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College Wins National Awards for Marketing Projects

annual reportSkyline College has won five awards in the 34th Annual Educational Advertising Awards, sponsored by Higher Ed Marketing Report. The Educational Advertising Awards is the largest and most respected education marketing competition in the country.

The college won Silver awards in two categories:

  • Annual Report (for the 2017-2018 Annual Report)
  • Special Video Production (for the Promise Promo Video by alumnus Jonathan Gonzales)

A Bronze award in one category:

  • Student Viewbook (for the 2018 Student Viewbook)

Merit awards in two categories:

  • Honors Transfer Program Brochure
  • Outdoor Advertising (for the Bus Enrollment Ads)

Both the Annual Report and the Promise Promo Video highlight the best of Skyline College and our marketing efforts.

The annual report blended graphic design and engaging content seamlessly to tell the story of a year in the life of Skyline College. It has been used as a marketing piece for the outside community and represents a public-facing record of the college’s most impactful and inspiring accomplishments.

About the Educational Advertising Awards

The 34th Annual Educational Advertising Awards is an opportunity for higher education institutions to test their programs and campaigns against the best in the country. A national panel of industry specialists review each piece; judging creativity, marketing execution and message impact.

Article by Marie Kyla Perez

Business and Biotechnology Programs Establish Innovative Partnerships with Japanese Biotech

Strategic Partnerships in Action: Business and Biotechnology Programs are Establishing Innovative Partnerships with the Leading Biotech Japanese Company – Furukawa Electronic Inc.Skyline College Business and Biotechnology Divisions welcome a new venture with a leading Japanese Biotechnology company- Furukawa Electronic Inc. From April 8 -12, Skyline College faculty received professional training on the latest cutting-edge biotech equipment Single Cell Hunter. This cutting edge equipment will be housed and used by Skyline College faculty and students.

This Strategic Partnership between Business and Biotechnology academic programs at Skyline College and a Japanese Bio-Engineering Company-Furukawa Electronic Inc. will benefit both business and STEM students.

Business students apply their sales and marketing skills to secure business projects from the local business community while our biotechnology students will conduct scientific research using this cutting-edge technology. By leveraging industry resources, our strategic partnership provides our students with experiential learning experience and access to cutting edge modern equipment. This also allows our college to use very expensive and up to date equipment without an exceptional capital outlay.

Dr. Pate and Dr. Kapp hope that our collaborative innovation project will provide a “hub” where students, faculty, industry experts and local business community will collaborate inside and outside of the classrooms. We hope our students from different interdisciplinary areas can receive training across curriculum in addition to exploring their careers as biotechnology lab technicians and/or sales and marketing specialists for their career.

Persons shown in the photo Mr. Kenichi Kimura, Drs. Hui Pate, Nick Kapp, Kumiko Yamaguchi, Jie Xu and Jing Folsom.

Article by Dr. Hui Pate and Dr. Nick Kapp | Photo by Hui Pate

Lunch and Learn Series Organized by Elsa Jimenez Samayoa, Skyline College Biotechnology

Lunch and LearnOn April 12, 2019, Skyline College’s Biotechnology Program hosted a Lunch and Learn in the Multicultural Center. The event was facilitated by Krystle Okialda-Chase, Talent Acquisition Manager for R&D at Abbvie, a national/local biotechnology company. Ms. Okialda-Chase spoke with Skyline College students about the hiring process in the biotechnology industry and specifically what recruiters are looking for. In addition, she gave practical advice on writing a resume and had interview tips for students. During the event, students were engaged and asked candid questions about the process. The luncheon ran for the scheduled hour.  However, the students lined up to speak with Ms. Okialda-Chase after the event and she was kind enough to to stay for another hour and a half.

In attendance were over 30 Skyline College students and Skyline College’s Biotechnology Program lead instructors, Dr. Nick Kapp and Dr. Jing Folsom. The event was also attended by Skyline College Bioscience Internship Coordinator, Elsa Jimenez Samayoa, who has taught for Skyline College for over 10 years and is a past Skyline College student. She recently joined the the Center for Career and Workforce Programs where she has set up collaborations with local industry to find and promote Skyline College students for internships, in addition to identifying and inviting speakers for our Lunch and Learn series. The Biotechnology department is excited to have Elsa be a part of the team.

The next Biotechnology Lunch and Learn will be April 25th in Building 4, 4-301. It is titled “Where can your Degree from Skyline College Get You?”  The facilitator will be former Skyline College student, Issa Sabeeba Esaid, a research associate at the biotechnology company, Intrexon. All students are invited to come and see what their next step may be.  Students may sign up for their lunch at the following link: surveymonkey.com/r/8J8L2TK.

Article and Photo by Nick Kapp

18th Annual Student Scholarship Award Ceremony Coming up Soon

The 18th Annual Student Scholarship Award Ceremony will award scholarships to over 280 Skyline College students on Thursday, May 9, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. in the Theater, located in Building 1 at 3300 College Drive, San Bruno, CA 94066. A reception for the scholarship recipients and donors will be held immediately before the ceremony in the Fireside Dining Room on campus, located in Building 6, beginning at 4:00 p.m. Skyline College students will be presented with 344 awards totaling more than $249,000 in scholarship funds thanks to community support.

The prestigious Karl S. Pister scholarship will be awarded at the ceremony on May 9, 2019 to a Skyline College student who will complete his or her undergraduate studies at University of California, Santa Cruz. The scholarship provides $20,000 over two years, and assistance in securing additional funding, to a transfer-eligible student who shows exceptional achievement despite adverse socio-economic status, has demonstrated commitment to assisting and improving the lives of others, and would not otherwise be able to attend the University of California, Santa Cruz due to financial need. This highly competitive scholarship is awarded to only 13 students nationwide.

“Taking a minute to recognize the achievements of students alongside their families is truly an honor for me as President of Skyline College. We are proud to provide over 300 scholarships this year, thanks to the generosity of the San Mateo County Community Colleges foundation and donors from the community, including many college faculty and staff. For many students, these scholarships make a significant difference in their ability to get in, get through and graduate, on time and we’re here to help them do just that,” said Regina Stanback Stroud, Ed.D., President of Skyline College.

Many of the scholarships students received are generous donations from the community secured through the fundraising efforts of the San Mateo County Community Colleges Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to promote student success and to nourish program innovation and excellence by providing special financial support for the District’s three colleges including Skyline College. For more information on the Foundation’s scholarship program or to donate to Skyline College, please contact the San Mateo Community College District Foundation at (650) 358-6871.

Article by Cherie Colin

Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza Selected as a 2019-2020 Aspen Presidential Fellow

Dr. Mendoza AspenJennifer Taylor-Mendoza, Ph.D., vice president of instruction at Skyline College, has been selected by the Aspen Institute’s College Excellence Program to join the 2019-2020 class of the Aspen Presidential Fellowship for Community College Excellence, a leadership program aimed at preparing the next generation of community college presidents to transform institutions to achieve higher and more equitable levels of student success, both in college and in the labor market.

“We are incredibly proud to have Dr. Taylor-Mendoza on the executive leadership team at Skyline College,” said Regina Stanback Stroud, Ed.D., president of Skyline College. “She is the kind of leader institutions of higher education need to make a difference in students’ lives. This invaluable fellowship will provide her with unique growth opportunities as she pursues higher leadership responsibilities and opportunities.”

Dr. Taylor-Mendoza and the 39 other Aspen Presidential Fellows will embark on a 10-month fellowship beginning in July 2019. Delivered in collaboration with the Stanford Educational Leadership Initiative, the fellows will work with mentors – current and former community college presidents – who have achieved exceptional outcomes for students throughout their careers. Fellows will also learn from national experts about ways to harness data to assess student success outcomes, strategies for internal change leadership, and how to create strong external partnerships with K-12 schools, four-year colleges, and employers.

The Aspen Presidential Fellowship responds to a specific and growing need for a new generation of leaders who are well-equipped to meet the challenges of the future. Nationally, nearly 80 percent of community college presidents plan to retire in the next decade. The pathway to replace them has traditionally excluded women and people of color. The incoming class of Aspen Presidential Fellows is 65 percent female and non-binary, 43 percent are people of color, and their institutions vary widely in size and location.

“Evidence shows that substantial improvements in student success are achieved only when presidents have the commitment and skill needed to lead change within their institutions and through partnerships in the community,” said Josh Wyner, executive director of the Aspen Institute’s College Excellence Program. “These fellows have been chosen because they embody that commitment and, we believe, will build their skills even further to become transformational presidents.”

Taylor-Mendoza was selected through a rigorous process that considered her abilities to take strategic risks, lead strong teams and cultivate partnerships, and focus on results-oriented improvements in student success and access.

For a bio and photo of Taylor-Mendoza and a list of the 2019-2020 class of Aspen Presidential Fellows, visit: http://as.pn/1ky.

The Aspen Presidential Fellowship for Community College Excellence is supported by the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, College Futures Foundation, Greater Texas Foundation, JP Morgan Chase Foundation, Joyce Foundation, Kresge Foundation, and Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Article by Cherie Colin

19th Annual President’s Breakfast

19 President's BreakfastSkyline College hosted the 19th Annual President’s Breakfast on Thursday, March 21,2019 at the Lake Merced Golf Course. A crowd of 250 donors gathered from across northern San Mateo County, including representatives from national, state and local government; the San Mateo Community College Board of Trustees; our sister colleges and fellow educators; and the local business community.

This year’s Breakfast was incredibly successful, raising roughly $240,000 to support students through the Promise Scholars Program. In addition to providing student scholarships, these funds continue to support the innovative projects and initiatives of the President’s Innovation Fund – a mini-grant process that allows faculty and staff to launch creative and effective approaches to achieving Skyline College’s mission, vision and values. These projects continue to shape the landscape of Skyline College.

At the event, a short film highlighted the great work done by several of the President’s Innovation Fund recipients – work that is a direct result of fundraising from the breakfast.

This year’s guest speaker, Promise Scholar Kevin Martinez, spoke about his experience as a Promise Scholar and how the program empowered him to lead other students as a Supplemental Instruction Leader. The moving address underscored why the Promise Scholars Program is such a critical initiative to ensure that every student can attend college.

Kevin said it best in his own words while speaking to President’s Breakfast attendees:

“The Promise Scholars Program is truly a catalyst that can spark a world of potential in a single individual. It’s a key that can unlock unlimited possibilities. It’s a first step in a much larger journey – a journey that me, and all 507 of my fellow Promise Scholars are just starting on – right now.”

Article by Connor Fitzpatrick | Photo by Zaw Min Khant

Energize Colleges: Strengthening Knowledge in Sustainability

Energize CollegesThe Energize Colleges program is in full swing in its third year at Skyline College. The Energize Colleges team is led by Project Coordinator Angie Gutierrez, Faculty Supervisors Dr. Carla Grandy and Dr. Carina Anttila-Suarez, SMT Division Dean, Ray Hernandez, the District Sustainability Team with Joe Fullerton, Madeline Willett and Isaac Knipfing and Climate Corps fellows Josh Bonneson, Julie Nguyen and Luis Zavala. We are pleased to share the work that our 10 Energize Colleges interns have been busy accomplishing this year:

Marc Cirilo was tasked with conducting a waste audit on Skyline College’s campus, which took place on April 9, 2019. Dr. Carla Grandy’s environmental earth sciences class participated in the audit, where they learned about the importance of composting and recycling. Marc is also revamping and promoting the campus ReUse Hub to promote up-cycling of office supplies, notebooks and binders amongst the student community.

Francis Manansala is working as the Energy Systems Technology Management intern. Francis assisted with conducting an envelope audit of certain buildings on campus, which helps locate areas of heat and energy loss throughout the building. He has also assisted Capuchino High School’s Green Construction Design and Building course where he taught the class how to use energy auditing tools and invited a guest speaker in the green workforce to talk about his experiences.

Adele Wu is tasked with working on the Car Counter project, a project that was previously started by a former Energize Colleges intern. She will continue development of the car counter prototype and begin beta testing in one of the Skyline College parking lots.

Jessica Ngai, the Energy Savings intern, will be working alongside the Car Counter intern to research and implement utilizing solar panels for the car counter so that it can generate and sustain its own power.

Victoria Lopez and Silvia Cammareri are the Sustainability Education interns at Rollingwood Elementary School in San Bruno. Victoria is creating new signage for the landfill, recycling and compost bins for the school. She is researching the feasibility of constructing a composting area at the school. Silvia has been working with staff to implement marker recycling on campus and is adding a ReUse station in the teacher’s lounge for teachers to exchange and reuse supplies such as folders, binders and other school supplies.

Anasanique Fountain is the Solar Panel Reuse intern. She is tasked with finding ways to upcycle solar panel units leftover from Skyline College’s previous Solar Technology program to create a solar-powered apparatus that can be enjoyed by the Skyline College community.

Chris Wardell is the Electric Vehicle and Transportation intern who will be promoting and supporting vehicle electrification and EV rider and drivership. He is tasked with conducting surveys, research and data analysis to drive decisions for the expansion and improvement of EV charging station infrastructure, policies and practices.

Stephanie Thompson is the Green Office intern. She will be promoting and expanding the Green Office Program in various departments on campus to create more awareness of its existence and utilize its opportunities for resource reduction through green office practices through different rating systems.

Layla Victoria is the Sustainability Pathways intern, whose focus is to conduct outreach and education that promotes and supports sustainability on campus. She is also collaborating with Women’s Mentoring and Leadership Academy, Social Justice & Sustainability Community of Practice and Pink Blossoms to help plan and facilitate a pop-up thrift shop for women in transitional homes.

Article by Angie Gutierrez | Photo by Dr. Carla Grandy

Skyline College Hosts International Student Transfer Fair

International Student FairSkyline College played host to over 30 colleges and universities at the International Student Transfer Fair held on Wednesday, April 10, 2019, in the Fireside Dining Room. There were representatives from both in-state and out-of-state schools, with some coming from as far north as Victoria, British Columbia, as far east as New York State and as far south as Florida.

Students were excited to learn that many of these schools not only had Transfer Guarantee Agreements (TAG) with Skyline College, but also had scholarships for international students. The fair lasted for about two hours, giving students ample time to talk with any of the schools that they were interested in.

To encourage students to participate in the fair, many schools provided the International Student Program (ISP) with swag that were given away to students who demonstrated that they had successfully participated in the fair. The swag ranged from the usual, pens and lanyards, to the unique, Easter baskets and tubes of lip balm. The Easter baskets were by far the most popular, of course!

Students who were unable to participate in the fair are welcome to come by the ISP office (Building 4, Room 4-258) for more information on the institutions that were at the fair.

Article and Photo by Clair Yeo-Sugajski

Skyline College Students Inducted into Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Phi Theta KappaWith friends and family in attendance, 114 students from Skyline College, 99 from Cañada College and 53 from College of San Mateo were inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society for the 2018-2019 academic year.

On April 12, 2019, Beta Zeta Nu, the Cañada College chapter, hosted the induction ceremony for new members of Phi Theta Kappa from the three colleges. It is a tradition to alternate the induction ceremonies between the three chapters.

Tristan Sheldon, a Cañada College and Haas School of Business alumnus, gave the keynote address. Tristan encouraged new members to get involved with their chapters citing the job-related skills he acquired while participating in Phi Theta Kappa. Some of the new Skyline College Phi Theta Kappa members are shown in the photo.

Article and Photo by Christine Case

SPARC Hosts Comprehensive Program Reviews

Comprehensive Program ReviewThe Skyline College Strategic Planning and Allocation of Resources Committee (SPARC) hosted for the first time the Comprehensive Program Reviews during its March 28, 2019 and April 11, 2019 meetings. In the past, the program reviews were presented at the Curriculum Committee.

For a link to the presentations, please see skylinecollege.edu/sparc/agendasminutes.php

Further information on the Comprehensive Program Review process can be found at skylinecollege.edu/programreview/cpr.php

Article by Judy Hutchinson