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Partnership Launch with Base11 Kicks Off the STEM Revolution and New Fabrication Lab!

landon at base 11 eventOn Wednesday, April 6, over one hundred people including students, faculty, leadership, staff, community members, and members of the SMCCD District Board of Trustees gathered for the Base11-Skyline College partnership launch event in Building 6.  The Base11 STEM Revolution is designed to empower students to become leaders and entrepreneurs of the 21st Century in Science Technology Engineering & Math, and Skyline College is the newest partner to join the movement.  A central part of the initiative is Skyline College’s new Fabrication Laboratory and Innovation Center, an MIT-based Fab Lab donated by Base11 to help Skyline College students and community members shape their dreams and ideas into viable products and business opportunities.

base 11 event student winnersBase11 Project Director Landon Taylor presented the vision and mission for Base11 and the STEM Revolution. Mr. Taylor offered inspiring words on the value of the Skyline College partnership and the goal to get 1000 students into the “Victory Circle.” Base11’s vision of the circle encompasses transfer to a University, getting a STEM job, and starting a STEM business. Landon also introduced three flagship programs that will move Skyline College students into the Victory Circle: (1) Residency-based Fellowships, (2) STEM Entrepreneur Accelerator Program and Fab Lab Innovation Center, and (3) a Workforce Development Program. Skyline College Vice President, Dr. Sarah Perkins, SMT Dean Ray Hernandez, and Engineering and Computer Science Professor Nick Langhoff also spoke on the impact the partnership and the Fab Lab has on Skyline College. They each expressed their excitement, gratitude, and vision for the new opportunities now possible to enhance our STEM programs and to bridge STEM education and Entrepreneurship for Skyline College students and community members.

During the ceremony, Landon Taylor and Skyline College President, Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud announced and celebrated four Skyline College students selected for the Base11 Summer 2016 Fellowships. Let’s give a big round of applause to students Alina Rai, Daniel Powers, Robert O’Leary, and Wai Hnin Oo. This summer they will head off to explore and research at prestigious institutions including CalTech, UC Irvine, and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Congratulations to them on their outstanding achievement!

students at base 11 eventThe event concluded with a ribbon cutting and open house tour of Skyline College’s brand new state-of-the-art Fabrication Laboratory and Innovation Center, a cornerstone of the Base11-Skyline College partnership. President Stanback Stroud led the ribbon cutting ceremony and welcomed the Skyline College community into the new laboratory. There was magic in the air as the space was abuzz with students and members of the Skyline College community mingling and exploring the new facility. Event guests looked on as students from the Skyline College Engineering and Robotics Club led demonstrations with cutting edge Fab Lab equipment including advanced manufacturing, rapid prototyping techniques, and robotics. Excited conversations filled the room with dreams and visions of the possibilities this new Maker Space and Innovation Center provides the campus and community.

ribbon cutting at base 11 eventThe partnership launch event was a huge success due to the dedication and hard work of a diverse group of individuals from throughout the district, Base11, and industry partners. A huge thank you to President Stanback Stroud and Vice President Perkins, Executive Vice Chancellor Kathy Blackwood and Vice Chancellors Eugene Whitlock and Jose Nuñez, Board of Trustees President Dave Mandelkern and member Maurice Goodman, Base11 Project Director Landon Taylor and Marketing Director Cindy Santos-Mendoza, Incite Focus Director and “Fab Lab Guru” Blair Evans, Skyline College Director of Marketing and Public Relations Cherie Colin, SMCCD Facilities Project Manager Karen Pinkham, Science Math Technology Dean Ray Hernandez, Engineering and Computer Science Professor Nick Langhoff, and the students from the Engineering and Robotics Club at Skyline College.

The Fab Lab Innovation Center is a huge new resource for the Skyline College community, and will also be open to the public in the near future. With support from Base11, Skyline College will be rolling out a 16-week Entrepreneurial course starting this Fall 2016. For further information about accessing the Fabrication Laboratory, contact Professor Nick Langhoff at (650) 738-4249 or langhoffn@smccd.edu.

Article by Nick Langhoff

Skyline College Promise Scholarship


studentsSkyline College is committed to empowering students to find success at every point in their educational journey. The Skyline College Promise is the College’s commitment to help students “Get in. Get through. and Get out…on time!” according to their educational goals.

One part of the Skyline College Promise is the Skyline College Promise Scholarship. To help students reach their goals, we’re announcing a scholarship beginning fall 2016 that will pay enrollment fees for a full year! Skyline College Promise Scholarship awardees will receive a waiver covering enrollment fees for any gap left after applying their financial aid award (for students in receipt of financial aid).

The Skyline College Promise Scholarship is available to high school graduates or students who recently completed their GED or Adult Education program after December 1, 2015 and who enroll at Skyline College full-time and plan to earn a certificate/degree. Scholarship applicants must also be a first time student at Skyline College. The enrollment fees covered are; enrollment fee (tuition), health fee, student rep fee, student union fee, and student body fee.

To maintain the scholarship, students agree to; enroll full-time (minimum 12 units) for fall and spring semesters, maintain academic progress, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0, a completion rate above 50%, must declare a major by start of spring 2017 semester, and complete a comprehensive student education plan (SEP) by start of spring 2017 semester.

For full details on the Skyline College Promise Scholarship and the application, please visit skylinecollege.edu/promise

Article by Will Minnich

SparkPoint at Skyline College Awards 25 Grove Scholars for Spring 2016

grove scholarsThe Grove Scholarship Program celebrates its tenth successful semester- awarding 25 new and continuing Career and Technical Education (CTE) scholars in Spring 2016. Recipients were selected on a competitive basis amongst approximately 70 applications from diverse academic programs. On March 11, 2016 the selected students met in the Career Services Center to complete the Grove Scholarship orientation. The orientation gave participants an overview of the expectations for the Grove Scholars Program which include: the maintenance of a 75% completion rate, 2.0 GPA, enrollment in at least 1 CTE course, financial workshop attendance and participation in the student Awards Ceremony. The orientation additionally, highlighted SparkPoint Center services such as: benefits access, personal financial classes available for college credit, food pantry, and Career Center services. A celebratory lunch was served to congratulate recipients.

Grove scholarships are funded by a generous $125,000 grant from the Grove Foundation eponymously named after Andy Grove, a founder of Intel Group Corporation. Each scholarship is worth up to $2,000 per semester and $4,000 of funding per school year per eligible participant.

Please forward any questions regarding the Grove Scholarship program to Andrea Doffoney Anyanwu at anyanwua@smccd.edu, or to grovescholar@smccd.edu.

Article and photos by Andrea Doffoney Anyanwu

Limited Space Still Available for the SparkPoint Secured Credit Builder Program

CreditBuilder flyer SparkPoint at Skyline College is currently enrolling students in the Secured Credit Builder Program, which provides match funding on a $40 down payment so that they can receive a $200 secured credit card.  Establishing good credit is crucial for finding housing, getting employment, buying a car, buying a house or even starting a business.  This program gives students access to a safe credit option while also providing financial education and support, so that they can learn and practice positive financial behaviors that will build their credit effectively.

In 2015, the Secured Credit Builder Program reached its capacity by enrolling 30 students, but with the support of our partner organizations Community Financial Resources and Achieving the Dream, we have been able to expand the program for 2016 and there are still limited spots available!

If you or any other students are interested in learning more about this program, please visit SparkPoint at Skyline College in Bldg. 1, Room 1214 or call (650) 738-7035 or email skylinesparkpoint@smccd.edu.

Article and Photo by Chad Thompson

The International Student Program Hosts Nepal Cultural Spotlight

ISP Students The International Student Program presented the Cultural Spotlight on Nepal on Tuesday April 19. More than 30 students and staff attended the event at the Multicultural Centre between 4.00pm and 5.00pm. Binod Kumal and Sandeep Dhakal from Nepal organized the event in collaboration with the international student program. The event began with a rendition of the Nepalese national anthem, sung by the Nepalese student. This was then followed by a presentation introducing the audience to Nepal, its history and its cultural beauty. The audience was then treated to a special performance of a traditional folk dance from the Pahadi (hilly) region of Nepal, performed by Ruku Nepal.  There was a feast of Nepalese food that the audience was able to sample consisting of Peas Pulao (Rice), Chewra (Flattened rice), Pakora (fried gram flour bites), Kala Channa (Black Chickpeas), Chicken Momo’s and Chicken Choila (grilled spicy chicken). There were a variety of chutneys that were served including radish, potato, mixed vegetable and tomato mixed with sesame.

Everybody who attended the event was fascinated to see the Nepalese students adorned in different cultural attire from the country. A few students wore the Rai and Sherpa costumes from the Himalayan region, with a few students wearing the Saree and Kurtha Surwal from the Pahadi (hilly) region of Nepal. Sandeep Dhakal wore the national costume of Nepal, called the Daura Surwal which has a deep religious significance. The dress has several religious beliefs identifying its designs. The Daura has eight strings that serve to tie itself up around the body and eight is a lucky number according to Nepalese mythology. The Daura has five pleats called the Pancharatna, signifying the five gems and the closed neck of the Daura signifies the snake around the Lord Shiva’s neck. The event served to educate the audience on the country of Nepal and effectively share the beauty, cultural diversity and history of the country.

We thank everyone who came to celebrate with us and we look forward to celebrating more events with even more of you! Please contact ISP office at skyinternational@smccd.edu or call (650) 738-7021 for more information.

Article by Sujaya Chandran | Photo: ISP staff

Student Honored With ACBSP Student Leadership Award

margoMargo Feldman is the 2016 recipient of the ACBSP Student Leadership Award at Skyline College.

The ACBSP Student Leadership Award program is the only award of its kind by an accrediting body for business schools.  Just as the ACBSP accreditation standards are global, so is this Student Leadership Award. With this presentation, Feldman becomes part of a global community of student leaders recognized for their achievement.

Feldman’s name will be added to the perpetual plaque on the wall in the Business, Education and Professional Program (BEPP) Division office as visible evidence to all visitors that the business program fosters and supports leadership within the student body, and allows high achieving students to be recognized long after they have departed the college.

Skyline College became the first California Community College to be granted Business Program Accreditation for associate degrees in 2012.

Article by Linda Whitten

Guardian Scholars Program Visits UC Santa Cruz for Spring Break

guardian scholars at uc santa cruzOver Spring Break, March 30-31, eight students from the Guardian Scholars Program attended a 2 day overnight trip to visit UC Santa Cruz. In addition to discovering the amazing academic opportunities and becoming immersed on campus, the students were able to connect with current UCSC students from the Smith Renaissance Scholars Program. Students were able to learn the additional resources offered to them to succeed on campus. While many students expressed how large the campus is, current UCSC Smith Renaissance Scholar students reassured the students they have a safe community to support them when they transfer as well as support their dreams and aspirations once they have received their Bachelor’s degree. Students were also able to enjoy local attractions such as the infamous Santa Cruz Boardwalk, explore downtown Santa Cruz and eat at local restaurants.

Traveling to Santa Cruz and UCSC was a first time experience for many of our students and was well received! Some students began to envision themselves attending UCSC, while others discussed their interest in applying for other 4-year universities including UCs and CSUs. Many were shocked by the sheer size of the campus, but the amount of resources and support they can find at the 4-year universities. The Guardian Scholars program looks forward to future college visits in the future!

The Guardian Scholars is a program at Skyline College that provides resources and services to foster youth on campus.

For more information, please contact skygsp@smccd.edu or (650) 738-4185

Article by Tia Holiday | Photos by GSP staff

Fair Trade Clothing Comes To The Skyline College Bookstore (And it’s on sale!)


student wearing Fair Trade ClothingStudents in Social Psychology (Psyc 300) have been working with Marta Cuellar in the Skyline College Bookstore to promote clothing made by Alta Gracia Apparel, a fair trade clothing company and the only apparel company in the developing world that is independently certified in paying a living wage.

Because they pay their employee’s a living wage, Alta Gracia clothing is more expensive than other clothing options in the Skyline College Bookstore. Since Spring 2014, when the collaboration between students and the Skyline College Bookstore began, students enrolled in Social Psychology have used concepts learned in class to market Alta Gracia clothing on campus. This has included developing a slogan (“Change Clothes, Change Lives”), choosing the clothing they would like sold in in the Skyline College Bookstore, and creating posters and flyers advertising Alta Gracia clothing.

The Skyline College Bookstore is currently offering 25% off Alta Gracia clothing. This sale will end May 6, 2016. Get yours today!

Article by Jennifer Merrill

Associated Students Stay Busy with Events in April

The Associated Students of Skyline College have been hard at work putting on events for Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), College Lecture Series, the Glide Memorial Tupperware Drive and the kick off to Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPI). Coinciding cultural competency and diversity and equity awareness, April is loaded with events.

Shine the LightHitting the ground running upon returning from Spring Break, the ASSC kicked off the month with the nationally recognized Sexual Assault Awareness Month Day of Action on Tuesday, April 5. Students, faculty and staff received information pamphlets and other SWAG to show their support and raise awareness to sexual assault. On Wednesday, April 13 an event called “Shine the Light” to end Sexual Violence was geared towards men taking a stance to end sexual violence against women. A petition was available for men to sign and white ribbons were given out to support the White Ribbon Campaign and luminaries lit the Fireside Dining Room and the Quad to cap off the evening event. The ASSC participated in an Escalation training and will be facilitating an Escalation Workshop open to the campus on Thursday, April 28 at 11:00 am in room 6202 to wrap up SAAM.

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas’s film Documented premiered on April 6, the day before we had the honor of hosting Jose Antonio Vargas on campus for the annual College Lecture Series. Conference rooms packed with people from Skyline College, San Francisco State and San Francisco’s International High School were enthralled by Vargas’s words as he spoke about his experience as a person who’s family came from the Philippines, being undocumented and living in America.

hijabislam panelIslam 101 took place on April 11 and included Arabic calligraphy, hijab wrapping demonstration with a free scarf for students, trivia questions and free crispy Pakistani chicken and vegetable pakoras. Later in the week was an Islamophobia Panel with guest panelists from the San Francisco Islamic School and Council on American-Islamic Relations where students engaged to discuss misconceptions of the Islamic faith, stereotypes around terrorism, and to think critically of media portrayal. Islam 101 was a success in getting the campus to think critically and break down the stereotypes surrounding Muslims in America and increase the visibility of Muslim-American students on campus.

ukuleleThe AAPI Kick off was a smash! Guest ‘ukulele artist Ben Ahn took the audience away showcasing his versatile ‘ukulele skills. The Pacific Islander Cultural Association (PICA) stopped by with scholarship information and in search of volunteers for the PICA’s annual Aloha Fest in San Mateo. What else is missing? Food! The Hula Sistahs served up a mean plate of Kalua Pig Nachos that were onolicious.

Melody of Chinasinging bowlsThe following day we calmed it down with Asian Wellness Day featuring sister artists Yangqin and Gangqin Zhao from Melody of China who enlightened us with their music during the tea tasting ceremony. After filling up with tea, students were encouraged to visit the Asian American Donor Program table to register as a bone marrow donor. Dr. Ronda Wimmer wrapped up the day by conducting a workshop for students to engage in meditation and Tibetan Singing Bowls.

AADPThere is still more! Join the ASSC on Tuesday, April 26 in room 6202 for a Tattoo Lecture featuring Seymour Kaniho of A-Town Tattoo who will be discussing the art of traditional Pacific Islander tattooing. There will also be a Tattoo Photo Gallery featuring students and faculty. There is still time to drop off your new and lightly used food storage containers to be donated at the end of the month to San Francisco’s Glide Memorial.

Article by Anjelica Gacutan