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Governance: SPARC Update

The Skyline College Strategic Planning and Allocation of Resources Committee (SPARC) met on Thursday, October 29, 2015.

The committee reviewed the recommended updates to the Skyline Mission, Vision, and Values originating from the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC), the Stewardship for Equal Employment, Equity and Diversity (SEEED) Committee and the Executive Council.  The SPARC members adopted the changes and made a recommendation to the College Governance Council (CGC) for final review and approval.

Karen Wong, Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness, highlighted results from the Employee Voice Survey: Integrated Planning and Resource Allocation Cycle, which was administered in September 2015.  The committee broke out into groups to discuss survey results and identify potential areas of improvement. Specific areas of discussion included familiarity with the cycle, understanding the role of each component (e.g., the Annual Program Plan, Comprehensive Program Review, Administrative Leadership Unit Reviews, Strategic Priorities, Outcome Assessments, and Educational Master Plan), alignment with resource allocation processes, timing and feedback loops.  Aaron McVean, Dean of Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness and Karen will review the group feedback and make recommendations on the integrated planning and resource allocation cycle to the committee

Barbara Lamson gave an update on the October 20, 2015 meeting of the District Committee on Budget and Finance.  Highlights include the Board of Trustees adoption of District Strategic Plan; updates to District Budget; presentation from Jonathan Bissell, Director of Community, Continuing and Corporate Education, on the many initiatives at CCCE; presentation from Jose Nunez, Vice Chancellor of Facilities, on the proposed construction projects under the new Bond measure.

Eloisa Briones gave a brief report from her attendance at the Association of Chief Business Officials (ACBO) Conference.  The State Chancellor’s Office provided a mid-year budget update, noting that the State is doing very well now, but not to expect similar level of increases in funding for Fiscal Year 16-17 as we have received for Fiscal Year 15-16.

She was pleased to announce that Executive Vice Chancellor Kathy Blackwood received the prestigious Walter Star Robie Award at ACBO.  The award recognizes professionals in California community college business administration who have demonstrated outstanding achievements and exemplary service as Chief Business Officials in their respective districts and the state of California.

Upcoming events:

Skyline College, and in particular President Regina Stanback Stroud, will host a campus forum to discuss the Skyline Promise on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Room 6-202 to 6-206.  All faculty and staff are encouraged to attend.

Skyline College Student Success Conference will tentatively be held on a Friday in mid-April in 2016.  It will be held during the joint-divisional meetings, and invitations will be sent to colleagues from the District and sister colleges.  All administrators, faculty, and staff are highly encouraged to participate. Details to follow.

Next meeting is scheduled for November 12, 2015 at 2:10 pm in Room 6-203.

Senior TED Fellow Camille Seaman Speaks on Arctic and Antarctic Environments

camille seaman and studentsOn Thursday October 22, 2015, Skyline College welcomed Award-winning photographer, Senior TED Fellow and Environmentalist Camille Seaman. Her work focuses on the fragile environments of the Arctic and Antarctica and extreme weather conditions that produce super-storms and tornados.  The images that she captures show the immense power of nature and fragility of our world.  Camille spoke to us of lessons that she received from her grandfather while growing up on the Shinnecock Indian Reservation in Long Island, New York. “I was taught from a very young age that we are connected to everything, that everything has a life force.”

Camille shared the story of her own rising consciousness as a young artist and how she was able to take advantage of serendipitous circumstances to begin a meaningful and rewarding career.   Ms. Seaman stated, “We are all here at this time for a purpose, take the time to reflect and find your passion, do what you love.”  Her message of universal connection and following your dreams gave insight to attendees and inspired many to follow their inner compass to find their true calling in order to achieve personal fulfillment and success.

For additional information about Camille Seaman and her work check out her facebook page and her website.

If you missed Camille’s lecture you can view the video on the Skyline College lectures USTREAM page.

Article by Amory Cariadus