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Soundscape Concert Saturday, December 18, 2021 at 7p.m.

Soundscape Vocal Jazz Ensemble is proud to present their winter concert via YouTube Premiere on:


Saturday, December 18, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.


Our concert celebrates “Women in Jazz” and features an entire program of music composed and arranged by women.  Fall semester was a time of renewal and transition for Soundscape as we navigated our return to campus and in-person rehearsals.  We hope that you can share in the joy we felt in being able to sing together once more. The concert runs about twenty minutes, so it’s short and sweet. If you can’t catch the premiere on Saturday, you can still watch the concert later at your convenience. Enjoy the show!


Article by Michelle Hawkins

Photo by Phil Hawkins

The Skyline View Wraps Up the Semester With a Series of Wins

The Skyline View wrapped up the semester with several wins under their collective belts. First, current Editor-in-Chief Steven Rissotto was honored with Second Place as the Associated Collegiate Press’s Reporter of the Year for Two-Year Colleges.

The semester’s good news continued at the Journalism Association of Community Colleges Fall Conference held virtually Nov. 5-7, 2021 where the publication won a series of awards, most notably General Excellence awards for both Online Journalism and Print Journalism.

At the event, former TSV Features Editor Christian Carlo Ceguerra won several individual awards, namely Third Place for Inside Page Layout, Fourth Place for Photo Illustration, and an Honorable Mention for Environmental Portrait.

Former staffer, Hunter Feiner, won Fourth Place for Editorial Cartoon. Former Editor-in-Chief John Harrison picked up a First and Third Place for Student Designed Ad. Former Opinions Editor Marco Milani one First Place for Informational Graphic, as well as First Place for Photo Illustration. Staff collected Third Place for Front Page Layout and Third Place for Editorial. And finally, former staffer Antonio Maffei earned a Fourth Place for Webcast/Broadcast News.

The Skyline View also earned an Excellence in Writing badge from School Newspapers Online’s Best of SNO program. To do so, they had to earn at least three stories with Best of SNO designations. Current staffers Features Editor Anoush Torounian, Editor-in-Chief Steven Rissotto, and Reporter Derian Lopez all wrote stories that met the Best of SNO standard this semester.

Finally, the program was just awarded a $15,000 grant from the California Humanities Emerging Journalist Fellowships, which will offer several students in the spring the opportunity to be mentored on some larger journalism projects.

Article by Nancy Kaplan-Biegel, Adviser to The Skyline View


Seeking Volunteers – Drive-Thru Community Market Extended Through May 2022!

This past week marked the 65th Skyline College Free Drive-Thru Community Market! At this most recent weekly grocery distribution event we served 908 families under the leadership of the SparkPoint program and with the support of 25 volunteers from Skyline College and our local community!

Volunteer support is crucial to provide this support to our community and we are still seeking volunteers for January! If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up through the Second Harvest Food Bank website.

Be advised: Lot C and Lot F will continue to be closed in order to host the Skyline College Free Community Market.

Every week each household or family receives almost 50 lbs of groceries, including milk, eggs, pasta, rice, fresh produce, canned goods and dry goods, as well as a protein item (ham, chicken, turkey, etc.).  Second Harvest Food Bank calculates that over 2.7 million pounds of groceries have been distributed since our program started in September 2020 and that we have offset over $4.8 million in grocery costs for the most at risk members of our local community! A special thanks goes to SMCCCD employees from SparkPoint, public safety, and facilities, as well as the wonderful volunteers who make this event possible every week.

This event is held at Skyline College every Wednesday, 11:00am-1:00pm and has been extended through May 2022. All staff, volunteers and participants adhere to all COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols at all times.


  • Only drive-thru pickups will be served
  • All participants must remain in their cars at all times and wear a mask
  • Open to students and the community
  • No I.D required to pick up food
  • Please call 650-738-7970 for weather and air quality closure updates
  • Please use Skyline Blvd entrance (turn left and enter Lot C)


If you have any questions please email us at


Article by Chad Thompson



International Student Spotlight: Franck Yao

Franck Yao

Franck Yao

“Where I’m at right now… it wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t started my journey at Skyline [College],” says Franck Yao, Skyline College Alumni. Franck certainly has been successful since his time at Skyline College. He recently graduated from Elizabeth City State University, where he received a full-ride scholarship and is a new employee at Microsoft, which Franck enthusiastically calls “a great company.”


Franck is originally from the Ivory Coast. He first became interested in American education after participating in a leadership program run by the United States. “It was so great that I fell in love with it, and I decided to continue my studies in America.”


Skyline College first caught his attention at a promotional event in the Ivory Coast. He volunteered to help as a translator and “connected” with Skyline College staff. Afterward, he began considering studying at Skyline College. “They [the staff] were excited about it.” The Global Becca International Student Scholarship was another big reason why Franck came to Skyline College. After some pointers from staff, he earned the scholarship. “I would not have been able to pay for the tuition and fees if I didn’t get the scholarship.”


Franck says at Skyline College, “the support was great. It was amazing.” He says, “as an international student there are a whole bunch of regulations that are not easy to navigate… so if you don’t have a strong support system on campus … it can be very difficult, and that can impact your grades.” He also says the International Student Program at Skyline College helped the international students form a community, “we spend our time together, we eat together, do stuff together. It was fun.” In addition, Franck found a job at the campus bookstore that helped him pay for his bills.


Franck, a business administration major with a focus in economics, also found great teachers. He remembers his ESOL professor Serena Chu-Mraz particularly fondly “communication was a big challenge at the beginning… Serena made me feel comfortable and gave me tools and resources.” He is close with her to this day, “She’s still my mentor.”


He also remembers his economics professor, Masao Suzuki. Franck has a special interest in understanding resources, how they transform into something valuable, how they are managed, etc., and Professor Suzuki’s class helped him understand the basics. He was particularly interested in Professor Suzuki’s discussion of why capitalist and communist countries behave differently. Franck says, “If you pay attention and you listen, you really enjoy his class.”


Franck also took full advantage of the opportunities at Skyline College. He decided to become involved with the United Nations, an idea that went all the way to the College president, “she was super welcoming and excited about it.” As a result, Franck got the necessary resources to successfully apply as a Youth Ambassador for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Program. A position that led him to the UN’s Youth Assembly in New York. In the assembly, participants get a country to represent and a topic to focus on, “It’s like a full immersion in the real life of a real-world leader.” He says, “Resources are limited, and everyone wants to use them… If you don’t have a good negotiation skill, you will never get anything.”


He also joined the school’s robotics club, which welcomed him with open arms, “although I was not a STEM major, I jumped in. That’s another cool thing about Skyline [College] as well, there’s no crazy barriers to entry. If you’re interested and willing to try your best, you’re welcome.” He remembers fondly staying up until midnight experimenting and mixing things to see what stuck. One particularly memorable project was when the club created a solar boat from scratch. They won third at a state competition. Franck says, “The experience was good, the friendship was good.”


In addition, Franck spent much of his time helping others. He worked as a Student Ambassador for the International Student Program. Welcoming students and listening to their concerns, “My experience was so great that I wanted to be able to communicate that to the new international students right, especially the African students.” He also worked with the Washington Mandella Fellowship, a program where young African leaders come to the United States. Skyline College was a program host. Franck supported them and got to have new experiences of his own, “We went to Google, Twitter, Facebook, … it took us to many cool places that I would have never thought I would be.”


Franck says that Skyline College helped him build a strong “academic resume,” which helped him get a full-ride at Elizabeth City State University. When he interviewed for his scholarship, the Vice President told him, “I want you to come here and do all the things you were doing in California.” In addition, Skyline College’s academic program set him up for success, “at Elizabeth City [State University] I was on fire, and if it wasn’t for Skyline [College], I wouldn’t be able to do that.”


Overall, Frank built lifelong relationships at Skyline College, “those relationships that Skyline [College] gave me, it was a true blessing.” He says Skyline College is a “great institution.”


Article by Evelyn Rossi


CIPHER Hosts 6th Annual Holiday Bling Vendors Fair & Community Day

Holiday Bling Vendor Fair     The CIPHER Hip Hop Learning Community hosted their 6th Annual Holiday Bling Vendors’ Fair and Community Day in collaboration with ASSC, Puente, and the Kababayan Learning Community on December 1, 2021.  The event brought together student entrepreneurs and local small businesses to provide our campus community an opportunity to do some early holiday shopping.  The event also provided an opportunity for our students to network and learn more about the process of entrepreneurship from all of our vendors.  This event also help raised funds for educational scholarships for our Rock The School Bells Scholarship Fund.

In addition, the day was filled with music and live performances by our students.  Performances included a keyboard set by Ayumi Asayama, a live script reading of an upcoming play by Kababayan performed by students from Kababayan and Puente, and a freestyle session with students and vendors.  Thank you to DJ Ouiboogie, one of our CIPHER students, for providing amazing music throughout the event.

The campus community were treated with snacks and treats from Kiss My Boba, Mister Softee Ice Cream truck, and finger foods and popcorn provided by the President’s Office.  The event was a phenomenal and successful experience that created such beautiful and vibrant energy throughout the campus.  We would like to thank all of the vendors who shared their passions and products with us.  If you’d like to support our vendors, you can still purchase items from them through their Instagram account and/or website.

Two Many Pearls Jewelry:  @twomanypearls

Rhymosaurs Coloring Books: @rhymosaurs (also found on Amazon)

Sari Sari Market Vintage Clothing:  @sarisarimkt

Wounded Healing Art:  @woundedhealingart

SF City Crafts Candles:  @sf.citycrafts

MixerFriendly Posters:

The Stacks Record Shop:

Shoes Customization By Conqo:  @shoesbyconqo

Qveen Idren Custom Jewelry:  @qveen.idren (also found on Etsy)

Pono Boutique:  @ponoboutique

Rock The School Bells Refresh Merchandise:


This event would not be possible without the planning by the organizing team – CIPHER, Kababayan, Puente, and ASSC.  We would like to thank our administration, Dr. Melissa Moreno, VPSS Newin Orante, interim VPI Danni Lapuz-Redding, Dean Russell Waldon, Dean Michael Kane, and Cherie Colin, for their continued support of our CIPHER Programming.  We’d like to acknowledge our campus resources who took the time to meet with all of our students – Study Abroad Program, Strategic Partnerships and Workforce Development, MCPR, Student Life/ASSC, Meta Majors, and Learning Communities.  Huge appreciation to Marisa Thigpen for the beautifully crafted succulents that our attendees enjoyed.  Lastly, we’d like to thank our student volunteers who made this event such an energetic and memorable one.


Written by: Nate Nevado

Photos by:  ASSC, CIPHER, Marisa Thigpen

Academic Senate Fall 2021 Semester in Review

Academic Senate Meeting DecemberThe last Academic Senate meeting of the Fall semester took place on Thursday December 2nd. Division Senators and Constituent Reps came together for a competitive virtual game of “Academic Senate Bingo” and an “ugly” sweater contest. On behalf of the Academic Senate, we would like to extend a thank you to Dean Andrea Vizenor and Jeremy Evangelista-Ramos for donating some Skyline Swag for our end of the semester competitions. Alberto Santellan was crowned as the winner of the “ugly” sweater contest, and while that in itself is an amazing accomplishment, the Academic Senate as a governing body has also had some accomplishments of its own.

This semester the Academic Senate has made strides to increase transparency in participatory governance. In an effort to accomplish this we created an Agenda Request Form to help streamline and organize all agenda requests in one place. Once an agenda request form is received the Executive Committee uses the newly adopted “ASAP Checklist” (Academic Senate Agenda Prioritization) to determine whether or not an item should be on an upcoming agenda. The “ASAP” checklist takes into consideration direct connection to 10+1 matters, advancement of student experience, asking who an item benefits, time sensitivity, and if it meets the advancement of the Academic Senate/College mission and/or goals regarding equity and anti-racist practices.

In addition, we also took several meetings to refine and approve Senate goals for the 2021-2022 Academic Year:

  1. Faculty Coordinator: further explore the faculty coordinator position and learn from the current models to develop clear definition and scope of the role and duties.(In progress)
  2. Tracking Committee Membership: Work to develop a procedure for tracking faculty committee membership and create standards for committee reporting and engagement.  (In progress)
  3. Examine policies and procedures that impact students, faculty, and the 10+1:
    1. Collaborate with campus constituents to determine clear return to campus procedures and practices.(Ongoing)
    2. Procedures regarding program creation and collegial consultation (In progress, in Curriculum Committee)
    3. Collaborate with campus constituents to determine clear class cancellation practices. (Forthcoming)


Other highlights include:

  • Increased the size of the executive committee members to include the 3 standing committee chairs from Curriculum, Educational Policy and Professional Personnel.
  • Revised our bylaws pertaining to nomination and the conduction of senate elections to allow for a more equitable practice in future elections.
  • Approved 4 screening committees
  • Appointed the Vice President of the Academic Senate to serve as a co-chair for the  FTEFAC Committee to further support a faculty led process.
  • Held space for the Professional Development Committee to present on Article 13 available funds for professional development. There was a large carry-over from previous years: $306,063. The 21-22 Yearly allocation is $140,207. Total amount available now is $446,150.
  • Held a collaborative discussion about return to campus concerns and questions and worked with President Dr. Moreno to find answers that were presented at the Return to Campus Briefings.
  • Created a class cancelation task group that included people from all constituent groups, Deans and the Vice President of Instruction, Danni Redding-Lapuz, to research and gain clarity on the process of class cancellations. Thank you to everyone who participated in this conversation.
  • Co-sponsored a flex day activity that discussed the 2-year scheduling plan. This conversation will continue at April Flex.
  • Nominated the Cosmetology and Esthetics Program for the ASCCC Exemplary Program Award
  • Nominated Leigh-Anne Shaw for the ASCCC Hayward Award for “Excellence in Education”(Faculty Nomination)
  • The Senate has put an emphasis on establishing community gathering norms. These will be formally adopted in January.

We will continue to make time for community networking at the beginning of every meeting even when important business needs to be conducted. It is possible to have fun and make impactful changes. Thanks to all serving senators for showing up, having difficult conversations, and treating each other with respect, not only as colleagues but as fellow humans. Please join us at our first meeting of the Spring 2022 semester on Thursday January 20th, from 2:10pm-4:00pm on zoom (Agenda and zoom link forthcoming). Positive change is not always easy but it is possible!

Article by Academic Senate President Lindsey Ayotte

Internship Opportunities

How may we assist you in landing your dream job? Whether you’re interested in short- or long-term career planning, the Career Readiness & Job Placement team offers a variety of services and career readiness experiences to assist you with your specific career needs. If you want to work with a Job Placement Coordinator, please fill out this brief welcome form and someone will contact you soon to schedule an appointment!


Expand your network in ways that will lead to your dream job. The Career Readiness & Job Placement team is excited to share the following paid internship opportunities with you. Check them out—

Job Opportunities

How may we assist you in landing your dream job? Whether you’re interested in short- or long-term career planning, the Career Readiness & Job Placement team offers a variety of services and career readiness experiences to assist you with your specific career needs. If you want to work with a Job Placement Coordinator, please fill out this brief welcome form and someone will contact you soon to schedule an appointment!


Job Opportunities

How may we assist you in landing your dream job? The Career Readiness & Job Placement team is excited to share the following job opportunities with you. Check them out—

STEM Open House – December 14

STEM Open HouseThe STEM Center will be holding an open house for the Science, Technology, and Health Meta Major on December 14th, 2021 from 4:30-5:30. This will be a fun opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to see the STEM Center and STH labs and facilities while meeting people and enjoying tasty snacks and fun activities. Everyone is encouraged to attend, so please share with your students and groups. Please register at and we hope to see you there!

Article by Carla Grandy
Image by Bryan Swartout

International Student Spotlight: May Myat Noe Tun

Student Spotlight

May Myat Noe Tun

May Myat Noe Tun, alumni of the International Student Program (ISP) at Skyline College, says, “I want to share through this article that … it’s a really great program and you won’t regret coming to Skyline College at all.” A UCLA graduate, May has been highly successful in the U.S. and has recently been accepted to a Linked-in sponsored leadership program.

May is originally from Myanmar and came to the U.S. to help her home country, “ become a better place… the U.S. is just full of opportunities.” She was especially interested in medical research in the U.S. (though she eventually decided to go down a different route).

May wanted to attend UC Berkeley or UCLA and knew going to a California community college would increase her chances of getting into both schools. Once she learned that Skyline College is one of the few community colleges in California that provides scholarships to new international students, she decided to apply. ISP staff supported her through the application process and helped her successfully obtain Skyline College’s scholarship for new international students, the Global Beca International Student Scholarship.

At first, living abroad was a struggle, “suddenly I’m in a whole different country with like literally two or three people I know.” At the same time, she was living on her own for the first time and had 8 a.m. classes, Monday through Friday. Fortunately, she had plenty of support.

May says that the ISP helped her through the transition, “Chikako [Walker, Interim Program Manager] and Carlos [Romero, the ISP’s Counselor] were there all the time for me… They’re like two of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life.” Whenever May was overwhelmed or worried about her ability to pass a class, Carlos tried to find alternatives and helped her “in every way” he could. She says, “Carlos was my mental support.”

In addition, May found that having, “a community of International Students [at] Skyline College was really valuable for me.” The ISP helped her form supportive friendships with people “in the same boat.” She remembers that in addition to providing much-needed companionship, her friends took care of her when she was sick and sent her to Skyline College’s Health Center.

In fact, it was one of her friends who told her about a job opportunity at Skyline College’s Learning Center, where she ended up working as both a math tutor and a student assistant (she also worked at the Transfer Center later on). She found her jobs, “really rewarding, you know, to be able to create connections and be able to help people.” She still talks to people she met while working at Skyline College.

May also got involved with clubs. She joined the Japanese Culture Club and ended up running their social media. She still uses the skills she learned in her current job. In addition, May and her fellow Burmese students, inspired by their peers, worked together to create a Burmese Culture Club. Obtaining the signatures required to form the club was challenging, but the students persevered.

Skyline College’s “very fun” classes also paved the way for May to succeed. She liked the small class sizes and felt they allowed her to connect with her professors, “In Skyline College, I went to office hours all the time.” In one memorable instance May almost failed a biology mid-term; however, the professor went out of his way to help her, and in the end, she got an A in the class.

Initially, May planned to major in Biotechnology, but she quickly realized that lab work was not for her. However, she discovered a love of psychology after taking a general education course. May says that while there is a “stigma” against psychology majors in Myanmar, she realized in the United States that psychology has broad applications. She graduated from UCLA with a degree in Cognitive Science in 2021.

Through this, May has found her calling. Someday, she wants to go back to Myanmar and advocate for the widespread adoption of behavioral marketing and the de-stigmatization of psychology majors. She wants to talk at universities, “to promote what psychology majors can actually do… I feel like people should have a choice to do what they want. Students should have a choice to do what they want without having these stigmas surrounding them.”


Article by Evelyn Rossi