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New Curriculum Committee Lab Times!

The Curriculum Committee has instituted a new lab time as a resource for faculty!

Curriculum Labs are opportunities for faculty and new division committee representatives to meet with the Articulation Officer and committee co-chairs to discuss curriculum-related questions, work hands-on with CurricUNET and get help with course modifications, transfer requirements, technical review, Comprehensive Program Review and more.

The curriculum lab schedule for the year can be found at http://www.skylinecollege.edu/curriculumcommittee/curriculumlabs.php

All faculty are welcome, so feel free to stop by!

Article by Marianne Beck & Jessica Hurless

Welcome New Distance Education Coordinator Christopher Collins

The Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning (CTTL) is pleased to welcome Christopher Collins as the new Distance Education (DE) Coordinator. As an adjunct history instructor, Christopher began his teaching career in 2012 teaching traditional and online courses at numerous Bay Area colleges. Christopher has been at Skyline College since 2013.

Christopher holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in History from California State University, Sacramento, with a specialization in Race, Gender and Sexuality in Early America. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in Educational Leadership at California State University, San Francisco.

Christopher loves teaching courses online because it allows students to understand course content at their own pace in an environment that is most conducive to learning. From conversations with many students, Christopher has consistently noted that students appreciate online courses because they can complete the coursework in the middle of the night and replay a lecture as many times as necessary.

Christopher believes online learning is important because of twenty-first century technological changes. Not only are students acquiring necessary content from taking an online course, students are developing such skills as time management, pace setting and successful study habits that will carry them far beyond their academic aspirations.

Based on his experience teaching online courses for various Bay Area colleges, Christopher has observed the benefits and challenges for faculty and students. Convenience is the most identified benefit of teaching online courses. However, support is perhaps the most common challenge. As DE Coordinator at Skyline College, Christopher hopes to provide that support and assist faculty in creating dynamic online courses using robust 21st century technology and best practices to enhance the academic goals of student success.  He is located in CTTL, Building 1, Office 1-311E, and can be reached at (650) 738-7901 or via email at collinsc@smccd.edu.


Article by CTTL | Photo by Kevin Perez



Coaches Available to Help You Strengthen Your Assessment Game!

Whether you’re new to student learning outcomes (SLO) assessment or have been a member of your department’s team for years, seasoned players are available to coach you to achieve your potential.

At this point, you’ve assessed all of your courses and/or programs, though you may feel dissatisfied with the process. Perhaps the SLOs don’t fully capture the core elements of the course and/or program; perhaps the assessment itself doesn’t reflect the core knowledge and skills you hold students accountable to; perhaps it’s not clear what to do with the results; perhaps you need a refresher on how to use TracDat…however you’d like to strengthen your SLO assessment game, SLOAC coaches are available to help you to strategize.

In addition to one-on-one assistance, take advantage of two upcoming opportunities: (a) October 11 morning flex workshops, in which you can become well versed in the assessment cycle, or focus on only one major stage of the cycle, or (b) SLOs on the Road workshops that can take place during your department meeting geared to you and your colleagues’ specific needs.

Learn how to make assessment meaningful, sustainable, worth your time and most importantly— with the students’ best interests in mind. Be empowered to field the best team possible.

Please contact Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness Karen Wong at x4369 if you have any questions or would like to schedule help from coaches individually or departmentally.

Article by Karen Wong



Cosmetology Club Hurricane Relief Fundraiser

The overwhelming support and excitement for the Skyline College Cosmetology Club Hurricane Relief Fundraiser hosted on September 20, 2017 was more than the students and staff could have ever expected. After countless weeks of preparation, this student-run club overseen by program coordinator Cassidy Ryan welcomed over 100 guests in the salon and spa that evening. Event guests had the opportunity to let loose and indulge with mocktails, appetizers, styling, mini facials and so much more. The charitable contributions allowed the Cosmetology Club to donate $2,000.00 towards the Professional Beauty Association Disaster Relief Fund. Established in 1955 by the National Cosmetology Association, the Disaster Relief Fund assists salon professionals in rebuilding their lives following the devastation of a natural disaster. One hundred percent of funds donated go directly to beauty industry professionals.

“Being able to help those in need just by doing something that I love makes all the work worthwhile,” Brianna Maestas, Cosmetology senior student said.

Anna McCarty-Cox, Cosmetology junior student and Cosmetology Club President remarked, “The turnout and success of this event was amazing. It has inspired the Cosmetology Club cabinet members and I to continue to go above and beyond for future events. I want to thank all the students who participated during our Hurricane Relief Fundraiser. Charity is love and giving back to those in need is the best way to show the world we care.”

Cassidy Ryan, Program Coordinator and Club Advisor, said, “We are thrilled to have welcomed so many individuals from the campus and community in to enjoy our facilities. We thank you for your continued support of the Cosmetology and Wellness programs.”

Article by Robyn Ledesma | Photo by Carmen Richardson

SparkPoint at Skyline College and Second Harvest Food Bank Work to End Hunger

On September 25, 2017, Alexandra Kennedy visited the Career Center to facilitate a design charrette of the Moon Shot Project, a series of focus groups where community members come together to create solutions that will end hunger.

Kennedy is a former SparkPoint at Skyline College client and student assistant who specialized in public benefits. SparkPoint at Skyline College has led to her professional development, educational persistence and career interests. Kennedy successfully graduated from Skyline College, transferred to the University of San Francisco and is currently an employee of the Second Harvest Food Bank as a Community Liaison on the Moonshot Team, an innovative effort to make food accessible to all.

Kennedy is passionate about advocating for people of all walks of life who have barriers to accessing public benefits. Through SparkPoint, she has been able to put her passion to action and change lives.

When Kennedy worked in the Public Benefits office at SparkPoint, she advocated for many students and community members who were struggling to make ends meet. She shared how one client, a woman who was recently divorced and left to raise two children on her own, entered the SparkPoint Public Benefits office in a crisis. Her status drastically changed from a married affluent San Francisco home-owner to the head of household living below the poverty line with two boys to feed and raise. Since she had been a stay-at-home mom for almost a decade and was not used to living in poverty, she was unaware of resources that could help lift the burden of feeding children without an income. Kennedy advocated for and connected this family to an improved living situation.

Despite public benefits, 700,000 people go hungry or are at risk of going hungry in the San Mateo and Santa Clara County. The Second Harvest Food Bank envisions a community where no one goes hungry.

To address the question, “How might our community ensure that every one of us is well-fed from now on?” staff, faculty and students gathered in groups at the Career Center to develop and share innovative ideas on such themes as food access, community empowerment, education and technology.

  • Offer food to the homeless, using leftovers at food drives, farmer’s markets, food banks and community gardens.
  • Use technology or social media to educate and connect folks.
  • Empower youth to get involved, such as the H.E.L.P. club in Palo Alto, a group of high school students who garden, grow and give food and provide college credits for service hours.
  • Young people could prepare and deliver meals to the elderly.
  • Start up a grocery delivery system developed to make nutritious food accessible to low-income families; tax unhealthy foods to subsidize healthy meals.
  • Create an application that connects the community around food access and insecurity. People in the community could request food and local neighbors could help one another by donating prepared meals and groceries.
  • Collaborate across programs; host community events that build community and reduce stigma.
  • Use social media to connect folks, spread awareness and share information.
  • Meet people where they are at; provide fresh fruits and vegetables to homes, and public spaces including parks, libraries, fast food restaurants, parking lots and bus stops.
  • Get involved! Vote and organize community to elect the right leaders.

The Second Harvest Food Bank envisions a hunger-free community. SparkPoint at Skyline College is on board. Together, we will make a significant impact in the quest to end hunger. No child should go hungry. When we match creative solutions with resources, we can transform our society. The Moon Shot Project is a prime example of innovative community building and research by the community and for the community.

Article by Valerie Higgins | Photo by Valerie Higgins and Chad Thompson

CAA Health Care Panel Gives Insight to Allied Health Programs

On September 21st, over 60 guests attended the Career Advancement Academy’s (CAA) fifth Discover Healthcare Panel. Held every semester, the event is a component of CAA’s Allied Health program, which designed for students interested in exploring San Mateo Community College District’s healthcare programs, health pathways and careers in Healthcare. The Allied Health Student Panel – moderated by Paul Rueckhaus, Allied Health Faculty for the Career Advancement Academy – featured several former Career Advancement Academy students along with students from across the San Mateo County Community College District’s healthcare Programs.

Distinguished student guest panelists offered practical advice and key insights on program preparation and expectations, working in the health field and balancing life and family as a full-time allied health student in a rigorous program.

Cian Haley is a certified Emergency Medical Technician and is currently in the Fire Technology program at the College of San Mateo working towards his Associate’s Degree in Fire Technology. Chloe Tinio graduated from the College of San Mateo’s nursing program in May 2016, on track to receive her Bachelors of Nursing degree in the next year. Catheryn Hugo and Dimitry Pobyyvovk are current students in Skyline’s Surgical Technology program. Luke Lubag is a second year student in Skyline’s Respiratory Care program. Taylor and Johnathan Rodriguez, together, are first year students in the Dental Assisting program at College of San Mateo. And Dennis Martinez is a first year student in Cañada College’s Radiological Technology program sharing with the students his words of wisdom, “Give the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you”.

Our accomplished panelists helped current first semester CAA Allied Health students gain a deeper understanding of their next level allied health program and their future path in Healthcare. After the panel, the panelist and program staff were on hand to network with the student audience, answer questions and share additional insights.

Very special thanks to esteemed panelists, the CAA team and event supporters including: Paul Rueckhaus, Ray Hernandez, Alana Utsumi, Alice Erskine, Ijaz Ahmed, Judith Crawford, Courtney Mogg, Beth LaRochelle, Rafael Rivera and the many others who helped plan, organize and host this successful event.

Please click here to watch and hear the full panel: https://www.3cmediasolutions.org/files?i=8889&key=f65f195d275e4909cdae66c3d79f54cf59fbe128

To learn more about careers in Allied Health and the Allied Health Career Advancement Academy please visit our website or email skycaa@smccd.edu

Article by Jeremy Evangelista | Photo by Kevin Perez



Meta-Majors Campus Forum

After a year of inquiry and work, the Design Team, in collaboration with the Meta-majors work team, presented four proposed Meta-majors at a campus-wide forum on Monday, September 25, 2017.

As one of the signature components of the Skyline College Promise, a Meta-major is…

  • A student-facing piece that presents information about majors, degrees and certificates with related coursework, in an easily accessible format for students.
  • Designed with a student’s end goal in mind and his/her interests as a starting point.
  • An integration of Student Services and instruction into a coherent, intentional and informed student experience.

When asked about the proposal of the Meta-majors work team, Design Team Co-Lead Carla Grandy stated, “It is exciting to see this part of Skyline College’s commitment to helping students ‘Get in, Get through and Graduate on time’ be revealed and receive positive feedback from the campus.”

If you were unable to make it to the forum, we still want to hear from you!

Visit the Meta-majors website: http://skylinecollege.edu/metamajors/index.php, view the four proposed Meta-majors and provide feedback by taking the short survey.

Together, we will help the college fulfill its promise to empower students to find success at every point in their educational journey.

Have additional questions? Please reach out to the Meta-majors & Guided Pathways co-leads: Lorraine DeMello, Luis Escobar, Carla Grandy, Mary Gutierrez, Jessica Hurless, Mustafa Popal and Jesse Raskin.

Article by Jessica Hurless | Photo by Mia Coo

Honors Transfer Program Recap

The Honors Transfer Program of Skyline College hosted its annual fall orientation and mixer.

The event was attended by newly admitted students and prospective students to the program as well as staff, faculty and administration. Skyline College President Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud gave the opening remarks and a warm welcome emphasizing the Skyline College Promise.

Flavious Abellana and Alec Roa, Skyline College Honors alumni, were in attendance, gave their insights on the program and conveyed messages of academic success through Honors study.

Both alumni are Skyline College-to-UCLA TAP transfer students, and Alec Roa was just awarded the UCLA TAP Scholarship.


Article by John Ulloa