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Skyline College Hosts the NAFSA Region XII Northern District Conference

nafsaSkyline College hosted the NAFSA Region XII Northern District Conference on March 23rd. It was a great opportunity for administrators in the field of international education to hear from experienced professionals and representatives from different U.S. government agencies.

NAFSA, the Association of International Educators, promotes the professional development of U.S. college and university officials in charge of helping domestic and international students. The conference had many interesting sessions, such as the Seasoned NAFSAns Roundtable, Updates from Customs and Border Protection, Intercultural Understanding, and Grey Areas in International Student Advising.

Skyline College received special thanks from the NAFSA team for hosting the event. Eva Hu the Conference Co-Chair stated in a thank you email “We have really enjoyed hosting this event at your campus these last two years. Your team, Linda Bertellotti (Facilities and Events) and Roger Marcelo (Multimedia Services), were spectacular throughout the planning.”

For more information on NAFSA, or if you want to be part of the next conference, visit or contact the International Student Program of Skyline College at (650) 738-4430.

Article by Wissem Bennani | Photo courtesy of NAFSA

New Division Assistant Joins the GLPS Division!

AlessandraPlease join the Global Learning Programs and Services Division as we welcome our new full-time team member, Ms. Alessandra Zanassi, Division Assistant.

Alessandra brings substantial experience to the position and to the division. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Santa Clara University with a double major in Communication and Philosophy.  In addition to her administrative experience she has lived and studied abroad while working with both college and high school student programs locally and internationally. Most recently, Alessandra completed a year of service with CityYear, an AmeriCorps program, in New York City. She enjoys community advocacy, outdoor recreation, and spending time with her dog, Emmy.

We are delighted to have Alessandra join our team.  Please join us in welcoming her.

For more information on the GLPS division, please contact or call 650-738-7098.

Article by Pcyeta Stroud | Photo by Keisha Ford

Twelve Hundred Girls Expand Their Horizons in Science and Math

On Saturday, March 21st, 1,200 middle and high school girls from San Mateo, San Francisco, Alameda, and Santa Clara counties attended the 35th annual Expanding Your Horizons in Science and Mathematics at Skyline College. EYH is a conference geared toward increasing their interest in the critical STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) careers through hands-on workshops.

Collage of  Conference Photos

The conference is planned by volunteers from Skyline College and North San Mateo County Soroptimist. The Soroptimist also funded scholarships and school buses for north county girls.

Girls came from 194 schools in San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, Sacramento, and Stanislaus counties. Most (87%) of the girls are in middle schools. Over 100 scientists volunteered to present workshops. Additionally, Skyline College students and Skyline College alumnae who have completed their baccalaureates and professional degrees presented workshops. Skyline College faculty who presented workshops and/or mentored students developing workshops include Alice Erskine, Nick Kapp, Sandra Hsu, Chris Case, Carla Grandy, Carina Anttila-Suarez, Judith Crawford, Paul Rueckhaus, Jing Folsom, Elsa Jimenez-Samayoa, Nancy Ruis, Janice McOmber, Gary Cheang, Janelle Barbier, Shari Bookstaff, Jocelyn Vila, and Tatiana Irwin. The program is available at Another 70 Skyline College students volunteered to be go’fers at the conference to help usher girls between their sessions.

President Stanback Stroud started the day by welcoming the girls and introducing keynote speaker Carol Bauman, who gave an inspiring talk, encouraging the girls that they can do anything they want. Ms. Bauman is one of the Star Wars Women who created the Star Wars visual effects and is currently a Designer at Kernerworks.

In other sessions, girls dissected squid, designed a secret code, collected forensic evidence at the “murder in the produce aisle,” made lip balm as “cosmetic chemists,” and “scrubbed in for surgery.” There were 38 concurrent workshops for girls. Each girl participated in three workshops during the day.

Expanding Your Horizons aims to encourage girls to participate in high school math and science courses, provide role models for young women who are interested in math and science, and provide support for and promote interaction between people employed by industry and education.

Planning committee members include AJ Bates, Shari Bookstaff, Pat Carter, Chris Case, Gary Cheung, Judith Crawford, Stephen Fredricks, Jon Freedman, Mousa Ghanma, Ray Hernandez, Kylin Johnson, Nadia Tariq, and Alana Utsumi. Community members on the planning committee include Arlene Chang, Barbara Irli, and Judy Lewis.

Article by Christine Case | Photos by Andrea Caesar and Christine Case

Skyline College Hosts the Middle School Outreach Project Student Conference!


Funded by the President’s Innovation Fund and in collaboration with the President’s Council, Parkway Heights Middle School, and South San Francisco High School, the Middle School Outreach Project (MSOP) was founded three years ago with the goal of exposing middle school students to college and careers beyond their scope at a young age. The project also seeks to provide information about college and financial aid to parents in order to foster and support their development as educational advocates for their child.

Throughout the 2014-2015 academic year, the MSOP Team has worked closely with forty 8th grade middle school participants from Parkway Heights Middle School in South San Francisco.

On Friday, March 20, 2015, the college hosted the Middle School Outreach Project Student Conference for the forty participating middle school students and staff. During the conference, students toured the campus and visited our various CTE labs, including Respiratory Therapy, Surgical Technology, Cosmetology, and Automotive Technology.

Students visited the field and spoke with Soccer and Baseball players about their experiences as Student Athletes. In addition, the middle schoolers attended a Financial Aid presentation by Jocelyn Vila, experienced a college class firsthand, and received their very own MSOP Student ID!


The conference concluded with a dynamic college panel comprised of current and former Skyline College students who eagerly shared their personal experiences in college and offered words of encouragements for our middle schoolers.

The conference was a tremendous success, which served to instill motivation and the desire to attend college among participants.

Thank you to Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud, Mr. Carsbia Anderson, Dr. Angelica Garcia, the President’s Council, especially Mrs. Teresa Proano and Mr. Steve Martinez, our partners at Parkway Heights Middle School, and the Middle School Outreach Project Team—Nate Nevado, Lorraine DeMello, Lavinia Zanassi, Suzanne Poma, Kent Gomez, Jocelyn Vila, and Gretel Barreto for their support.

In addition, thank you to the Skyline College Faculty, the Kinesiology, Athletics and Dance Department, and the various CTE Labs for welcoming the middle school students into your classrooms, labs, and field. Many thanks to the TRiO students, Student Athletes, and TRiO Ambassadors for all your help during the event.

Lastly, thank you to Skyline College Bookstore, CIPHER, Rock the School Bells, the Office of Financial Aid, the Transfer Center, and the Center for Student Life and Leadership Development for your kind donations.

Article by Jessica Lopez | Photos by Claudia Paz

Center for Workforce Development Recognized for Innovative Partnership

Goodwill Program StudentsRecently, Skyline College’s Center for Workforce Development (CWD) was awarded an additional $150,000 from The Bay Area Workforce Funding Collaborative for its Goodwill Industries, San Mateo, San Marin, and San Francisco partnership—a collaborative offering of BUS 669, Domestic Warehousing and Logistics. The collaboration between Skyline College and Goodwill Industries is touted as a model Community College Career Collaboration (C4) partnership—an effort which aligns each organizations’ missions and efforts to advance credentials and employment success for underserved and low income populations. Students who enroll in this ten-week program receive four units of college credit, attend an all-day orientation at Skyline College, receive an OSHA 10 and Forklifting Certification, participate in skill-building workshops, and get hands-on, work-based learning experience at Goodwill Industries warehousing facilities in San Francisco and Burlingame. Currently, the Business Division offers four BUS 669 cohorts per year.

The success of this program has garnered attention and funding at the local and national level. Skyline College’s Domestic Warehousing and Logistics/Goodwill Industries project continues to solidify its infrastructure with a newly created Domestic Warehousing and Logistics Certificate and a revamped Business Advisory Committee. Last year, the Center for Workforce Development received a Social Innovation Fund for its work with Goodwill Industries and will use the additional round of funding to develop a Career Advancement Academy for this sector. Most recently, the CWD presented the project and its findings to the Rockefeller and Annie Casey Foundation, who are participating in youth innovation projects nationwide. With continued interest in the project and increasing momentum, the CWD team looks forward to continuing this work and growing the innovative program.

Article by Alina Varona | Photo by Alpha Lewis

Disability Resource Center Hosts PEP Day!

On Saturday, March 14th the Disability Resource Center hosted PEP (Priority Enrollment Program) Day! PEP Day is a special orientation event for incoming high school students. On PEP Day, DRC provides both students and their parents an orientation to both Skyline College and also the DRC program. Students also receive an assistive technology demonstration, tour the campus, meet with DRC staff, participate in accommodated placement testing learn, and make counseling appointments. DRC’s PEP Day received rave reviews from the attending high school counselors, students and parents.

Article by Melissa Matthews


AIBD Building Designers Conference = SUCCESS   

The 55th Annual AIBD (American Institute of Building Designers) Building Design + Building Science Conference was held at Skyline College March 25 through 27, 2015

For the 2nd year in a row, AIBD California Society Conference and Skyline College hosted a dynamic and comprehensive conference for both Designers and Builders. This unique event focuses on the concept of Building Design ++ Operation of Energy Efficiency Diagnostic Tools == Integration of Building Design and Building Science.

Sessions and presenters included:

  • The Theory of Proportion in Architecture by Domiane Forte
  • Details from the Hammer and Hand Best Practices Manual by Sam Hagerman
  • An Overview of the Pumpkin Ridge Passive House by Sam Hagerman
  • Real World Air Sealing by Terry Nordbye
  • The Challenges of Attics and Crawlspaces by Terry Nordbye
  • Building Awareness Incorporating Basic Principles of Feng Shui into Design and Building by Laura Seidman
  • The Critical Importance of Air Infiltration by Andy Wahl
  • Low Carbon House Stinson Beach by James Bill
  • Passivworks Latest Passive House Inspired Project by Rick Milburn
  • Air Sealing Strategies and Experiments by Clay Johnson
  • Insulation Roundup by Rick Blumenthal
  • Keynote Speaker: Matt Christie of TRC Energy Services

Energy House LabTest House Skyline College without People 01

Skyline College “Hands-On” Test House. Located in Pacific Heights, Building 19, Room 129

San Francisco House Tour:

In Fall 2012, Dean Hernandez at Skyline College volunteered his home for students guided by faculty in the Energy Systems Technology Management Program (ESTM) to conduct an energy efficiency assessment as part of their academic coursework. Recommendations from this assessment were adopted, installed, and re-constructed to improve the home’s energy efficiency. At the same time, the living space was remodeled to make it more comfortable and useful. This was done in collaboration with ESTM faculty and community partners.

Attendance included building designers, architects, engineers, building contractors, subcontractors, energy consultants, trades and students.

Additional information:

  • American Institute of Building Designers:
  • Skyline College ESTM: Bruce Greenstein, Associate Professor/Lead, Energy Systems Technology, (650) 738-4487,
  • Clay Johnson, AIBD Conference Committee Chair, (707) 677-3684,
  • Peter Waring, Skyline College Instructor, AIBD Conference Manager, (415) 717-5697,

Article by Joan Connoly

Soft Skills: Career Conversation Series


The Career Services Center continued its Career Conversation Series with guest speaker Jessica Hurless, assistant professor of Communication Studies at Skyline College, who led a workshop, “Adapting to a Multigenerational Workplace.” Jessica led an informative and invigorating discussion about the differences, similarities and characteristics of the various generations of the 20th and 21st centuries, and the way the experiences of those groups influence their work styles. In a typical workplace, it is not uncommon to have people ranging from recent college graduates to soon-to-be-retirees working in close proximity. The varying work styles and perspectives can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication. Jessica’s workshop explored these differences in a fun and thoughtful way to help participants gain a better understanding and appreciation of the different generations of people they will undoubtedly encounter in life and in the workplace. The next Career Conversation Series will take place on April 21st. Please visit us in Building 1 room 1219B for more information. We look forward to seeing you there!

Article by Brian Jenney | Photo by Lavinia Zanassi

Students from Elite Chinese High School Visit


Skyline College may receive more students from an elite Chinese high school in the coming years. Principal Xiuying Zhang and selected students from Hebei No. 42 High School, Hebei Province, China visited our campus on March 1, 2015. Hebei No.42 High School is one of the most prestigious and most international high schools in China, sending many of its graduates to colleges and universities overseas, including Skyline College.

The visit was co-hosted by the Skyline College Asian Studies Center and the International StudentsInternational Student Program (ISP). Principal Zhang and her students were greeted by Wissem Bennani, ISP Manager, upon their arrival, and they started off with a campus tour guided by Roma Feng, ISP student assistant, and Xing Wei or “Star” – a current Skyline College international student and alumna of Hebei No.42 High School. Following the campus tour, Professor Hui Pate invited her class to join the presentation delivered by Principal Zhang. Through her presentation about intercultural communication, Principal Zhang stressed the importance of cultural exchange and encouraged students to study abroad. After the presentation, students from Skyline College and Hebei No. 42 High School had an opportunity to network and socialize.

ISP will continue to provide international and cultural events and programs for Skyline College students, faculty and staff members and the greater Skyline College community. Please check our future events on the ISP website:

Article and Photo by Chikako Walker

Governance:  College Governance Committee

The College Governance Council met on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 2:10-4:00 pm, in Building 4, Room 4343.  In attendance was Carsbia Anderson, Eloisa Briones, Barbara Daley, Michele Haggar, Nicole Harris, Miku Mendoza, Sarah Perkins, Regina Stanback Stroud, Alana Utsumi.

Approval of Minutes

The October 22, 2014 minutes were approved. (M/S/U Kate Brown/Nicole Harris) Unanimously

CCC Classified Staff Nominee

Two nominees were selected to be forwarded to the CGC.  Maria Norris was voted the Classified Staff of the year by all constituencies.  Michele Haggar made the motion to move Maria Norris forward to the Board of Trustee. (M/S/U Michele Haggar/Eloisa Briones Unanimously)

Academic Senate Report

Winter meetings include visits and discussions with key administrators about the state of the College and issues for this year:

To date:  Regina Stanback Stroud [College Plans & Challenges] Angelica Garcia [Student Equity plans], Sarah Perkins [Professional development], Carsbia Anderson [Student Services], Jonathan Paver [Learning Technologies], Aaron McVean [Research & Data].

New committees indicate areas of activity: College Accreditation Oversight, Faculty Evaluation Guidance, Study Abroad, Minimum Qualifications (Psychology, Reading), Adhoc Task Group on Repeatability.

Approval of Faculty Committees:  Both Peer Review, and Selection committees; Tenure committees already approved and in progress from Fall.

District Strategic plan development and new Resource Allocation Model; SMCCD Chief Financial Officer Kathy Blackwood will attend SPARC meeting next Thursday, February 26, at 2:00 room 6202 to discuss likely implications, steps, and changes for Skyline College with new Resource Allocation model.

State issues upcoming include

  • Common Assessment Initiative [CAI] Work Groups for English, Math, ESL; includes test prep/delivery/data for course placement: Volunteers: Stephen Fredricks, Rick Hough [Math; English/ESL: Leigh Anne Shaw.
  • Discipline list will be debated/voted at State Plenary; Division Representatives are to discuss with their divisions for faculty discussion: Supply Chain [Bus/ Claire & Whitney], Counseling & LD [Escobar], African-American Studies [Irwin]
  • State Senate Spring Plenary Thursday, Saturday, April 9-11 at the SFO Westin Look for info on

Classified Senate Report

Following the long break, the Classified Senate met to discuss and finalize the scholarship award amounts for both the faculty/staff scholarship and the Classified Senate scholarship.  We have decided to take an in-depth look at our scholarship criteria for next year’s award, as the criteria have been in place for some time, and several members have asked to have them reevaluated.  (For example, whether we would like there to be campus/community involvement pieces, etc.)

Michele Haggar, on behalf of the Classified Senate, co-facilitated the Campus Town Hall with Karen Wong on Monday, February 23.  The discussion centered on the results of the Campus Climate Survey – with Karen and Michele posing questions about action plans and how to effectively make change in the areas that have been identified as needing more work. ​

In an effort to encourage community involvement, we have decided to include a “volunteer opportunities” announcement at every meeting.  This includes activities such as beach clean-ups, park landscaping, or working with the Skyline student-led “Inspiring Community Leaders” club.  We’re working to start a regularly-scheduled volunteer event for Classified Staff to participate in.  We have also teamed with our Beta Theta Omicron (Phi Theta Kappa) club to form a team, open to all Skyline College students, staff, faculty and administration, for the April 25, 2015 Relay for Life of San Bruno.  RFL San Bruno was initially started several years ago by Skyline College staff/students, and the board of RFL has stated their interest in having a very strong presence for the college.

We also have many professional development opportunities coming up in the Spring and Summer, including our own Skyline Classified Summer Retreat and Classified District Retreat.  There is also a state professional development conference we are trying to find a representative to attend, and our State Classified Leadership Institute.  Through our push towards professional development with Classified Staff, we have 2 members who have applied to attend CLI who have never attended before.  This conference’s mission is to build leadership and professionalism within Classified Staff, and is one of our most beneficial opportunities.

Associated Student Body of Skyline College Report


  • Veteran’s Day Surprise Luncheon
    • A surprise luncheon to honor the service of veterans on campus.


  • Winter Coat Drive
    • After a period of two weeks, we collected fifty coats for The Village Project SF on Turk Street, a non-profit organization serving economically disadvantage communities, especially youth and their families.
  • Winter Kickback
    • Rescheduled due to the storm. Gave out hot chocolate and doughnuts to the students. Set up a chalkboard and designed for the holidays and traditions.


  • African American Month Kick Off
    • Played music from historic periods in the dining hall, trivia games, and tabled with Black Student Union and ASTEP.
  • Valentine’s Day
    • Played a safe sex and media Jeopardy game in the Dining Hall. Tabled with the Health Center and Skyline Women Engineer. Distributed chocolate, condoms, and informational packet for safe sex.
  • African American Experience and Social Justice Panel
    • Invited Professor Pail Bolic, Dr. Tony Jackson, Student Dessaline Douglas, and Student Nicole Harris to discuss contemporary issues facing African American. Topics included the Black Lives Matter movement, Social Anxieties, access to education, and the importance of respecting diversity.
  • African Drum Djam – Afia Walking Tree
    • Activist, educator, and performer, Afia Walking Tree led a Drum jam. Students had the opportunity to play authentic African percussion instruments and learned about the history of the drum.

Upcoming Events


  • Chinese Lantern- March 5
  • Club Rush- March 12
  • CORA Drive
    • A drive for CORA Organization. Campus wide donation drive.
  • Women’s Leadership Panel
    • A discussion panel on women’s role and leadership
  • Bonus: 5 Students from the ASSC will be going to the Washington DC
  • President Harris will be going to March on March and has been chosen to be a community college speaker.
  • 5 members of the ASSC will attend the USACC Conference in Washington DC
  • CCC March in March – Nicole Harris will attending the event in Sacramento

Additional Announcements


President Stanback Stroud announced Friday, February 27th at 1:00 p.m. in room 6202 there will be a College Wide Forum on the Capital Improvement Projects.  Vice Chancellor Jose Nunez will give a college overview of the projects.  April 9-12 the traveling Veterans wall will be at the Golden Gate National Cemetery.  Additional volunteer opportunities for the Skyline College campus community are available.  Skyline College and the SMCCCD are very engaged.  See Gina Ciardella, PSC Veterans Resource Center Coordinator.



Classified Senate representative, Barbara Daley, reported – Thursday, February 26 at 9:30 a.m. in the Theater there will be a Chamber Mixer of the San Francisco Munic Trio.


Vice President of Instruction, Dr. Perkins, announced that Skyline College is on track for the opening of the Middle College this Fall 2015.  The MOU’s are in progress and legal agreements have been drafted as well as the State applications being completed.  Additionally, the Baccalaureate Degree is in process.  Currently there is an ACCJC Substantive Change Report for Respiratory Therapy.


Interim Vice President of Student Services, Carsbia Anderson, reported that during a meeting with Title 3/Title 5 Consultants we found out that Skyline College has achieved the status of being an HSI Institution.   Consequently, the College is eligible for funds through Department of Education and may apply in this year’s application for funds process.  Additionally, we learned that each Federal Agency has HSI Funds available.  The standard for achieving HSI Status is for an institution to have 25% or more of its FTE students identify themselves as Latino/Hispanic.  The allocation for HSI funded institutions last year was at $550K per year for 5 years and previous to last year was at $650K for 5 years.   There is talk in DC about using funds from this year to restore the colleges awarded last year to the $650K level.  While HSI Funds will benefit Latino students the impact of these funds will assist all students.



The March CGC meeting will be a conference call on March 18th.


Meeting Adjourned

The March 18th conference call meeting was rescheduled for March 19th. Participating in the conference call meeting were ASSC representatives, Monica Mendoza and Dennis Zheng;  Academic Senate representatives, Kate Browne and Tiffany Schmierer; Classified Senate representatives, Michelle Haggar and Alana Utsumi: and Administrative representatives, Aaron McVean, Eloisa Briones, Sarah Perkins and Regina Stanback Stroud.


The council addressed one agenda item – Substantive Change report for the Baccalaureate Degree in Respiratory Care.  It was motioned/seconded and unanimously passed to recommend the RC Substantive change report to the SMCCCD Board of Trustees for consideration.


There was no Classified Senate Report

There was no Academic Senate report

ASSC reported that they held a rush on 3/5.  They would be sponsoring the women empowerment panel on the following Tuesday and that they are engaged in the Drive for Cora with the clubs.


The meeting was adjourned.