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Internship and Job Opportunities from Career Readiness & Job Placement Team

Expand your network in ways that will lead to your dream job. The Career Readiness & Job Placement team is excited to share the following paid internship opportunities with you. Check them out—

How may we assist you in landing your dream job? The Career Readiness & Job Placement team is excited to share the following job opportunities with you. Check them out—

Article by Alexa Moore

Join a Meetup at the BAEC

The Bay Area Entrepreneur Center of Skyline College (BAEC) is continuing its efforts to bring community members, students, entrepreneurs and all other interested parties together in a collaborative space. We recently launched our monthly Momentrepreneur Meetup and our Social Media & Coffee sessions.

The Momentrepreneur Meetup is a space intended for moms, and all parents alike, who are interested in networking with like-minded people and sharing their business or creative ideas. It’s a time to come together to learn about resources at Skyline College and to discuss work/life balance, business strategies and lessons-learned from fellow parents.

Our Social Media & Coffee sessions are designed to bridge some of the knowledge gaps that business owners have with using social media.  These sessions are styled in a workshop format with tips, resources and time for group discussion.  Attendees learn about LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, email campaigns and more!

In the New Year, we will be adding meetups for the local creatives and our retiree’s community. If you have an idea for a meetup you would like to see offered, please contact BAEC Special Projects Coordinator, Nicole Moreno-Deinzer at morenodeinzern@smccd.edu.

The Bay Area Entrepreneur Center, is a hub of resources for anyone looking to start and grow their business or idea. Skyline College students, faculty, staff and members of the community are welcome to come visit the BAEC and learn more.

Questions? Contact us at baec@smccd.edu, (650)738-7994 or visit us at skylinebaec.org

Article by Nicole Moreno-Deinzer

BAEC Special Projects Coordinator to Speak at Alt Summit in March

The Bay Area Entrepreneur Center (BAEC) is excited to announce that Nicole Moreno-Deinzer, Adjunct Faculty and Special Projects Coordinator, will be speaking at the Altitude (Alt) Summit in March of next year. The Alt Summit is an annual collaborative event designed to foster innovation and to empower women makers and leaders in creative spaces.  After being nominated, Nicole was selected to speak at the conference and will be sharing her insights on LatinX media companies.

Nicole joined Skyline College in July of this year, as a non-instructional Adjunct working on Special Projects and initiatives for the BAEC, the College’s off-site location. Since joining the BAEC team she has given life to innovative ideas such as our Momentrepreneur Meetup and Social Media & Coffee events, where we engage the community and build relationships with local entrepreneurs. Her connections to the marketing and tech industries has done much to enhance those relationships with the BAEC.

The Bay Area Entrepreneur Center of Skyline College, is a hub of resources for anyone looking to start and grow their business or idea.  Skyline College students, faculty, staff and members of the community are welcome to come visit the BAEC and learn more.

Questions? Contact us at baec@smccd.edu, (650) 738-7994, or visit us at skylinebaec.org.

Article by Pcyeta Stroud | Photo by Chad Burnaw

ISP Celebrates International Education Week

IEW ReceptionThe International Student Program (ISP) hosted an International Student Program Reception on November 18, 2019 to kick off International Education Week in style. The event was graciously hosted by Vice President of Instruction Dr. Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza and was attended by numerous faculty, staff, and students, including Interim Chancellor Mike Claire, Provost of International Education Jing Luan, and Vice President of Administrative Services Eloisa Briones.

Vice President of Administrative Services Eloisa Briones gave the opening address highlighting the positive impact that international students had on the campus. Next, the attendees viewed a series of student testimonial videos where spring 2019 alumni talked about their positive experiences with faculty and staff at Skyline College who helped them to succeed and achieve their goal of transferring to their dream universities.

The program culminated in the presentation of the International Student Appreciation Award to Professor Danielle Powell. The award recognizes a staff or faculty member who has actively made a positive impact on international students at Skyline College. Prof. Powell gave an emotional and moving speech on how she guides students towards achieving their dreams and how they are her inspiration to be Nosizwe (noh-seez-wey), her South African name meaning “mother of the nation” in Xhosa.

The event concluded with a quick raffle with two lucky winners who each walked away with a basket full of international goodies!

Article and Photo by Clair Yeo-Sugajski

BAEC and the Bookstore Discuss Partnership

Bay Area Entrepreneur Center Director, Pcyeta Stroud and Bookstore Manager, Kevin Chak, held their first meeting this week in an effort to collaborate and identify ways to connect the BAEC to the College campus through Auxiliary Services.

This meeting was an important first step in discussing ideas around offering Skyline College merchandise, vending, and other types of Auxiliary Services, on-site at the BAEC. Creating partnerships such as these are vital to fostering a deeper and more-familiar connection for students, faculty, staff, alumni and members of the community, between the Skyline College campus and its off-site location, the Bay Area Entrepreneur Center.

For more information on the BAEC, please contact baec@smccd.edu, 650-738-7994, or visit us at skylinebaec.org

Article by Sam Panganiban and Pcyeta Stroud | Photo by Ryan Chin

SI Leaders Volunteer to Support Victims of Domestic Violence

On Friday, November 15, 2019, the Supplemental Instruction (SI) program volunteered to decorate journals for La Casa De Las Madres, a nonprofit in San Francisco that provides domestic violence victims support, household supplies, and shelter.

The students decorated journals with artwork, supportive quotes, and messages letting victims know that communities are here to support them. La Casa De Las Madres gives these journals to clients to use during their healing process as part of their self-care and participation with support groups.

In addition to decorating journals, the SI team discussed the importance of taking the skills they learn in SI and here at Skyline College back to their own communities.

SI and the greater Learning Center (TLC) team is dedicated to creating model student leaders both in our classrooms and in the larger communities integrated with Skyline College. Over the last year, the SI program has restructured to provide ongoing mentorship and professional development to all SI Leaders in order to build stronger communal support for students and student workers on campus. The team is excited and looking forward to the next volunteer opportunity in the spring 2020 semester!

Article and Photo by Gavin Townsley

Learning Commons Concludes Fall Season of Poetry Corner

Jan-Henry GrayWhere can students, faculty, staff and administrators get together outside of the classroom for stimulating discussions on works of poetry? The Learning Commons’ Poetry Corner series was designed exactly for this. Here’s what happened this fall:

In September, Puente Learning Community co-coordinator and English Professor Lucia Lachmayr read to her students from works of poetry representing LatinX voices. Students discussed the poems and read aloud from their own works of poetry.

In October, queer Filipino American author Jan-Henry Gray treated his audience to readings and discussion centered around his new work Documents (New Poets of America). A group of more than 25 students discussed his work intensely and read some of their own original poetry as well.

On November 19, 2019, Communications Studies Professor Vincent Chandler read works by Native American poet b:william bearhart. The audience was short on students but not lacking in librarians, who put their usual roles aside to shyly try their hand at interpreting bearhart’s poetry. Librarians were joined by two engaged students, Language Arts Division Dean and Professor Chris Gibson, and therapy dog “Bella” and her owner, courtesy of the Peninsula Humane Society’s therapy dogs event that took place earlier that day.

It’s part of the mission of Library outreach events to bring together people who might not otherwise meet. Thanks to all who turned out for a poetry experience this fall. Bookmark the Library’s Poetry Corner series page and stay tuned for spring poetry events in 2020!

Poetry Corner is supported by a President’s Innovation Fund (PIF) grant.

Questions? Contact Pia Walawalkar at walawalkars@smccd.edu.

Article by Jessica Silver-Sharp | Photo by Marie Kyla Perez