Psychobiology Infographic Display in Building 6

Students in Psychology 220 – Introduction to Psychobiology – created infographics with information about how drugs commonly found on college campuses affect one’s brain. Supplemental information about risk factors, criteria for substance use disorder, costs associated with drug use, and helpful resources are also provided.

In addition to applying course material, this assignment allowed students to work on other 21st century skills including critical thinking (what material to include), information literacy (reading charts and graphs), and collaboration and communication (they worked in groups).

This display is located in Building 6, on the west wall to the left of the fireplace. It will be available to view through Friday, October 28, 2022.

Students Attend Local Chinese Bioscience Association Conference in Person for First Time in 2 years

Thanks to Dean Jing Folsom (center), the Skyline College STEM department and the Perkins grants for supporting this year’s attendees at the 24th annual CBA meetings.

Do you remember pre-COVID going to a conference in the field that you were studying? Do you remember the excitement of meeting people who are doing what you want to do? Do you remember listening to the talks and getting a little bit excited about the topic, but also being feeling blown away by the amount and complexity of the information that was presented?  Skyline College students did exactly that on Saturday, October 8, 2022 when they attended what may well be their first ever “Scientific Conference”.  For the past 7 years, Skyline College faculty have worked with the Chinese Bioscience Association (CBA) Conference to provide attendance with Skyline College students at low or no cost. The conference takes place at the Crown Plaza in Foster City. The Chinese Bioscience Association (CBA) is a non-profit organization founded in the San Francisco Bay area in 1997. Its mission is to promote education, networking and community building for life science professionals. This year’s conference focused on Next-Generation Medicine: From Gene, Protein to Cell Therapy.  The conference was a great opportunity for students to become aware of the new technologies and innovations that are key to transitioning from being a student to being a Biotech employee.

During a Break in the talks, Student Grace Xu took a selfie with Dr. Greg Semensa, the 2019 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine after hearing his well-crafted talk on the mechanisms of cell adaptation to Oxygen availability. Dr. Semensa showed how good a communicator you usually are when you win the Nobel. He was also very gracious and posed for pictures with many Skyline College students.

Students from the Biology, Microbiology, and Biotechnology programs joined Dean Jing Folsom and instructor Nick Kapp to network with Bioscience industry leaders and over 100 CBA general members. Skyline College students deftly shared their educational and professional accomplishments and practiced their networking skills. 

For more information about the Biotechnology program and other Career Advancement Academies, please contact Nick Kapp at or (650) 738-4415.

Article by Nick Kapp | Photos by Grace Xu and Jing Folsom

International Students Visit Sausalito

The International Student Program (ISP) hosted a field trip to Sausalito for all students on September 30, 2022. The event was attended by ISP staff, students, and Fulbright Scholar/ Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Ryan Domingo.

The trip was attended by 14 students and began with a BART ride to the Ferry Building Marketplace. Students got food and enjoyed a beautiful ocean view of the bay bridge before boarding the Sausalito Ferry. Once on the ferry, students and staff were greeted with a cool sea breeze as they cruised along the bay to Sausalito. Students walked along the coastline and explored the area before returning to San Francisco.

The trip saw great weather and allowed international students the chance to experience the community around them together. Clair Yeo-Sugajski, Acting Program Manager of ISP, stated, “We were lucky enough to have great weather and company at our Sausalito field trip.”

Our next ISP event will be the UC Berkeley University Tour on Monday, October 24, 2022. The International Student Program is part of the Global Learning Programs and Services Division at Skyline College. If you wish to learn more about ISP, don’t hesitate to contact the ISP Office at

Article by Sirreck Brown | Photo by Clair Yeo-Sugajski

Counseling 101 –Section One for International Students

The International Student Program at Skyline College held its first in-person section for Counseling 101: Preparation for College for International Students. The course is designed to support new international students in their transition to US college life by giving a brief overview of the US higher education system, discussing their career/academic goals and aspirations for studying in the US, and hosting community-building activities.

The two-day class saw its first session with 30+ students enrolled and was taught by ISP Academic Counselor and course instructor Carlos Romero.

The class saw an interactive presentation from the Equity Institute’s Interim Manager, Allen Ocampo, on the importance of equity and intergroup dialogue, where students enjoyed being vulnerable with one another about their unique experiences.

The class was also introduced to ISP’s new collaboration with Skyline College’s Health and Wellness Services, with Personal Counselor, Tessa Kwan, hosting an interactive presentation on the importance of self-care and mental help.

This course is an excellent way for new international students to make friends, strengthen bonds with ISP staff, and build their support network at Skyline College. ISP continues to provide programs and services for the international students they serve and the Skyline Community at large. The second section for COUN 101 began on September 9th, with 20+ students enrolled.

The International Student Program is part of the Global Learning Programs and Services Division at Skyline College. If you wish to learn more about ISP, don’t hesitate to contact the ISP Office at

Article and Photo by Sirreck Brown

MESA hosts first STEM Clubs Boba Social

Students take turn presenting STEM Clubs in the STEM Center while enjoying boba drinks.

Skyline College’s MESA (Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement) program hosted the first monthly STEM Clubs Boba Social on October 14, 2022. 

Over 30 participants enjoyed some boba drinks while presenting club highlights and engaging with club members and faculty advisors. 

Florence Thwe and Maryam Khan from Women in Science and Engineering Represent! (WiSER!) kicked off the presentations, highlighting the club’s mission to  strengthen and support women in STEM, immerse club members in Science and Engineering, with exciting and fun workshops.

Jerry Hnin, Lasheana Dilian Husni, Florence Thwe, and Valeria Zarco from The BioMedical Engineering Club came next and showcased the club as a friendly community that works closely together to create biomedical engineering technology through the application of engineering and biological principles. 

Matthew Dacanay and John Carlo Manuel of the Computer Science Club explained how the club gives Skyline College students the opportunity to apply and expand their knowledge of coding, build new skills, learn new technologies, and join a supportive community. Currently, they are in the process of building projects, such as a video game, data dashboard, Mask AI, and a website. 

Paul-Fredrick Schubert led the Engineering and Robotics Club (ERC) presentation. ERC is great for students interested in personal hands-on projects that can be completed in the Fab Lab or in collaborative projects, such as the solar boat competition. 

Sean Ruiz shared for the Physics and Astronomy Club (PAC), which offers opportunities to watch the stars, learn how to use telescopes and the basics of astronomy, or participate in fun projects like building a comet or a cloud chamber. 

Participants also learned from Lasheana Dilian Husni, Jerry Hnin, and Florence Thwe  that Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is an International Honor Society with more than 3 million members on over 1200 campuses. They provide opportunities like scholarships, leadership roles, research, and activities that will support students in achieving their academic goals. 

It was also great to hear Tin Htoo, Julia Rogers, and Megan White from the Science and Research Club explain how the club is for anyone interested in participating in research for a class or club project, with the support of peers and professors, and how it makes club members competitive applicants in the college admissions process. 

The Table TopGuilDnd, Biomanufacturing Club, and Sustainable Cooking and Real Food (SCARF) groups were also highlighted during the event.

For more information on how to contact these clubs, you can consult the presentation slides they shared during the event

If you missed this event but would like to join next month, make sure to sign up before November 14, 2022. We will also have a photographer to take headshots for your LinkedIn profile and help to fill out summer 2023 internship applications. 

MESA is an academic enrichment program which helps educationally disadvantaged students excel in math and science and graduate from college with degrees in math-based fields. Eligibility criteria include: being a US Citizen, permanent resident, Dreamer, or DACA; being a first-generation college student; demonstrating financial need by receiving financial aid; and intending to transfer to a 4-year college.

Students interested in joining MESA should contact Emilie Hein ( or Denise Hum ( 

Article by Emilie Hein, Denise Hum, Nick Kapp, Maryam Khan, Thanh Nguyen, Susanne Schubert, Bryan Swartout, Marco Wehrfritz | Photo by Emilie Hein

Expanding the U.S.- Indonesia Partnership in Higher Education

On October 12, 2022 four participants were invited to Skyline College under the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) with the purpose of establishing a new partnership in the future that will play a role in expanding Indonesia and United States partnership in higher education.

The meeting began with Dr. Melissa Moreno, President of Skyline College, welcoming the visitors to Skyline College. After a few introductions led by Interim Dean of Global Learning Programs and Services, Zaid Ghori, the international programs (Study Abroad, International Education, and Silicon Valley Intensive English Program (SVIEP)) provided a brief overview of their respective programs. After a quick overview of the programs, the participants shared about the programs they had at their own universities and possibilities for future collaborations with Skyline College. In particular, the participants were interested in doing an exchange where students from the College would study abroad in Indonesia and vice versa.

The participants also heard from two Skyline College students from Indonesia. They were interested in knowing more about the U.S. college experience from the perspective of the students. Sebastian Farel Sutjipto, a first semester student, shared that he has had a positive experience overall, with supportive professors and staff, access to facilities such as the STEM Center and Learning Center, and that he was happy to be at Skyline College. Lasheana Dilian Husni, a 4th semester student, shared her experience starting out as a Global Online Learning (GOL) program student where she took classes online for two semesters from her home in Indonesia, before arriving in the U.S. to continue her studies as an F1 international student in the Spring of 2022. She shared how she was able to get a lot of resources despite being online and how supportive her professors were when she took her online classes.

The visit ended with a lovely picture of the participants and the two Skyline College students from Indonesia.

The participants were:

  • Mr. Iman Harymawan, PhD, Head of Airlangga Global Engagement (AGE) and an Editor-in-Chief, Asian Journal of Accounting Research in Universitas Airlangga.
  • Mr. Didin Nuruddin Hidayat, EdD, Coordinator, 5000 Doctor Scholarships,  Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA), Republic of Indonesia and Head in the Departments of English Education, Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University.
  • Mr. Chairul Hudaya, PhD, Reactor (President) of Sumbaway University of Technology (UTS) and a Lecturer/Assistant Professor in University of Indonesia.
  • Ms. Ika Safitri Windiarti, PhD, Vice Reactor (President) II of Muhammadiyah University of Palangkaraya and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science in Muhammadiyah University of Palangkaraya.

Accompanying the participants were two International Visitor Liaisons, Mr. Shawn Callanan and Mr. Charles Ariwijaya.

They were hosted by:

  • Dr. Melissa Moreno, President, Skyline College.
  • Michael Kane, Dean of Business, Education, Professional Programs, Skyline College.
  • Zaid Ghori, Interim Dean of Global Learning Programs and Services, Skyline College.
  • Chikako Walker, Acting Director of International Education, District Office.
  • Yuri Goda, Project Manager, Silicon Valley Intensive English Program.
  • Perla Rumayor, Interim Executive Director-Community, Contract and Corporate Education
  • Clair Yeo-Sugajski, Acting Program Manager, International Student Program, Skyline College.
  • Sebastian Farel Sutjipto, Skyline College’s International Student from Indonesia.
  • Lasheana Dilian Husni, Skyline College’s International Student from Indonesia.

Article by Lasheana Dilian Husni and Clair Yeo-Sugajski | Photos by Kelly Li and Clair Yeo-Sugajski

Auditions for the Skyline College Spring Musical

Welcome to Westerberg High

Home of the HEATHERS!

Skyline College Dance, Drama, and Music Departments invite you to audition for our 2023 Spring Musical production of HEATHERS, The Musical. In HEATHERS Veronica Sawyer is just another nobody dreaming of a better day. But when she joins the impossibly cruel HEATHERS and her dreams of popularity may finally come true, she learns that while it might kill to be a nobody, it is murder to be a somebody . . .

HEATHERS, The Musical is a high energy black comedy based on the 1989 cult classic Heathers movie starring Christian Slater and Wynona Ryder. The Skyline College production of HEATHERS will embrace this fun romp of a musical full of “killer” tunes, while opening conversations about universal themes and current day struggles.




November 3, 2022       

November 6, 2022

4:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Building 1, Room 1-1115

Callbacks in mid-November.

All who audition will be cast.




Skyline College Walks for Mental Health Awareness

On Saturday, October 8, 2022 members of Active Minds, Phi Theta Kappa, and Psi Beta, along with their family and friends, participated in a 5k walk sponsored by NAMI. NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. The walk was held in various locations across the country to raise awareness of of NAMI’s cause, raise funds to drive NAMI’s free, top-rated programs, and build community in every sense of the word.

Community was something definitely felt by the participants as we visited during the walk along the beautiful San Francisco Bay, learned about programs and resources, and enjoyed the reward of ice cream after crossing the finish line!

Internship Opportunities

Expand your network in ways that will lead to your dream job. The Career Readiness & Job Placement team is excited to share the following paid internship opportunities with you. Check them out—

How may we assist you in landing your dream job? Whether you’re interested in short- or long-term career planning, the Career Readiness & Job Placement team offers a variety of services and career readiness experiences to assist you with your specific career needs. If you want to work with a Job Placement Coordinator, please fill out this brief welcome form and someone will contact you soon to schedule an appointment!

Job Opportunities

How may we assist you in landing your dream job? The Career Readiness & Job Placement team is excited to share the following job opportunities with you. Check them out—

Whether you’re interested in short- or long-term career planning, the Career Readiness & Job Placement team offers a variety of services and career readiness experiences to assist you with your specific career needs. If you want to work with a Job Placement Coordinator, please fill out this brief welcome form and someone will contact you soon to schedule an appointment!