the BAEC is able to provide a unique internship experience for students, where they engage in a real-world career setting.

The Job Shadow Program is a great way for students to benefit from hands-on career exploration and project-based learning while they pursue their educational goals at Skyline College. The IJSP empowers students to define success for themselves. This program supports students in developing and enhancing the skills they will need to be successful, whether they decide to continue their education, contribute meaningfully to the workforce, pursue entrepreneurship as a career, or all three!

We are currently accepting applications for the summer 2019 academic semester.  The application can be found here: Please spread the word!

For more information on the Internship Job Shadow Program, contact, visit the website at, give us a call at (650) 738-7992 or come in for a tour, we are located at 458 San Mateo Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066.

Article by Pcyeta Stroud | Photo by Sam Panganiban

ISP Hosts End-of-the-Year Party to Celebrate Transferring International Students!

Celebrate Transferring International Students!The Skyline College International Student Program hosted a farewell party for international students who are graduating or transferring out this semester. Students, faculty and staff gathered in the Multicultural Center on May 16, 2019 and were treated to student performances, games and a raffle.

The event was hosted by the International Student Club (ISC) president, Sophie Huang and the ISC vice-president, Rachel Zhang. It began with a karaoke session to get the guests in the party mood. Students belted their hearts out to current top hits, starting an impromptu dance party at the same time.

Wayne Wang then took center stage with a K-pop dance, wowing the crowd with his energy and agility. Soon, it was time to eat and party at the same time by continuing with the karaoke session or taking photos at the photo booth. The highlight of the event was when Dr. Russell Waldon, Dean of Global Learning Services and Programs, presented the transfer students with certificates to celebrate their achievements. There were loud cheers as the crowd celebrated each student’s success.

Next, Rachel sang with Walter Oshima accompanying her on guitar; the crowd sang along, enraptured by the familiar tune. Right after their performance, Dr. Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza, the Vice President of Instruction, stopped by to address the crowd and congratulate the transferring students once again! The party ended with a raffle drawing where lucky guests won Skyline College memorabilia and an energetic K-pop dance by Sally Wan. It was a wonderful event with lots of smiles and laughter. Congratulations to all students who are graduating or transferring out! You did it!

Article by Clair Yeo-Sugajski

International Student Receives $82,000 Transfer Scholarship

NellyNellyana Altuve Rojo from Caracas, Venezuela has received an $82,000 transfer scholarship to Menlo College where she hopes to attain a Bachelor of Science in International Management. The scholarship will cover most of her expenses at Menlo College including tuition and housing. On top of that, she will graduate from Skyline College this Spring with three associate degrees: Political Science, Interdisciplinary Studies: Arts and Humanities, and Interdisciplinary Studies Social and Behavioral Science. She is an honors student and an active member of the Skyline College community since her first semester.

She is a member of several clubs including Latin American Student Organization (LASO), Model United Nations Club, the Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC) and Women’s Mentoring and Leadership Academy (WMLA).

As Secretary General of the Model United Nations Club, she has participated in conferences at UC Berkeley (UCB) and UC Davis. In particular, she participated in a debate at UCB about her native country, Venezuela, representing Skyline College. She also received a full scholarship to attend a United Nations conference in Washington, DC in the summer of 2018.

Furthermore, she was selected to attend “Becoming: An Intimate Conversation with Michelle Obama” in December 2018. Nellyana also volunteers with the Make-a-Wish foundation, a non-profit organization that grants wishes to children who are critically ill. Her job is to find out what a child’s wish is and to make it come true within the assigned budget.

This summer, Nellyana will go to Madrid, Spain for an internship where she will gain experience helping undocumented immigrants get legal status in a non-profit law firm. She has received scholarships from San Mateo County Community College District and Associated Students of Skyline College to cover the expenses for this internship.

Nellyana has this to say about her Skyline College experience, “Skyline College opened doors for me and made me feel welcomed, I felt like I belonged right away. It supported me in achieving my educational goals. Today I’m beyond thankful to Skyline College because I will receive 3 associate degrees related to my major and priceless experience in leadership.”

We wish Nellyana all the best for her future!

Article and Photo by Clair Yeo-Sugajski

Skyline College Participates In Another Annual SMUD Solar Regatta!

ERC boat competitionOn Saturday, May 4th, 2019, the force was with Skyline College’s Engineering and Robotics Club (ERC) as they competed in the 8th annual Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Solar Boat Regatta held at the Rancho Secco Recreational area in Sacramento. The team consisted of 10 students and four faculty members who camped lakeside that Friday night, gearing up and making last minute preparations for the race.

To compete in the Solar Regatta, Skyline College’s Engineering and Robotics Club had to design and build a fully functional solar powered boat that could quickly maneuver through a series of difficult courses. This year’s boat was named Skywalker, an allusion towards Star Wars Day (May the fourth).

The team used the previous year’s solar boat chasse and enhanced its performance by reducing its overall weight and finishing the boat’s surface with a high gloss paint. The decision to reuse the boat chasse saved the team time, allowing them to focus their efforts on other categories of the competition, such as sustainability.

Tackling the sustainability aspect fostered team collaboration and influenced many of the new designs that were implemented. The students utilized equipment in the Base 11 Innovation Center located in Building 7. It was here that the team of future aspiring engineers worked on the solar powered boat. Many of the new components being built in the innovation lab were sourced from recycled materials. These upcycled additions included a student donated car roof rack that was used to mount and secure a re-purposed ice cooler box that housed the electronics, aluminum bars that served as structural I-beams to join catamaran style boat together and hardware and leftover plumbing that served to be a useful and effective steering solution.

It is a long held Engineering and Robotics Club tradition that the team and faculty camp overnight prior to the race at the Rancho Secco Recreational Area. The trip serves as a great opportunity for the students to build team camaraderie and is a chance for them to learn from and get to know their advisors.

Many other Northern California teams camped that night, which allowed students and faculty to network and collaborate with other schools on the boat project. Legendary chef, Nick Kapp, prepared an incredible balanced meal that night, giving strength to the team for their upcoming competition. The overnight camping trip was a blast for everyone, and allowed the group to kick back and relax around friends and a warm campfire. It was the final stretch of a journey that took hours upon hours of assembling, rethinking, trial and error and problem solving on the fly. The team grew closer with every challenge they faced and overcame, which is arguably the most important aspect of the solar boat project: teamwork.

Within the competition, the students had to perform in three challenging races and conduct a technical, artistic and sustainability presentation of their work in front of panel of judges. In the sustainability category, the ERC’s Skywalker came in 2nd place! For artistic design, the team scored 3rd place. Their technical design scored them another 3rd place. Overall, even though the team had technical difficulties, their team spirit allowed them to push through the competition, placing them in 7th place out of 18 schools — one spot better than last year!

The importance of teamwork extends well beyond the Engineering and Robotics club and Skyline College. During the event presentation, Ohlone College’s boat fell off its stand, breaking majority of the boat’s components such as it’s motors. Feeling their pain and knowing how much work they put into their project, Skyline College’s team went out of their way to offer up a working motor to Ohlone College so that they could continue to compete. Unfortunately the damage was too severe but the judges were so impressed by the support showed by Skyline College’s team that they awarded them with the Leading by Example trophy. This trophy is symbolic of this teams’ collaborative, friendly and team oriented mindset: the essence of this competition.

This is Skyline College’s 4th time competing in the SMUD Solar Regatta.

Students who attended:

Michael Toledo, Jessica Ngai, David Chou, Jialin Li, Ellis Manning-Villar, Raymond Iacobacci, Vincent Guan, Cynthia Lee, Daniel Messier

And former Skyline College Student Gianni Grelli

Faculty members who attended:

  • Nick Kapp (Bio Technology)
  • Maryam Khan (Engineering)
  • Nick Langhoff (Engineering)
  • Marco Wehrfritz (Engineering)

Thanks for the support of the Kinesiology department for letting us using the van and all the other helping hands!

Written by Marco Wehrfritz, Nick Kapp and Michael Toledo

EOPS/CARE, CalWORKs and Guardian Scholars Programs Celebrates Over 100 Students

Celebration EOPS, Calworks and Guardian Scholars The EOPS/CARE, CalWORKs and Guardian Scholars Programs held their end of the year celebration on Wednesday, May 15, with over 90 guests in attendance. It was a festive event as the programs honored 138 students who completed 37 certificates and 174 degrees this academic year.

Highlights of the celebration included the overall gathering as a community, presenting graduation stoles and certificates to the 35 program graduates who were present, honoring faculty member, Imelda Hermosillo, for 25 years of EOPS counseling and having EOPS alumni David Martinez as a guest speaker.

David Martinez, a former EOPS student and ambassador at Skyline College, shared with attendees his story of grit and perseverance in the face of adversity. At the young age of 13, David was initiated in a gang and early on decided that school wasn’t for him. He completed high school with a 1.9 GPA and attended Skyline College briefly, earning a 1.1 GPA before deciding not to return. He credits his parents for encouraging him to continue with college, but didn’t decide to return until he was 30 years old.

At that time, with a new perspective, David decided to make the most of this second attempt at college. He got involved with student government, and he credits programs such as EOPS and TRiO for supporting him financially and academically and encouraging him to consider transfer universities. Soon he was on the Dean’s list and applying for transfer to UCs – getting accepted to UC Riverside for Business Economics.

At UCR, he continued his involvement with student leadership organizations, which ultimately allowed him to build his network and attend professional development opportunities in LA County and even obtain internships.

He described how his motivation would push him to wake up at 4:00 a.m. to catch a 5:00 a.m. three-hour train ride to USC for such opportunities, and it paid off. He was encouraged to apply to USC, and has recently completed his Masters Degree in Business Taxation from USC. He has returned to the Bay Area and will begin a new job with PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC, also known as “PwC”, a leading global accounting firm, this July.

We thank David for sharing his narrative with our students as it serves as an inspiring and tangible source of motivation for all of us. Thank you to all who attended and supported the success of our EOPS/CARE, CalWORKs and Guardian Scholars students.

We look forward to more celebrations as EOPS prepares to commemorate 50 years within the state of California next academic year. EOPS is currently accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year. For more information, please email

Article and Photo by Melanie Espinueva+Aure