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Skyline College Express Successfully Expands Access, Reduces Stress

Shuttle GraphSkyline College launched the Skyline College Express shuttle service this fall to provide a direct connection between the campus and the Daly City BART station. During September, the first full month of operation, this shuttle service provided an incredible 8,914 rides to passengers (one-way), demonstrating both the tremendous need and high demand for such a project.

This new shuttle, partially funded through a two-year grant, is intended to help students overcome logistical and socio-economic barriers by seamlessly connecting public transportation to the college campus. The shuttle is also available to employees as well as community members who come to campus to attend events or utilize services. Aligned with the Skyline College Promise initiative, the shuttle supports the institution’s values of student success and equity; open access; sustainability; and community connection.

Based on a recent survey of 234 passengers, the shuttle is having a significantly positive impact. Among survey respondents, the primary reasons that passengers chose the Skyline Express shuttle were cost (free transportation), commute time, and convenience. Passengers commented that they feel safe and less stressed while using the shuttle to get to class or work on time. Friendly and helpful drivers also contribute to high satisfaction with the shuttle experience.

The shuttle is primarily used by students (92.3%), but is also accessed by employees, prospective employees, and community members. The majority of passengers (64.5%) indicated that they utilize the service at least four days per week on average. While most passengers commute from Daly City (43.6%) and San Francisco (38.9%), Skyline College Express also provides the last link in a long commute for riders from Hayward, San Leandro, Oakland, Berkeley, and El Cerrito.

A common theme among survey comments was appreciation for the Skyline College Express shuttle, especially that it was both time-saving and free for all. Passengers also expressed strong interest in expanded service including more frequent pickups/departures, additional locations, and evening service. Better synchronization between campus departure times and class ending times was also suggested. In addition to sharing ideas on improving the service, many passengers commented on how the shuttle has reduced transportation costs and made it easier to get to campus. In general, the comments suggest that Skyline College’s endeavor to provide transportation support is minimizing barriers to access and helping students to Get in. Get through. Get out…on time!” Further details including shuttle schedules are available at

Article and Graph by Cheri Jones

Global Learning Programs and Services Welcomes Calvin Nguyen

calvin nguyenCalvin Nguyen works as the Program Services Coordinator for SMCCCD Study Abroad. He graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a B.S. Degree in Management Science, a quantitative methods focused major in applied economics with a management focus, a minor in Cognitive Science, and a certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. He also completed his Masters of International Relations in Madrid, Spain at IE University (Instituto de Empresa).

His interest in foreign languages and international relations has taken him all over the globe living, volunteering, studying, and working in 8 different countries and traveling to a total of 26. Most recently he was living in Cusco, Peru coordinating and consulting local social enterprises such as a textile community program selling handmade naturally dyed textiles, a guinea pig farm, a handmade leather workshop, a bakery, and a flower shop on how to further optimize their unique business needs to have an even larger social impact. He now brings his unique international experiences to SMCCCD to help students study abroad. Together with his background, he helps students so that they will have their own formative international experiences. Let’s all welcome Calvin Nguyen to Skyline College’s Study Abroad Program.

Article by Dr. Tammy Robinson

Microchips for Millions:  Skyline College Book Launch

microchipsOn Thursday, December 1, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m., the CIPHER Hip Hop Learning Community English Professor, Janice Sapigao, will be hosting a book launch for her recently published book titled, _microchips for millions_.  Her first poetry book is a documentary and exploratory poetry collection about the exploitation of immigrant women in the Silicon Valley and those who built it all – those like the author’s mother. Through the use of binary code, the Filipino language, Ilokano; personal observation, and scholarship, microchips for millions draws out the social layers of the microchip, which are central to the global economy. The book interrogates Silicon Valley as an ideal place of innovation, technological advancement, and a highly populated concentration of computer-based startups. What is not popularly known is that the Silicon Valley is also home to flagrant and covert injustice where toxic chemicals and “clean” energy risk the lives of workers.

This book launch will feature readers that includes Skyline College students, Kevyn Lorenzana and Christian Guerrero, as well as published writers such as Melissa R. Sipin, Bel Poblador, and Mary Grace Burns.  We will also get to listen to the author herself, Janice Sapigao.  To be part of this amazing event, please RSVP at  Food and refreshments will also be served.

This event is co-sponsored by the Filipino Student Union & Kababayan Learning Community, Philippine American Writers and Artists, Inc. (PAWA), and TAYO Literary Magazine.

For more information, please contact Janice Sapigao at

Article by Nate Nevado | Artwork by Jessica Sabogal

The Learning Center Manager Joins National Tutoring Board

ACTLA LogoThe Association of Colleges for Tutoring and Learning Assistance (ACTLA) is a national organization dedicated to the improvement of diverse college and university tutoring and learning assistance services.  Education and development of the professionalism of its members and commitment to the success of all students are at the heart of the association.

As part of his role as the Two-Year Colleges Representative, The Learning Center (TLC) Manager David Reed is collaborating with the California Community Colleges Success Network (3CSN) and representatives from nearby California State University campuses to expand the network of learning assistance professionals. Regional events such as the Tutor Expo in Northern California each spring provide opportunities for increased collaboration amongst colleges to expand awareness of the importance of academic support programs such as peer tutoring and supplemental instruction, and provide a unique opportunity for community college students to engage in professional development through conference attendance and presentations.

In his role as the Two-Year Representative, David will continue the effort to build awareness and expand the community of practice for ACTLA Northern California members. The 3CSN Learning Assistance Project (LAP) is another example of how ACTLA is partnering with other statewide organizations to improve student learning outcomes and continue to build a professional network statewide.

For more information about ACTLA, please refer to their website.

Article by David Reed

From Participant to Volunteer Student Leader at the ESL Registration Day!

ESL Reg dayKhaoula Assaouri, an immigrant from Algeria whose first language is Arabic, found her transition to a new culture a real challenge for her due to limited English language skills.  And yet, in just 11 months, she gained strong language skills from her English as a Second Language (ESL) courses at Jefferson Adult School in Daly City. Her response was enthusiastic when she heard about Skyline College’s educational opportunities from the English Language Institute’s outreach presentations. With the goal to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education, she came to the ESL Registration Day last April and received a lot of support with all the enrollment steps for Skyline College.

This semester, Khaoula is a thriving student excelling in her ESOL classes and connecting her classmates to campus resources as an ESOL resource leader. As a volunteer student leader, she joined the ESL Registration Team on October 22 from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. to support new ESL students in completing the SSSP (Student Success Support Program) process that included filling out applications, attending the orientation, taking the placement test, and scheduling an appointment with the ESOL counselor.

Similar to Khaoula, many of the ESL Registration Day students are immigrants seeking to develop their English skills and pursue their educational goals through Skyline College. Because of the positive team work of the Skyline College staff and Student Assistants, the new students were well served during the event! The English Language Institute looks forward seeing them succeed as they start in spring 2017!

In addition to Khaoula, the ELI wants to thank the following for making the event smooth and successfulJairo Baretto for IT Support, Jacky Ip and Ursula Racca from Assessment, Minerva Velazquez from Admissions & Records, Kenny Gonzalez from the ESOL Counseling, Lesley Bode and Michael Mark from Financial Aid, Student Assistants Selena He and Carlos Acuna, and ESOL Professor Leigh Anne Shaw and Stacy Nojima, ACCEL Transition Coordinator.

Article and Photo by Mylene Foo

Kappa Beta Delta Welcomes 17 New Members for Fall 2016

kappa beta deltaKappa Beta Delta welcomed 17 new members during its Induction Ceremony last Thursday, October 27, 2016. Dean Christine Roumbanis welcomed the new initiates and said a few words. Kappa Beta Delta (KBD) is an international honor society for associate degree business programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). The purpose of Kappa Beta Delta is to encourage and recognize scholarship and accomplishment among students pursuing business degrees. Currently, there are 20 faculty and staff members of KBD at Skyline College, including Skyline College President, Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud and Christine Roumbanis, Dean of Business, Education and Professional Programs.

Newly initiated members include:

  • Ghadeer H. Al Sawalha
  • Darrell T. Banks
  • Catherine Alexis Cheung
  • Daniel Estudillo Cospin
  • Webster Valderama Cruz
  • Nena Rachel Darwin
  • Luis A. De Alba, Jr.
  • Christopher John Dolloff
  • Kimberly Teruko Donahoe
  • Sixin Huang
  • Shu Qiang Huang
  • Nang Thiri Myo
  • Nang Yin Mon Myo
  • Clara Oliveria de Freitas
  • Nicholas Perez
  • Jason Cody Smith
  • Ariel Yutung Yuan

These new members have shown outstanding academic excellence and we are proud to welcome them into Kappa Beta Delta. For more information about our honor society, feel free to email our advisor Professor Whitten.

Article by Margo Feldman | Photo by Guillermo Ortiz

True Colors Workplace Success Workshop

true colors workshopOn October 5, 2016, Emily Ellis, a distinguished trainer, was brought to Skyline College in partnership with the Retail, Hospitality and Tourism Grant Initiative and delivered the True Colors Workplace Success workshop for the Skyline College Women’s Mentoring and Leadership Academy (SWMLA).  SWMLA is led by professor Danielle Powell with the help of TRiO counselor, Brianna Clay. The mission of SWMLA is empowering and transforming women to achieve personal and professional growth. SWMLA provides academic and social support to the women in the academy via group and individual mentoring, and through special events that are focused on the needs of the women on campus. This workshop was also open to students in Professor Danielle Powell’s Communication Studies courses, and students in the Guardian Scholars program.

The True Colors workshop was designed to help students discover and share elements of their personality and approach as a student and a team member, building an appreciation for diversity and strategies for reducing conflicts in school and beyond. Trainer, Emily Ellis led students through a series of activities that helped them to determine their personality preference based on the green, orange, blue and gold color design scheme of the True Colors assessment. Afterwards, students broke up into groups according to their primary color and the students engaged in discussions about their preferences for interacting with others in various contexts, and then the trainer shared different approaches to particular environments based on their personality type.

She also explained, based on research for the different color and personality types, what would be the ideal job for each color personality and what role they would perform at each job. Blue and orange colors were the most popular among our students. According to True Colors, blue personalities tend to value and appreciate a “harmonious working environment” and they tend to interact in ways that allow them to show support, concern and appreciation for others. They also appreciate the opportunity and freedom to express their feelings. Students with blue personality types need more one-on-one feedback.  Orange personalities tend to value and appreciate projects that are action-packed and that require a hands-on approach. Students with this personality type value the opportunity to be skillful and adventurous.  They also appreciate when their performance and skillfulness are praised.

This workshop was a huge success, where students gained insightful thoughts about their personalities and how to utilize them effectively in different environments.

Many thanks to Andrea Vizenor, Director of Career and Workforce Programs for organizing this event, and to Emily Ellis, True Colors workshop trainer, for providing students with an engaging and informative learning opportunity.

Article by Andrea Vizenor and Danielle Powell | Photos by Danielle Powell

International Student Program Hosts Scholarship Workshop for International Students

jenny yangThe International Student Program (ISP) and Financial Aid Office conducted an informative scholarship workshop for Skyline College’s international students! The event took place on Tuesday, November 1, 2016. The Skyline College scholarship application process opened the 2017-2018 academic year. More than 20 international students attended the workshop.

Ms. Jenny Yang, Financial Aid Technician at the Financial Aid Office, introduced more than 50 institutional scholarships, in addition to some external scholarships, that are available to international students. Ms. Yang encouraged the students to apply for institutional scholarships as there is no citizenship requirement. This was a nice surprise for many international students as they thought most scholarships were for domestic students only. Ms. Yang also stressed the importance of personal statements and references since few international students are familiar with those practices.

An international student from Germany commented that she was glad to have come to the workshop as she now understands the application process better. Another student from Jordan said he is very motivated to apply for the scholarship now that he knows there are more than 50 scholarship opportunities to international students. As we celebrate the National Scholarship Month in November, we hope that many international students take advantage of this great opportunity!

ISP will continue to provide international and cultural programs and events for Skyline College students, faculty and staff members and the greater Skyline Collegecommunity. Please check future events on the ISP website at:

Article & Photo by Chikako Walker

Bay Area Entrepreneur Center Hosts ACTION SUMMIT!

BAEC EventThe Bay Area Entrepreneur Center (BAEC) located in downtown San Bruno, hosted its first Action Summit. The summit is designed to bring in new entrepreneurs, local businesses and business leaders from the area to impart their secrets to success to participants. The event took place on a rainy night. However, not even the rain could stand in the way of over 70 people participating in the Action Summit on Thursday, October 27, 2016.

The event is the first of many that will take place as a means to showcase new talent. The Action Summit had a photo booth to capture the moments. It was centered on a panel of guest speakers who shared their motivational stories followed by an interactive session for audience members to share in adventures of being an entrepreneur.  Another focal point of the summit was to provide networking and mentorship.  The event was sponsored by many local business leaders and included the viewing of the art exhibit from Black Art Production. Those who attended could be a part of the raffle with several different prizes ranging from gift cards to tablets.

Many of the participants stated the following was an important factor to the success of the summit, “The diversity of industries represented as well as the diversity in entrepreneurs/speakers,” and “the energy of the crowd!”

The Guest Speaker Panel included:

  • Cache Merrill – CEO, Zibtek, a US managed offshore business development company
  • Phillip Fabian – Business Strategist, food and beer industry
  • Nataliia Karpenko – CEO, Livzo, a corporate wellness and health management platform
  • Christa Mekki – Founder, Magnetic Magnificent Events
  • Mikal Mekki – Author, “Running with finishers”

If you are interested in seeing the pictures from the event as well as in the photo booth visit the Bay Area Entrepreneur Center Facebook Page.

Save the date for our next Action Summit on Thursday, February 9, 2016 from 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. and Thursday, May 11, 2017.

Special thank you to our sponsors and exhibitors:

Desigining A Differnence, Legal Shield, Holy Cow Beer, Casa Sanchez, Black Art Productions, Running with Finishers, Alpha Kappa Psi presenting Think Tank, Glim, Level2 Productions, Zenergy Bars and Magnetic Magnificent Events.

Article by Terri Wade | Photo by Linda Truong

Preparing Students for the World of Work through Employer Engagement Events 

employer engagement eventStudents regularly request career information and job search assistance to expand their knowledge of the world of work. To better assist students with their academic and professional options, Career Services has been partnering with employers to offer participatory experiences where students interact face to face to inquire about professional growth and opportunity. In October, Career Services offered two innovative “Employer Host and Guest” engagement events so that students can increase contact with employers.

Early last month Career Services invited San Francisco Unified School District to a meet and greet on our campus. Students enjoyed the afternoon to casually chat with five recruiting representatives about the diverse career options available in the field of education ranging from psychologists, and speech therapists, to computer engineers. Full-time, part-time, and seasonal employment alternatives were shared with the attendees.

Later in the month, Career Services initiated a first time ever, district-wide joint employer visit. More than 30 Skyline College, College of San Mateo and Cañada College students, along with seven SMCCD Career Faculty and Staff members (Skyline College: Andrea Anyanwu, Lavinia Zanassi and Jose Milan, College of San Mateo: Autumn Newman, Cañada College: Robert Haick, Daryan Chan and Leticia Madrigal) were shuttled to SmithGroup JJR, an architectural firm in San Francisco, employing positions in accounting, graphic arts, IT, HR, office management and architectural design. Students were offered the royal treatment as they toured, dined, and heard about each department’s role and purpose. At the end of the day, students learned about numerous career, employment and internship options.

Both Career events were engaging and enlightening for students. Appreciative comments made by participants:

  • “Whoever knew that schools employ such a variety of majors other than teaching.”
  • “Hearing each story from various positions of an organization was truly inspiring and encouraging.”
  • “I was so motivated to hear that my major can be applied in so many ways.”

Interactive events empower students to see beyond academic concepts into the practical applications of their majors. Introducing Skyline College students to actual job options that can be both directly or indirectly connected to their college degrees serves as an on-ramp to a successful and productive life. Skyline College’s Career Services is enthusiastically looking forward to hosting more Employer Host and Guest events.

Article by Lavinia Zanassi and Daryan Chan | Photos by Jose Milan