Students Create and Celebrate Filipinx American History Month Mini-Museums!

studentsTwo mini-museum displays curated by the students of the English 103: Pilipinx Cultural Night (PCN) class are available for viewing beginning on Tuesday, October 8 until Thursday, October 31. The national theme for this year is “Pinay Visionaries – Celebrating Filipina American Women” as determined by the Filipinx American National Historical Society (FANHS).

There are two displays entirely created by the students is available for viewing:

  • The display in the second floor of Building 5’s Library entrance features contemporary artists, cultural objects, and recommended books and movies, as well as Filipino tribal designs. The display also includes two interactive elements: a ‘Flip the Script’ section that allows viewers to learn the indigenous alphabet, called Baybayin; and it features QR codes linking viewers to Pinay rappers’ music videos and educational websites with further information, allowing viewers to take the display’s information with them.
  • The display in the second floor of Building’s 6’s Student Life office will include photographs and micro interviews featuring Pinay tattoo artists and their art, as well as Pinays with personally  meaningful tattoos and batok. Come and see photos of our very own staff and faculty: English Professor Liza Erpelo, Counselor Kim Davalos, College of San Mateo Counselor Doris Garcia, and Student Life Manager Alvin Gubatina.

Thank you to the students: Alexa Julaton, Marianne Millena, Ysabelle Nazareno, Michael Sagum, and our TA/Fulbright Fellow, Joedel Penaranda. The display would not have been possible without the following organizers: Pia Walawalkar, Alvin Gubatina, Ryan Samn, Liza Erpelo, and the Kababayan Learning Community.

Article and Photo by Janice Sapigao

CIPHER Hip Hop Learning Community Takes Over Kizler Coffee

student viewing artworkThe CIPHER Hip Hop Learning Community celebrated their opening reception of their Visual Art Gallery titled “Way Back Home” at Kizler Coffee in Pacifica on Saturday, October 5. CIPHER students from the Counseling 100 and English 105 classes produced artwork that centered around their understanding of identity and intersectionality as well as illustrating their definitions of home and community.

The opening reception was a huge success as students, faculty, administrators, and community members experienced art and music produced by our students. The HTM 140: Event Planning class led by Soledad McCarthy transformed the coffee shop into our very own CIPHER Visual Art Gallery and provided the food for the evening. It was all about celebrating our students’ stories and experiences through art, music, and live performances.

“I had this amazing feeling that the night at Kizler gave students and even guests a breakthrough. That night, as well as the place itself, will be memorable for everyone because that is where they began to pursue their dreams and passions.” – Nhikkie Sagum, CIPHER Student

 “I learned by being part of this Visual Art Gallery is a reminder that if I give myself a chance to begin something and to be someone, I give myself a better chance at being successful.” – Marge Cruz, CIPHER Student

The CIPHER Visual Art Gallery is open to the public from now until the end of November at Kizler Coffee located at 330 Palmetto Avenue in Pacifica, CA.  Some of our students’ artwork are also on sale. We are planning another reception in November to showcase more art and live performances by our students so stay tuned for more details.

We want to thank the following people for their support in making this event possible – Josh Kizler, owner of Kizler Coffee, Nicole Orellana, CIPHER student/Kizler Coffee manager, Soledad McCarthy and her HTM 140 class, Grace Beltran, Janice Sapigao, Webster Cruz for the beautiful mural, Sarina O’Gilvie, and all of the volunteers.  Special thanks goes to Dean Russell Waldon for the warm welcome remarks, Dean Michael Kane, and Dean Chris Gibson for showing their support for our students.

For more information about the gallery and/or the CIPHER Hip Hop Learning Community, please contact Nate Nevado at

Article by Nate Nevado | Photos by Tia Samn

Skyline College Featured in KQED Report

On June 26, 2019, KQED’s California Report featured Skyline College student Marjorie Blen, English professor Lucia Lachmayr, and English professor Katie Hern in “In Move Away From Remedial Classes, California Community Colleges Roll Out More Transfer-Level Alternatives.”  The report focuses on how colleges are responding to AB705, state legislation that requires colleges to help all English Language Learners (ELL) complete transfer level English within three years and to help all non-ELL students complete transfer-level English within one year.

Read or listen to the full piece online at KQED’s Website.

Article by Chris Gibson

Skyline Striders at the Relay for Life

relay for lifeBeta Theta Omicron organized and participated in the San Bruno Relay for Life on September 28. The Skyline Striders walked the track at Taylor Middle School from 10 am to 10 pm to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  Chapter members raised $1500. Although the Relay is over, you can still contribute to the American Cancer Society by following the link under events at

Beta Theta Omicron has a long history with the Relay for Life events. In 2009, the chapter worked with the American Cancer Society to hold the first San Bruno Relay. That Relay was held on the Skyline College track on one of our foggiest days. Visibility was limited to 300 feet, approximately the width of the track. At the start of each North Peninsula Relay for Life, the Board Chair always takes a moment to thank Skyline College for holding the first Relay for Life in San Bruno, and starting a beautiful tradition.

Article by Dr. Christine Case

Recent Science in Action Seminars Explore Plasma and Validation

science in action presenters One of the fun aspects of Skyline College is that we are definitely a community and family oriented College. The last two Science in Action events featured speakers who also brought their family along with them.

Brandon Edgehill is finishing his Master’s in Physics at UC San Diego looking specifically at Plasma Mirrors. We learned that plasmas are the 4th state of matter after solid, liquid and gas. Brandon talked about his homeland of Tabogo and why he came to the United States, first braving the cold of Pennsylvania to earn his undergraduate degree. He then moved to UC San Diego, to pursue graduate education. In the world of high energy physics, there are only a few labs all around the world that can host his type of research. Also, he needs to set up his instrumentation so that he captures his data in very small fractions of a second. A few seconds collecting data, then a year’s worth of data analysis.

science in action presentersSo-Yan Leung bribed her daughters Hannah and Faye with snacks, (our students also thank her for the snacks) so they would come and hear her talk. So-Yan has a Degree in Chemical Engineering from UC Berkeley by way of City College. She has been working at Genentech for the last 20 years in validation. So-Yan has a very inspiring story and infectious excitement about her career and Quality. When So-Yan was at Berkeley she flunked Organic chemistry. She did not quit, she tried again after finding friends to take the class with and forming a study group. She then went on to pass Organic Chemistry, and earn her degree in Chemical Engineering. Her mantra throughout the talk was “keep an open mind”. After earning her degree at Berkeley she really thought she would be getting a job at a large petrochemical company like Chevron. She kept an open mind and worked at smaller startup companies until a part time position opened up at Genentech. At Genentech she worked hard as a temporary contractor and eventually became a full time employee of Genentech when a position that she did not think about open up.

So-Yan transitioned from chemical engineering to work in validation, the process of establishing documentary evidence demonstrating that a procedure, process, or activity carried out in testing and then production maintains the desired level of compliance at all stages. She noted that pharmaceutical companies must produce safe and effective products and in order to do that every portion of the company that touches their product must be verified that it is doing what it is supposed to. A piece of equipment that is used in manufacturing must be shown to work properly, the person who sets up the machine needs to be verified that they are trained and capable of setting up the machine. The data system must also be shown to work as expected. Overall everyone was amazed by the amount of work that goes into just setting up a pharmaceutical company production line before drugs are even made.

The Science in Action Seminar Series has been set for the rest of the semester. You can see the schedule at the website. We are currently looking for speakers for the spring semester. If you wish to recommend someone please contact Nick Kapp(

Article by Nick Kapp

ACCJC Peer Review Team Visits Campus

You may have noticed a lot of excitement around campus this past week, as the accreditation peer review visit took place on September 30th to October 3rd. Eight representatives from other California Community Colleges, plus Dr. Richard Winn, President of the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), met with dozens of individuals across our campus, including students, faculty and staff. The visit went very well, and Skyline College received a great deal of positive feedback!

So what happens next? The peer review team will submit its “External Evaluation Team Report” to the ACCJC, a 19-member decision-making body. This body will meet in January 2020 to determine the accredited status of all the colleges reviewed during the current cycle. The Commission will communicate its decision to Skyline College via an action letter, approximately 30 days after the January meeting.

While the College must wait until February 2020 to read the official report, we can start celebrating the culmination of a monumental self-evaluation and reflection process that has engaged our entire community over the past two years. Hundreds of Skyline College community members contributed to this process and should take great pride in their role. On behalf of the College leadership, I want to especially thank and recognize the team that spearheaded our highly praised Institutional Self-Evaluation Report (ISER): Accreditation Tri-Chairs Michele Haggar, William Minnich and Karen Wong, along with Chief Editor Nancy Kaplan-Biegel and Evidence Manager Belinda Chan. Congratulations to all on a job well done!

Article by Ingrid Vargas

Present at 40th Annual Expanding Your Horizons Conference

It’s that time of the year again!  The 40th Annual Expanding Your Horizons in Math and Science conference for young women is scheduled for March 14, 2020 at Skyline College in San Bruno.  Volunteer workshop presenters are always needed to make this conference successful.  Our focus is on hands-on, engaging activities with a STEM connection.

The goals of the conference are:

  • To promote education as a means of expanding young women’s possibilities
  • To foster awareness of career prospects for women in STEM fields
  • To increase young women’s interest in STEM opportunities
  • To provide students an opportunity to meet and form personal contacts with women working in traditional and non-traditional STEM occupations

To find out more about EYH, see the attached documents, and visit

To sign up to be a presenter, visit must confirm our volunteer presenters by November 15th every year.

For more information, contact Alyssa Wong-Conway at and/or Nadia Tariq at

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Article by Alyssa Wong-Conway

Environmental Science Building Opens with Ribbon Cutting Event

cutting the ribbonAfter two years of construction, the brand new Environmental Science Building at Skyline College is now open!

Over 400 people celebrated the momentous occasion at a ribbon cutting event on Tuesday, September 24 that hosted elected officials from across the region, local community leaders, faculty, staff and lots of students. The energy in the room was palpable as attendees conducted self-guided tours to learn about the environmental design of the building and check out the state of the art classrooms and learning resources.

The zero-waste grand opening event ensured that no waste was sent to landfills, thereby embodying the spirit of social and environmental justice at the heart of the building’s mission.

Speaking to all in attendance, Interim President Jackson stated, “This college has always striven to be at the forefront – to push against the status quo – and move our institution forward together…This Environmental Science Building stands as a symbol of that legacy.”

The Environmental Science Building project was years in the making as teams from the district’s Facilities Planning, Maintenance & Operations’ Division and Skyline College worked closely with DES Architects to determine what was needed in this new space and how it could best serve students and our community. From there, a beautiful design was born and the construction planning set in motion with XL Construction. And slowly, but surely, the building rose up from Vista Point as hundreds of individuals worked countless hours to make it happen.

Dr. Jackson concluded her remarks with a look to the future:

“The Environmental Science Building or Building 12, is about looking to the future. It quite literally encourages us to look to the horizon and the world beyond this campus. And, it encourages us to think big and dream even bigger.”

Article by Connor Fitzpatrick

Internship & Job Opportunities from Career Readiness & Job Placement Team

Expand your network in ways that will lead to your dream job. The Career Readiness & Job Placement team is excited to share the following paid internship opportunities with you. Check them out—

  • Arts, Languages & Communication Internships
  • Business, Entrepreneurship & Management Internships

Find internship opportunities here.

How may we assist you in landing your dream job? The Career Readiness & Job Placement team is excited to share the following job opportunities with you. Check them out—

  • Arts, Languages & Communication Jobs
  • Business, Entrepreneurship & Management Jobs
  • Society & Education Jobs
  • Just-In-Time Jobs

Find job opportunities here.

Article by Steven Lopez

September Library Events Celebrate Freedom of Expression, Voice and Vote

September was an active month at the Library for celebrating campus diversity and exercising democratic rights and freedoms!

The Learning Commons Poetry Corner Series honored LatinX Heritage Month as Professor Lucia Lachmayr hosted students for an intense hour of poetry reading and discussion. Some students read aloud from their original works.

Next,  National Voter Registration Day saw volunteers signing up scores of new student voters in the Building 5 lobby. (Didn’t make it? Stop by the Library for a California Voter Registration Form). A library book display complimented the day, showcasing literature on our nation’s voting rights struggles, past and present.

Banned Books Week activities and readings also brought scores of students to the Library to listen as faculty read and discussed such censored classics as Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, Catcher in the Rye, The Handmaid’s Tale, and a new novel called George about a transgender girl’s coming of age

Last but not least, Skyline College Journalism students trekked to the Library for a quick lesson in handling primary sources — those created by former Skyline students. Their real purpose? To browse decades of back issues of the Skyline Press, our former student newspaper (1969-1985), to learn Skyline’s history from a student perspective.This work will contribute to the College’s 50th anniversary celebration.

Article by Jessica Silver-Sharp