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Tuesday Open House to Highlight Capital Improvement Projects

Environmental Science Building (from overlook)

Join us for an informational Open House on Tuesday, April 18, from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. in the Fireside Dining Room to learn more about each of the Capital Improvement Projects.

The open house will feature tabletop displays and detailed presentations by SMCCD planners including Vice Chancellor José Nuñez, Director of Capital Projects Chris Strugar-Fritsch, and Construction Campus Manager Glenn Claycomb. All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to attend.


The next several years are bringing exciting changes to the Skyline College campus. A number of major capital improvements will ensure we continue to meet the ever-changing needs of our students, faculty and staff with state-of-the-art facilities while building our mission to empower and transform a global community of learners.

A new Environmental Science Building is designed to capitalize on Skyline College’s unique location overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a new Social Science and Creative Arts Building will establish an inviting gateway to an expanded central quad, and the expansion of campus parking will ease congestion and improve student access.

All of this will build a more collegiate sense of place. The campus gateway and expanded quad will invite us to build community and share experiences, and the new summit overlook will encourage us to look to the horizon and educate for the future.

Join us for an informational Open House on April 18, from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. in the Fireside Dining Room to learn more about each of these projects.


One of the biggest changes coming to the heart of campus will be the demolition of Building 1, an original legacy building that no longer has the capacity to meet students’ needs. In its place, a new Social Sciences and Creative Arts Complex will become the centerpiece of Skyline College. The building will include 115,000 square feet of music rooms, a ceramics facility, an art gallery, design studios, classrooms, and instructional and support spaces. The Social Sciences and Creative Arts Complex will also host first-rate performance spaces including a 520-seat performing arts theater, a 220-seat recital hall and a black box theater.

These will be cutting-edge facilities empowering students to better express themselves and their ideas. In keeping with Skyline College’s commitment to sustainability, the building will be designed for LEED Gold certification.

Demolition of the existing Building 1 will commence in summer 2018, with construction beginning in fall 2018. The facility is expected to open in fall 2021.

Environmental Science Rendering

Environmental Science Building (from campus loop road)


The spectacular Environmental Science Building will be the first building at Skyline College with a view of the Pacific, so it’s fitting that its academic focus will center on the sciences. The new building will house two 56-seat classroom/laboratories, two 119-seat tiered lecture halls, academic offices, a catering kitchen, lobby and a gallery/event space with commanding views of the ocean, all of which will create a shared locus for educational activity and community events. The lecture halls will be able to host private seminars when not scheduled for academic use, classrooms will double as event spaces, and the gallery with its expansive views of the sea and coastline will support community and enterprise functions as well as student art displays.

The building is targeted for LEED Gold certification, making it a pioneer in the college’s commitment to sustainability.

Construction on the Environmental Science Building and the rerouting of the campus loop road is scheduled to commence in summer 2017. The facility is expected to open in late 2018.


In order to meet growing demand, Skyline College’s parking capacity will be greatly expanded with an addition to Lot L at the northeast end of the campus.  The lot, which now has 110 paved and 200 dirt spaces, will be expanded to 500 paved spaces with traffic calming measures, improved lighting, charging stations and landscaping. The lot will contain a mix of student and staff/faculty parking spaces.

Construction on Lot L is scheduled to commence next month, in May 2017. The lot is expected to open in November 2017.


While the students and community will greatly benefit from Skyline College’s enhanced facilities, the construction will necessitate changes in campus operations for several years. Students, faculty and staff will be kept up to date through Skyline Shines, emails and other means with the latest announcements of office relocations, lot and road closures and other events. Among the anticipated changes are:

  • Office and classroom relocations: All departments and offices in Building 1 will be relocated in summer 2018. Most Building 1 departments and facilities will temporarily move to Pacific Heights (Building 19). Arts, music, and theater offices and classes will move to alternate facilities in the area. Gallery exhibitions and performances will be held at various locations in the region. Specific locations are being reviewed and will be announced.
  • Lot L closure: In late May or early June 2017, Lot L will be closed to prepare for its expansion. Students, faculty and staff who use Lot L will need to find alternate parking on campus at Lots A and C. The College is also looking into measures such as off-site lots and increased use of shuttles.
  • Road closures and re-routing: Campus roadways will be subject to occasional closures at times during the construction of the new facilities. Closures and detours will be announced and well-marked.


These high-impact projects are about moving Skyline College forward and putting students first; meeting growing demands and maintaining our promise to students.

When it comes to getting students in, through and out of college on time, these capital improvements will provide the resources and state-of-the-art learning opportunities that students need to succeed and achieve their educational goals.

This is an exciting time for Skyline College, and the horizon is looking brighter than ever.

Article by Connor Fitzpatrick & Richard Rojo

CIPHER Presents “Legacy,” the 10th Annual Rock the School Bells Hip Hop Conference

RTSB CounselingOn Saturday, March 11, the Center for Innovative Practices through Hip Hop Education and Research (CIPHER) hosted their 10th Annual Rock the School Bells (RTSB) Hip Hop Conference to over 500 participants from various middle schools, high schools, college/universities, and non-profit organizations.  Youth participants were able to attend from a choice of 20 workshops such as:

  • Hip Hop Healing
  • Chemistry + Hip Hop = ChemHop
  • Soles of Hip Hop: The Evolution of Sneaker Culture in Hip Hop
  • Classroom Mixtape – Youth Advocacy
  • Hip Hop Ownership – The Practical Strategies of Building a Legacy

RTSB was able to host its 4th installment of workshops for educators, administrators, graduate students, and other professionals who work directly with youth and students.  Participants learned about the different ways in which hip hop pedagogies can be utilized in various educational spaces through workshops such as Hip Hop Scholastics – Transformative Schooling and Applying Hip Hop Music in College Level Chicanx Studies Courses.

The theme for this conference centered on the concept of “legacy.”  Workshops provided numerous ways to engage attendees on the definition of legacy and how we can learn from movements of resistance, peace, and love through legacy building.  Since the development of RTSB with the assistance of the President’s Innovation Fund in 2007, RTSB has been modeled in other community colleges that include Sacramento City College and DeAnza College.  RTSB at Skyline College has quickly became a model for other community colleges and universities to replicate that highlights culturally relevant and equitable practices utilizing hip hop as an educational framework.  As a result, we are also pleased to announce that in October 2017, we will be hosting our 1st Annual Rock the School Bells at the University of Hawaii – Manoa in Honolulu, HI.  RTSB was also recognized with a certificate of appreciation by the City of Daly City presented by Vice Mayor Juslyn Manalo for our work around youth empowerment, career readiness, and social change.

The Dean of Student Equity and Support Services, Lasana Hotep, provided the welcome address on behalf of Skyline College and introduced Rosa Clemente as our conference featured keynote speaker.  Rosa Clemente provided an inspirational keynote titled:  “We the People – Resistance, Legacy Building, and Political Activism,” which explored the dual roles Hip Hop can play as a historical source for maintaining political activism and as a force of resistance in the age of anti-inclusionary policy-making.

Rock The School Bells was a successful event filled with workshops, music, education, art, and positive energy. At the afternoon concert, we were able to recognize six RTSB Scholarship recipients for their academic progress and community engagement.  Attendees also were able to experience a magnificent curated exhibit around black history and hip hop history artifacts by Khalid el-Hakim.  In addition, Marshawn Lynch, former NFL player, was in attendance on behalf of his foundations – Beastmode Legacy and All Fam 1st Foundation.  As a result of his time at RTSB, Marshawn was inspired by the work that we do with Rock the School Bells that he donated funds to our RTSB Scholarship Fund on behalf of his foundations.

This event would not be made possible without the support of the President’s Innovation Fund, the Division of Student Equity and Support Services, the Office of the Vice President of Student Services, Global Learning Programs and Services, Guardian Scholars Program, Skyline College Bookstore, Hospitality and Tourism Program, and the many vendors who donated to the event.  A special recognition goes to all of the volunteers – students, staff, faculty, and administrators, who donated their time and efforts to make this event a huge success.

Here are some testimonials from the event:

  • The place to be for hip hop based education. Building community and fellowship to take hip hop culture to the next level as global force for positive change.
  • RTSB is the longest running hip hop education youth conference in the nation. It is fresh and amazing every year.  Get your game on and build your network.  Don’t sleep on RTSB!
  • I left RTSB feeling energized and inspired. In the true spirit of hip hop culture, the organizers worked to bring the community an event that worked to empower youth, students, educators, activists, and families.
  • RTSB connects the generations. This is the work that uplifts our young and shines opportunities across differences. hip hop continues to be that connecting thread and we must continue to be the gatekeepers just as our ancestors envisioned for us.

Proceeds from Rock the School Bells went towards educational scholarships for high school and college students.

For more information on Rock the School Bells and CIPHER, please contact Nate Nevado at or visit

Article by Nate Nevado | Photos by Isai Garcia, Will Nacouzi, and Chris Savella



3rd Career Technical Education Day Welcomes Local High Schools and Dr. Marcos Cervantes

CTE Day SP 17 CollageOn March 9, 2017, the Career Advancement Academy (CAA), in collaboration with the Center for Innovative Practices through Hip Hop Education & Research (CIPHER), welcomed over 120 high school guests to Skyline College for our third annual Career Technical Education (CTE) Day. CTE Day aligns with Skyline College’s commitment to helping students get in, get through, and get out on time by introducing students to high quality CTE programming in high-demand industries and emerging fields. CTE Day provides local high school students, instructors, and counselors an immersive transition-to-college experience and intentionally engages high school students, faculty, and counselors to promote increased connections and smooth transitions to Skyline College.

The day featured special keynote speaker Dr. Marco Cervantes, educator and hip-hop artist Mexican Step Grandfather, and a member of the Afro Chicano hip-hop collective Third Root. Students participated in dynamic tours, selecting from over nine CTE programs and areas of interest, enjoyed lunch and a special raffle, and appreciated a full-day college experience as they toured the campus, visited the Transfer Fair, and listened to special musical performances in the quad.

This year, we welcomed high schools and community based organizations alike, including: Baden High School, 3rd Street Youth Center’s Health Core, South San Francisco High School, June Jordan High School, Peninsula, and El Camino High School. Students received warm welcoming remarks from Dr. Angelica Garcia who encouraged graduating seniors to apply for the Skyline College Promise Scholarship and join the Skyline College Summer Scholars Institute for summer 2017.

This event was made possible thanks to generous support from the President’s Innovation Fund, which supports innovative events and programming at Skyline College, and thanks to the hard work and dedication of CTE Day Committee Members: Nate Nevado, Lauren Ford, Jeremy Evangelista, and Alina Varona.  A special thanks to Skyline College’s Automotive Department, who graciously hosted our high school visitors for lunch in the Automotive Shop, Kevin Chak and the Skyline College bookstore who generously donated raffle prizes for our high school guests, to the dedicated facilities team who ensured the event ran smoothly, and the many Skyline College students, faculty, staff, and administrators who volunteered their time and talents to ensure a successful and engaging day.

The Career Advancement Academy connects students to higher wage careers and opportunities in higher education by integrating accelerated and contextualized English and math, career technical education, and integrated student support. Currently, the Career Advancement Academy has programs in Allied Health, Automotive Technology, Biotechnology, and Legal Careers with additional high school bridge programming at Baden High School and Peninsula High School. For more information about the Career Advancement Academy and related programs contact Jeremy Evangelista,

Article by Alina Varona | Photo by Will Nacouzi

Legal Clinic Increases Hours to Address Student Questions on Immigration and Deportation

The Skyline College Legal Clinic, located in the SparkPoint Center, aspires to meet the unmet demand for access to legal information by our community and to provide a hands-on classroom where students learn to engage, to listen, to help people help themselves, and to self-reflect, analyze, and be aware of their role in addressing inequity.

Since 2014, under the direction of supervising attorney Maria Segarra, the Clinic has served over 100 individuals, about two-thirds of whom have been Skyline College students, faculty, or staff.  Maria and the students who work with her as paralegals-in-training have fielded questions about tenant’s rights, immigration, and family law matters such as divorce, child custody, and domestic violence.

The legal clinic was “amazing,” said Tatiana Canas, a Skyline College student. “It gave me the opportunity to help real people with real life situations with the help of my classmates and my professor.”  Roy Miles, 2015 graduate agrees: “The experience has not only been beneficial to me in helping me learn about the law, but I have seen how many people have gotten the information they needed to begin resolving their legal matter.”

Since late in Fall 2016, the clinic has seen a noticeable increase in the number of students who come to the Clinic to ask questions about their immigration status and to voice fears of deportation.  In response, Skyline College directed the resources needed to increase Clinic hours by up to 200%.  This investment in our community allows the Clinic to increase its capacity to serve right now: our focus is on helping students stay safe and on track to meet their educational goals.

As clinic supervisor Maria Segarra stated, “As an immigrant, I know what it feels like to be afraid, to be uncertain, and to worry about what the future holds.  I hope that together with the Dream Center, Sparkpoint, and Skyline College, we can provide a safe and caring place for undocumented students, families, and community members. We are here to serve.”

The clinic is open to students, staff, and the public. For appointments, go to  All consultations are free and confidential.  For questions or information, please contact SparkPoint at 650.738.7035.

For more information on the clinic and the many invaluable people who made this work possible, please see this article.

Article by Jesse W. Raskin

Skyline College Hosts 1st Annual La Raza Youth Conference with Inspirational Words from Dr. Cèsar Cruz!

la raza conferenceOn March 17, 2017, Skyline College welcomed over 120 high school students and educators, to the 1st Annual La Raza Youth Conference.  The La Raza Youth Conference was created to provide local Latinx high school students a place for cultural exploration, higher education knowledge sharing, and an opportunity for students to explore their passions.  The Conference aligns with the Skyline College Promise of helping underserved students Get In, Get Through, and Get Out…On Time!

The day featured a keynote address by Dr. Cèsar Cruz, educator, author, and activist.  Dr. Cruz shared memorable insights surrounding his own personal history as an immigrant, the hidden cultural histories and achievements of Latinx activists, and encouraged students to take charge of their education.  According to the conference evaluations, Dr. Cruz’s speech was the highlight of the day for many attendees.  In addition to hearing impactful words from and engaging with Dr. Cruz, students were able to build community with current Puente students and faculty, participate in engaging workshops that focused on topics important to participants, and interact with the greater Skyline College community through a program fair.

This inaugural conference hosted students from: South San Francisco High School’s Hermanos y Hermanas Program, El Camino High School, Jefferson High School, Capuchino High School, and Alternatives in Action High School.   Students received a warm welcome from Dr. Angèlica Garcia who shared personal insights and experiences as a Latina in education, emphasized the importance of education, and encouraged graduating seniors to apply to the Skyline College Promise Scholarship and Summer Scholars Institute.

The event was made possible through the recent allotment of Student Equity Funds and the hard work and dedication of the La Raza Committee Members: Paula Silva, Luciana Castro, Lucia Lachmyr, Jorge Murillo, Jessica Lopez, Martin Marquez, Will Minnich, Iridiàn Martiez, Alfredo Olguin, Cesar Valesquez Chaves, Lucy Jovel, Alberto Santellan, Lili Rivera, and Lauren Ford.  A special thank you to the Puente students, Outreach Ambassadors, Counseling Ambassadors, Student Equity and Support Program Ambassadors, and Monique Hernandez who volunteered their time.  Additionally, thank you to Kevin Chak from the Skyline College Bookstore who generously donated raffle prizes for our guests, as well as Josh Harris, Roger Marcello, and the facilities team who ensured a flawless logistical support throughout the day.

Article by: Lauren Ford | Photo by: William Nacouzi

Skyline College Students on All-California Academic Team

Two Skyline College students, Janah May Oclaman and Luis Hernandez, were selected for the All-California Academic Team first team. These students were honored at the California Community College League Award Luncheon in March. In addition to the All-California Team, Janah was also selected for the Coca-Cola Silver Academic Team. Dean Ray Hernandez accompanied Janah to the Community College League Luncheon to receive her awards.

OclamanJanah May Oclaman is a Biology major at Skyline College. She is in the Honors Transfer Program and serves as vice president of operations for the Skyline College chapter of Phi Theta Kappa and president for the TRiO Club, where she creates and leads programs for the betterment of her college and community. Janah has a passion for learning and for serving. During the summer 2016 she did a research project on use of a plant extract as a food preservative. In fall 2016, she presented her biology research project at two national science meetings and organized science labs to encourage minorities and women to pursue STEM. She currently works at a clinic and volunteers at senior centers, a dialysis clinic, and a hospital. Janah aspires to be a neurologist and neuro-researcher to find cures for neurodegenerative diseases. She hopes to build a foundation that would provide medical care in underdeveloped countries. Ultimately, Janah wants to inspire individuals to aim high, believe in their capabilities and act toward their dreams.

luisLuis Hernandez is currently studying business administration at Skyline College. He is vice president of scholarship for his Phi Theta Kappa chapter and also holds officer positions in other student organizations on campus. Luis is a supplemental instructor leader at Skyline College for statistics and trigonometry. Outside of school, he is involved in a non-profit organization that assists underprivileged students. Through his non-profit organization and Phi Theta Kappa, Luis has volunteered at senior centers, elementary schools, and food banks. Luis was the chair of the fall 2016 food drive at Skyline College. He plans on transferring to the University of California in the fall of 2017.

Article by Dr. Christine Case

15th Domestic Warehousing & Logistics Academy Cohort Graduates

warehousing studentsOn March 24, the Skyline College and Goodwill Industries collaborative offering of BUS 269: Domestic Warehousing and Logistics, held its 15th cohort graduation at Goodwill Industries headquarters in San Francisco. The graduation featured process improvement presentations where students, using the knowledge gained throughout their time in the classroom and on the Goodwill Industries warehousing floor, highlighted key areas for operational efficiency and innovation.

One student process improvement presentation introduced the use of a rewards program for frequent customers, while another showcased how the use of technology in the donations process could lead to increased donation and ease of access for donors. Lead faculty member, Alpha Lewis was joined by Goodwill Industries’, CEO, William Rogers, Director of Workforce Development, Megan Kenny, Jeremy Evangelista, Career Advancement Academy (CAA) Program Services Coordinator, and Alina Varona, CAA Faculty Coordinator. After their final presentations, students were presented with certificates of achievement and received warm applause from audience members. Goodwill Industries CEO, William Rogers shared his appreciation for the students’ well–researched presentations and proposed that the next cohort present their ideas directly to Goodwill’s Board of Directors. William remains a staunch advocate and source of encouragement for each cohort of students, championing the implementation of their ideas, their mobility within the company, and their future connection to Skyline College.

Students who enroll in this ten-week collaborative offering receive four units of college credit, attend an all-day orientation at Skyline College, receive an OSHA 10, Forklifting, Baler, and Hazmat industry recognized certificate,  participate in skill building workshops, and get hands-on, work-based learning experiences at the Goodwill Industries warehousing facilities in Burlingame.

Past Domestic Warehousing and Logistics students have continued their educational journeys as full-time Skyline College students in the Automotive and Allied Health Career Advancement Academy, enrolled in additional Skyline College Business courses, and taken Entrepreneurship courses at Skyline College to establish and grow their businesses.

The Career Advancement Academy connects students to higher wage careers and opportunities in higher education by integrating accelerated and contextualized English and math, career technical education, and integrated student support. Currently, the Career Advancement Academy has programs in Allied Health, Automotive Technology, Biotechnology, and Legal Careers with additional high school bridge programming at Baden High School and Peninsula High School. For more information about the Career Advancement Academy, the Goodwill Industries partnership, or related programs, please contact Jeremy Evangelista,

Article by Jeremy Evangelista

Sputum Bowl 2017

Sputum BowlOn March 26, 2017, the Skyline College Respiratory Care Program participated and attended the annual Sputum Bowl. Foothill College hosted the event and the Skyline College class was ready to compete and show other programs why Skyline College has the best Respiratory Care Practitioners.

Both first and second year students participated in the competition with the support from classmates cheering in the background. Dr. Ijaz and Brian Daniels were present and graciously supported the teams. Students from bay area Respiratory care program participated in this event.

Listed below are as follows: from bottom left: Danae (Second year), Cher (First year), Leo (Second year), Patrick (Second year), Karen (First year), and Richie (Second year). \

Skyline College had two teams that were named “Chicken Nut Bread” (a hilarious acronym for “she cannot breathe”) and “Some Full Cup.” Both teams made it to first and second rounds and completely dominated the entire competition. Skyline College is a force to be reckoned with and the students proved that hard work, education, and training pays off. Both teams from Skyline College will be attending the State competition in June 2017. Congrats team! Winner and runner up teams will now participate in the State level meeting.

Congratulations to all the Respiratory care program students & Skyline College for job well done

Article by Ijaz Ahmed

Women Writers Inspire Creativity, Pride and Resilience

women writersPoet Julie Bruck, journalist/novelist Vanessa Hua and fifteen Bay Area writers “amazed and moved” an appreciative crowd of 75 women and men Saturday, March 25 at WOW! Voices Now, Skyline College’s annual spring literary event celebrating the achievements of women writers.

Featured authors Bruck and Hua read from their recent books, Monkey Ranch and Deceit and Other Possibilities, and responded to a variety of audience questions related to creative process, genre crossing, literary ethics, and other issues of concern to writers. They warmly greeted attendees individually, signed books, and offered encouragement and advice.

Professor Katharine Harer presented awards to two outstanding creative writing students, Justine Alano and Beatrice Choi. Justine received the ISA Award, honoring writer and longtime WOW presenter Isabelle Maynard. Beatrice received the Joyce Unger Award, in honor of a beloved and influential Skyline College professor who died in December. Founder of Skyline College’s Women in Transition (WIT) program and organizer for the local unit of American Federation of Teachers, Joyce Unger mentored thousands of students and activists. Her husband Richard Unger and her colleague Rich Yurman attended the event to congratulate Beatrice personally.

Justine Alano, a second year student at Skyline and spoken word artist, is a psychology major who plans to transfer to UC Davis to continue her studies.  Selected for the award by her current creative writing instructor, Professor Rob Williams, she stunned the crowd with the powerful reading of her poem confronting cancer in her family.

Beatrice Choi, an outstanding student in Kathleen McClung’s fall semester creative writing class, works as clinical director in ambulatory care at the Fort Miley VA Medical Center in San Francisco. Beatrice uses her writing to give voice to “many struggling and wandering immigrant youth and adults suffering loneliness in the process of finding a sense of belonging in this country.”

During the Open Mic portion of the program, writers from throughout the Bay Area read poems and prose that honored strong and beautiful roots in the Philippines, Romania, Lebanon, Ireland, and Portugal as well as the pawnshops, shoe closets, and gardens of California. There was song, laughter, tears, and deep listening.

One student in the audience wrote of the event: “Community support, amazing writers this morning, filled with beauty, words of wisdom, and elevation, carrying powerful messages, to make us think, reflect, and embrace our world. I left with a sense of renewal and inspiration.”

Adjunct Professor Kathleen McClung directed WOW! Voices Now for the eighth year. The 2017 advisory team included Dean of Language Arts Mary Gutiérrez, Professor Katharine Harer, and WOW founder Marijane Datson. Bookstore Manager Kevin Chak, aided by students Josh Doctor and Samantha Nguyen, provided bookselling and catering services.  WOW Ambassadors Lisa Suguitan Melnick and Tom McAninley greeted and oriented attendees.

Article by Kathleen McKlung | Photos by Tom McAninley

Spotlight on Malaysia!

students dancingThe Skyline College International Student Program (ISP) and International Student Club presented a cultural spotlight event on Malaysia on March 20, 2017. The event was done with the intent of entertaining and educating people about what the Southeast Asian country has to offer.

The crowd was immersed in Malaysian culture and it was a lively affair. They indulged in some Malaysian delicacies, got involved in an indigenous game called “Mancala” and witnessed the students perform “Tarian Wau Bulan,”a tribal dance in Malaysia. They also read posters that informed the audience about the infrastructure, currency and national symbols of the country. Students’ names were in Arabic. The event also showcased traditional Malay candle art making. The organizers of the event got people involved by bringing native Malaysian attire ­which members of the audience were able to try on and take photos.

Overall, the event turned out very well and the spectators walked away with a taste of the Malaysian lifestyle. Everyone definitely learned something new!

ISP and ISC will host more cultural events during the semester. Please check our Facebook page or contact ISP office at for more information.

Article by Naledi Mthembu | Photo by Rossmia Coo