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Skyline Students Campaigning for Regional and International PTK office

In the spring semester, the Phi Theta Kappa holds elections giving members the opportunity to get more involved with the society. PTK members are encouraged to become active at the regional and international level of the Honor Society. This spring four Skyline students accepted the challenge and are currently campaigning for a number of offices.

Lasheana Dilian Husni, Biology Major and current co-president of the Beta Theta Omicron chapter is running for the international position of district IV Vice President.

Lasheana: PTK has helped me grow as an individual since I first joined, that is why I want to campaign for the position of Vice President of district IV. Because I want to give back to the community by using the experiences and skills I have learned from being an officer in my college PTK – chapter.

Lasheana started her campaign with a research speech and caucus interview that can now be viewed on the Catalyst webpage. Catalyst is the annual international PTK conference that meets in April, elections will be held there and candidates are given the opportunity to present another research speech as well as participate in caucus interviews in front of the over 5000 attendees. She will present herself, work and achievements, and network with the PTK community during open sessions at the conference. In the next weeks, she will connect with chapters all over the US to share her ideas, values and to gather support for her candidacy.

On the regional level, Jerry Hnin, Biology major and current Beta Theta Omicron VP of Scholarship, and  Arthur Veloso Nepomuceno da Silva, Paralegal major and active PTK member, are running for PTK regional president. Florence Thwe, Biology major and current Beta Theta Omicron chapter VP of Fellowship, is campaigning for the Northwest District vice presidency.

Jerry: I decided to run for regional presidency because I would like to network with people and learn different perspectives as well as grow personally and professionally as a leader. I believe the campaign experience would bring my leadership skills to the next level.

Arthur: As president of the PTK Nevada/California regional office, I want to contribute with the best of my administrative skills to this fellowship of scholars to positively transform our community of learners to be more inclusive and diverse and to provide the most vulnerable members of our community with hope and inspiration.

Florence: I would like to run for the Northwest District Vice Presidency because it would allow me to grow as a leader and network with a wider range of people. Moreover, being in the regional team will make me more engaged in the higher level of PTK where I am able to develop my knowledge and closely work with each chapter in the region.

All three started their candidacy by writing a personal statement that is posted on the regional website. As a next step they will attend the regional conference in Pomona, CA and present a 3 minute research speech followed by a caucus interview.

All candidates are supported by the BOO chapter members, either by boosting their social media campaigns, giving feedback to their presentations or by actively preparing them for the caucus interview by asking candid questions about their PTK involvement, their personality, academic achievements and much more. You are invited to join the PTK meeting on Friday, 3/17/23 starting at 2 pm in the STEM Center to listen to all candidates presenting their speeches and preparing for the caucus before they head to the regional conference on March 24th, 2023.

Psi Beta Hosts Panel Discussion

On Friday, March 10th, 2023, the Skyline College chapter of Psi Beta, a Community College National Honor Society in Psychology, hosted a panel discussion titled “From Community College to Graduate School.” Three speakers – one of whom was a Skyline College alumnus – shared valuable information with us including descriptions of their graduate programs, the path they took to get into the programs, how they coped with challenges, and ideas about getting experience in the field. They also shared the importance of exploration before declaring a major and encouraged attendees to enjoy the journey of the educational process as opposed to focusing on a set timeline. Lastly, they emphasized the importance of utilizing resources, asking for help, finding community, and being careful to not compare yourself to others. This panel was hosted by Psi Beta member Cristel Cayco and moderated by Psi Beta member Vladimir Zeltser.

2023… It’s a Wrap!

Skyline College celebrated Black History Month 2023 with a multitude of events, workshops and displays throughout the campus all month long. This month is set aside to honor global contributions from the African Diaspora as well as celebrate the culture and influences in our daily lives. Our main goal was to fully engage our students, while creating an environment that is welcoming for African American students; along with shedding light on cultural awareness.

Celebrations began with a College Hour kick-off on Wednesday, February 1 hosted by the Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC) and the Black Student Union (BSU) which included information about the upcoming events, themed trivia questions, and limited-edition Black History Month apparel for sale towards the BSU fundraiser for the African American Scholar Society scholarship. 

The month had a variety of experts leading workshops and speaking on different panels. Dr. Tony Jackson, longtime psychology professor led a presentation on “Dealing with Racial Stress” that included a background on the history of trauma in the US beginning with the African slave trade, information on the negative effects of stress, as well as a deep breathing exercise with participants designed to help counteract the accumulation of stress in our bodies. Brothers Achieving Milestones (BAM) and TRiO led a discussion between three Black professionals from various industries explaining their backgrounds, how they got to where they are, and tips for students to succeed during and after college in the panel “Black Professionals in Today’s Society.” 

On February 7, 2023, BSU and ASSC added liveliness to campus and a Mardi Gras flair, New Orleans-style brass band MJ’s Brass Boppers invigorated the campus atmosphere with live music on the Quad. The live performance brought on dancing from the children in the Child Development Laboratory Center, students, faculty, staff, guests and even Skyline College President Melissa Moreno!

In efforts to support the Equity Master Plan, Umoja-ASTEP Learning Community coordinator Dr. Chad Coates hosted a session on “Everybody’s Business: Supporting Academic Success of Black Students at Skyline College”. This session discussed gaps and bridges of how to best support our African American students on campus. There was a dialogue with employees, administrators and students to discuss their experiences on campus and how our campus can be more in tuned to meet the needs of our students. The purpose of this event was to not only bring attention to one of our most disproportionately impacted populations on campus, but to also explore strategies to better serve black students at Skyline College.

On Sunday, February 12, 2023, a group of students and staff spent two hours on a walking tour in Oakland learning about a significant period in Bay Area history led by the Bay Area chapter of the Black Panther Party Alumni Legacy Network, which was sponsored by the Equity Institute at Skyline College. This tour was an informative excursion through downtown Oakland, highlighting the need for social activism and community service. Walking in the shoes of the Black Panther Party and learning about their legacy was an empowering experience that gives young individuals hope and inspiration to fight for what’s right and to never give up on your dreams. After leaving this tour, it felt good knowing that through all the gentrification that has happened, Oakland truly has some hidden gems in the downtown area. 

Throughout the month, ASSC & BSU scheduled a series of movie screenings throughout the month for the campus to enjoy. Some of the black films and entertainment included the following: Black Panther and its sequel Wakanda Forever, the powerful film The Woman King inspired by real events, and an old school classic, The Wiz. These screenings were held every Thursday throughout the month as a stress reliever for students to come relax, meet new folks, build community and enjoy light refreshments in the new Intercultural Center in Building 4. 

BSU was blessed to have Dr. Shandi Fuller, Deputy Health Officer of Solano County moderate our 2nd annual “Structural Inequity in Healthcare Panel” along with three amazing panelists who currently work in the healthcare field; Brianna Skinner, doula and RN/Nurse Midwifery student, Azraa Muhammad Birth and postpartum doula, and Angel Goodman, Certified Nursing Assistant. These three women spoke on personal experiences and highlighted professional stories as they witnessed racial inequities in the health care system. This intimate space was very eye opening for the students who are currently pursuing the medical field as this information is often not discussed. The purpose of this event was to bring awareness to challenges built into the healthcare system directly and indirectly affecting Black/African American and other people of color.

The Skyline College Library hosted a safe space for its first ever “Mic DROP! Poetry SLAM!!!” event featuring live performances by students and faculty, as well as highlighting powerful performances by Black poets and artists. Aside from the poetry slam, they also displayed stations at the Library of various Green Book (a guidebook for African American travelers published from 1936-1966) covers as well as featured Black Resistance and all about love physical book collections.

Towards the end of the month, the Cosmetology department honored and celebrated the late Professor Carmen Richardson as part of a walk-through exhibit about “Black Culture & History within the Barbering, Cosmetology & Esthetics Industries”. The students paid their respects by completing various assignments in Cosmetology to show off their talent, along with other inspirational black history and cultural talent in the Bay Area. 

The campus was treated to a transformative culinary experience with the community-centered duo, The Vegan Hood Chefs for an Entrepreneur Spotlight sponsored by the Career Readiness & Job Placement team in partnership with the Entrepreneurship program and BSU. The CIPHER Learning Community, in collaboration with Student Equity and Support Programs division closed out Black History Month programming with a special documentary screening of We Were Hyphy with a Q&A session with the film’s directory, Larry Madrigal. The documentary included many local Bay Area musicians that dropped so much knowledge on “hyphy” culture, dances, fashion, music and lifestyle. Special thanks to Elias Lopez’s Barbering class for sharing the space, sharing their knowledge, and asking questions to create a transformative and culturally relevant classroom experience.

The Black Student Union is excited to share that they greatly exceeded their initial fundraising goal for the African American Society Scholarship through direct donations and the Black History Month apparel sales! The limited edition apparel was designed and produced by the Bookstore’s Graphic Arts & Production team.  

We are beyond grateful for all the individuals who donated to our fundraiser and all the departments who contributed to our calendar of events. It is through strong community partnerships within various departments on campus and external supporters that we were able to meet our goal and have a robust calendar of events. Thank you to everyone who hosted and supported the month’s celebration and events, fundraiser and scholarship donations including those listed below and many more! Let us continue to build on this momentum and celebrate black excellence, black history and black culture throughout the year. 

  • Associated Students of Skyline College and the Center for Student Life
  • Black Student Union
  • Barbering, Cosmetology & Esthetics (BCE)
  • Cashiers/Administrative Services
  • Career Readiness & Job Placement and Strategic Partnerships & Workforce Development
  • CIPHER Learning Community
  • Equity Institute
  • Entrepreneurship Program
  • Learning Commons
  • MJ’s Brass Boppers
  • SMCCC Foundation
  • Dr. Tony Jackson
  • TRiO and Brothers Achieving Milestones
  • Umoja-ASTEP Learning Community
  • Women’s Mentoring & Leadership Academy

Sirreck Brown | Brielle Czekalski | Alexa Moore | Sha’Kuana Ona | Albin Lee | Mandy Lucas | Chris Wardell | Janelle Reza | Lucy Jovel | Ellen Murray | Megdi Abebe | Jessica Truglio | Rika Yonemura-Fabian | Erica Bueso | Chad Thompson | Heidi Lindström-Gomez | Brianna Clay-Fuller | Andrea Vizenor | Chelssee De Barra | Clair Yeo-Sugajski | Amanda Bortoli | Martina Center-Goodman | Melissa Moreno | Becky Threewit | Edward Fletcher | Candice Bell | Erica Cornejo | Melissa Rohlfs | Bonnie Mendoza | Wendy Lee | Ingrid Vargas | Kesha Cromartie | Aryssa Muhammad | Brittney Sneed | Lesly Ta | Heidi Rank | Belinda Vargas Ruiz | Rakiah Kennedy | Flor Lopez | Candice Bell | Kim Davalos | Vinny Samujh | Danielle Powell | Jessica Hurless | Kevin Chak | Joshua Lindo | Zaid Ghori | Soledad McCarthy | Bianca Rowden Quince | Claudia Paz | Ame Maloney | Arnetta Villela-Smith | John Ulloa | Tatiana Martinez | Regina Herbert | Cherie Colin | Tony Viertel | Linda Allen | Raymon Gutierrez | Rosie Bell | Amber Gougis | Qimmah Tamu | Mia Coo | Marcy Escobar | Ryan Samn | Alvin Gubatina | Adetokunbo Adewunmi | Gavin Townsley | Michelle Amaral | Kolo Wamba | Regina Herbert |

Article by Brianna Clay, Alexa Moore and Brittney Sneed

Skyline Visits San Jose State University!

On March 3rd, 2023. twenty students visited San Jose State University (SJSU) to learn from a guided campus tour, and to hear from student panelists. We also shared space and community, while “breaking bread” for a lunch within the dining commons at SJSU. Students also gained insight into the TRiO ASPIRE program at SJSU and learned about the McNair Scholars program.

It was a beautiful day last Friday, after a couple days of rain. Students enjoyed the weather as they explored SJSU academic programs and learned about the history of SJSU. Student participants shared great feedback about the student panelists. They were happy to hear student narratives – and to hear from students who were willing to share vulnerabilities in a safe space. Our students also shared their own vulnerabilities, asking critical questions important to their transfer planning and gaining feedback into dorms and off-campus housing information.

The tour included equity programming, as McNair and ASPIRE provide significant support for first generation students who demonstrate financial need. It also provided an opportunity for students who are place-bound or who cannot access transportation to SJSU. The program was at no-cost for students, also ensuring students could attend without cost related concerns.

The event was coordinated by TRiO Student Support Services and the Skyline College Transfer Center. Carlos Romero, Brianna Clay – Fuller, and Ernesto Hernandez were chaperones. The planning committee included Janelle Reza, Alexandra Kaplan, and Jacquie Espino, as well.

A special thank you to our faculty and classified professional transfer champions who supported the promotion of the event. And a special thank you to the Vice President of Student Services, Dr. Newin Orante, and the Dean of Counseling, Dr. Luis Escobar, for their administrative support and guidance to implement the return of in-person and off-campus programming. Thank you to Jackie Flores and Vivian Paw for their work to ensure compliance with district policy.

Written by Brianna Clay-Fuller, and Carlos Romero, and Ernesto Hernandez.

We Were Hyphy Film Screening with Director Larry Madrigal

On Tuesday, March 7, 2023, the CIPHER Hip Hop Learning Community hosted a film screening of “We Were Hyphy” as part of the Black History Month celebration.  We Were Hyphy explores the music that was the beating heart of the Hyphy Movement that created a timeless legacy in the Bay Area. Over 50 students, faculty, and staff were able to experience and re-live some of the iconic moments that helped shaped the Hip Hop cultural scene in the Bay Area.

Students had the opportunity to engage in dialogue with the Director, Larry Madrigal, about the process of creating this documentary, the importance of authentic storytelling, and advice about following your passions.  A major shout-out to the students of the Barbering Program for showing up and participating in the Q&A session. For those who could not attend, the film can be seen on PBS as part of their Hip Hop series celebrating 50 years in Hip Hop.

This event was co-hosted by the Black Student Union, Associated Students of Skyline College, and Student Equity and Support Programs.  Special thanks to Marisa Thigpen, Josh Lindo, and Brianna Clay for their coordination support.

For more information about the CIPHER Hip Hop Learning Community, please contact Nate Nevado at

Article by Nate Nevado | Photos by Marisa Thigpen

March 13-15: Films and Discussion Panel Promote Critical Global

All members of the Skyline College community are invited to explore critical global citizenship through two upcoming film screenings and a panel discussion to begin with comments from President Moreno and Vice President of Instruction Vinició Lopez.

Monday, March 13, 4:30pm.: Community Film Screening: Wasted: The Story of Food Waste 

In this documentary, renowned chefs discuss the economic and environmental costs of global food waste, exploring solutions involving educating consumers.

Location: Intercultural Center Lounge, Building 4

Tuesday, March 14, 3:30pm.: Community Film Screening: Bitter Seeds (virtual)

Bitter Seeds: This documentary exposes the tragic impact of the American agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation, Monsanto on rural farming communities in India. This is the third film in Micha Peled’s Globalization Trilogy, following the award-winning Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town and China Blue.


Wednesday, March 15, 3:30pm.: Panel Discussion (hyflex) Let us know if you will join in person or via Zoom by filling out the registration form. 

In person: Intercultural Center Lounge, Building 4.


How are individual, local, national, and global interconnected and co-produced, and how can each of us recognize and take responsibility for our choices & actions?  Panelists include activists, writers, artists, journalists & Skyline faculty. Refreshments will be provided.

Find more information please visit or contact Professor Pia Walawalkar, Equity and Outreach Librarian or Professor Rob Williams

We look forward to seeing you!

Beta Theta Omicron (BΘO) – Skyline Phi Theta Kappa Chapter Providing Academic and Volunteering Opportunities to students!

The Beta Theta Omicron chapter is back in action this semester after taking a short break over the winter. During the spring 2023 semester, they will host a number of academic support events, workshops, and volunteer opportunities for Skyline students. So far, the chapter has held two orientation meetings, two academic workshops, provided two volunteer opportunities, and has much more planned for the upcoming months. Continue reading to find out more:

The team decided to build on the success of last year’s College Project by focusing more on providing academic support to Skyline College students in order to increase academic achievement at the start of the semester. For freshmen students, the chapter hosted the Navigating College Workshop as well as the Working Smarter, Not Harder Workshop. PTK members lead the academic support workshops with the assistance from the Learning and STEM Center. Participants learn about resources and skills that will help them become academically strong students.

Newly eligible students were invited to join the honor society at the end of February, and the chapter hosted two orientations to share information about scholarships, professional development, and leadership opportunities through the Phi Theta Kappa honor society.

In terms of community service, Beta Theta Omicron is currently raising funds for the American Cancer Society through the “Relay for Life” project. Besides their fundraising efforts, members of the chapter began a new collaboration with an East Palo Alto non-profit to provide educational workshops on STEM and language arts subjects to students’ grades K – 5. The workshops are designed and taught by members of the chapter. Many members also volunteered at the award-winning Computer Literacy and Internet Competency for Seniors (CLICS) volunteer sessions at the Roberta Cerri Teglia Center Senior Center throughout February. On Saturday, March 11, 2023, students from the international student club and Beta Theta Omicron will work together to clean up Thornton Beach.

The team is always eager to continue serving and providing valuable opportunities to students and the community. If you would like to get involved and learn more about PTK and the leadership opportunities the chapter provides on and off campus, join the member meetings on Fridays from 2-4 pm at the STEM Center in Building 7.

Article by Hnin Thandar Win

Health and Wellness Fair 2023

You are invited to join us Wednesday, March 8, 2023, from 10 am – 2 pm for the Skyline Health Fair in Building 6 Dining Hall. We are so excited to bring this beloved event back to Skyline!

Stop by and connect to wellness-related resources for Skyline students and employees. There will be over 25 exhibitors offering health information, health screenings, giveaways and more!

Skyline Health Fair
In-Person Event – Wellness Center
Wednesday, March 8, 2023
10 am – 2 pm
Building 6, Dining Hall

Article by Rubielyn Ruiza

Raul Amaya is our new SparkPoint Coordinator Supporting Basic Needs

The entire SparkPoint team would like to congratulate Raul Amaya on being selected as our new SparkPoint Coordinator. Raul has served as the SparkPoint Staff Assistant for over 6 years, but in his new role he will be providing support to our students and local community around financial capability, food resources and housing resources.  He will partner with our other SparkPoint Coordinator, Flor Lopez, to increase our capacity for SparkPoint programs such as rapid response hotel stays, rental assistance, student food grant, grocery distributions and financial coaching.  Raul brings an incredible passion for working directly with students and an impressive knowledge of basic needs resources.  He has already played a key role in launching many of these SparkPoint programs and he looks forward to the opportunity to expand his impact and take on new challenges.

Raul’s new role will become official on March 23rd, pending board approval, but we wanted to make the announcement now in honor of Skyline College’s annual March 4th celebration. 

Article by Chad Thompson

Learning Communities Career Conversations Night – Rain or Shine!  

The Skyline College Learning Communities hosted the annual Learning Communities Career Conversations Night in-person and via Zoom (hyflex) on Thursday, February 23rd in Building 6. Students were invited to join us for a night of career conversations with professionals in a wide range of fields in four breakout rooms based on our guided pathways:

  • Arts, Languages and Communication (ALC)
  • Business, Entrepreneurship & Management (BEM)
  • Science, Technology & Health (STH)
  • Society & Education (SE)

Given the choice to come in-person (on a cold rainy night) or via zoom, over 100 students joined with the majority coming in-person and enjoyed the evening together with career panelists followed by dinner and mingling at the conclusion of the 80-minute career conversations. Students selected which room they would join based on their academic major or interest area and were able to review information about the panelists’ including their LinkedIn profiles provided beforehand via the RSVP form and also provided at the check-in table or main Zoom room. You can learn more about the different speakers by visiting: Career Conversations Night Breakout Room Handout.

Each breakout room discussion featured 5 or 6 professional speakers (many of which were Skyline College graduates!) and was facilitated by two Skyline College faculty or staff who artfully weaved together a list of previously provided questions with the opportunity for students to ask their own questions live and via Zoom. The Arts, Languages and Communication breakout room was facilitated Derek Allenby, ALC Job Placement Coordinator and Jessica Hurless, Communications Professor and Guided Pathways Co-Coordinator. The Business, Entrepreneurship and Management breakout room was Facilitated by Dr. Nate Nevado, Counselor and CIPHER Learning Community Coordinator and Shinna Kim, Counseling Intern. The Science, Technology & Health breakout room was facilitated by Brittney Sneed, STH Job Placement Coordinator and Bryan Swartout, STEM Center Program Services Coordinator. The Society & Education breakout room was facilitated by Alexa Moore, SE Job Placement Coordinator and ECE/COOP Instructor and Michelle Amaral, ECE Program Services Coordinator.

We were delighted to partner with Career Counseling to create a space for the launch of the Career Counseling Explorers program, with tabling and support from Kenny Gonzales, Career Counselor and Judith Martinez, Director of Student Support. The Explorers Program is designed to support students who are undeclared, undecided or exploring and can help with self-discovery and exploration through counseling and events like this. Students who are exploring are invited to seek support in this area by visiting and completing this short interest form

Student attendee feedback was overwhelmingly positive with a chance to provide feedback through a short post-event online form. Students shared some of the following comments with the planning team.

I loved the experiences and stories the panelist shared and hearing about their achievements, accomplishments and struggles in their field.
Although I came late, it was a good experience nonetheless to get some insight on what an art career could look like. General tips and advice is more than I can ask for without having to pay. Overall, good experience.
It was a really well planned out and organized event and I really think it was a very productive breakout room discussion. I learned more about the significance of a portfolio and how to handle/organize one in a way that employers will view me as someone to hire. The panelists were all very respectable individuals, and I could tell they were all genuinely passionate and happy about what they do especially when they were answering questions from the audience. One specific thing that stuck to me was probably Talia Taylor’s take on A.I art and how it is currently affecting the art community and how we as artists can counter that. Sandy Frank’s vast experience in graphic design was also incredibly insightful for me since graphic design is my declared major. Overall, all the panelist provided valuable information and insight that I think will definitely help develop me into the artist I want to be.
Very insightful and great communication within panelists conversations
I really enjoyed the closeness of the event and the way interaction was promoted so heavily.
It was very good and very nice to hear what the speaker experience, like how their mentor helped them and that it could be anyone
I enjoyed the variety of people on the panel. Their different perspectives and backgrounds made for an engaging session and supported a good amount of majors in that area.
I thought it was lovely and formal. Got to ask a few personal questions relating to my career field as a concept artist.
They are super cool
I felt like I was not alone, the panelist and everyone else had gone through the same situation as I. Not too old not the only one who constantly changing majors we are all lost and we just need guidance and advice to the panelist and they had given that to everyone and I in the room.
I really enjoyed this event and the questions to the panelists.
Today’s event was really helpful. Thanks to this event I get different perspectives from professionals that work in fields that I am consider exploring.
They are a lot of creative and open-minded ideas in California
It was amazing m and I am grateful for being able to attend
Experience is calm & tame. The lunch dinner portion helps network with the panelists after the session.

Hyflex events (in-person or via Zoom) are an important way to help support our students’ needs and can be especially useful with inclement weather as was the case on February 23rd. The planning team wants to give a special thank you to our new staff member, Joshua Porter, who successfully managed simultaneous hyflex instances in five different spaces with a calmness and specialized skillset that helped put and keep the event on the right track throughout the evening. Kudos to Josh and his student assistant Grace!

This event was generously financially supported by the Strategic Partnerships & Workforce Development Division, a Career Counseling President’s Innovation Fund & the Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) Program. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this evening a success!

Please visit the Skyline College Learning Communities Facebook page to view all of the photos from the event: Career Conversations Night photo album.

Article and Photos by: Marisa Thigpen