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Skyline Shines Award Nominations

AWARD ICONThe 2014 Skyline Shines Award Nominations are now open! The purpose of the awards is to recognize individuals or groups who help Skyline College to shine in terms of its quality of programs and services and its reputation for quality. Two awards will be made annually, one to a member or group of Skyline College employees and one to a member or group from the community. Please submit your nomination(s) by Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at noon to the President’s Office. Download the application here.

Nominations for Meyer Excellence in Teaching Award 2014

Jessica LopezEvery year, the Academic Senate selects one or more recipients of the Meyer Excellence in Teaching Award. This award was established by former SMT faculty Phil Meyer to honor the contributions of faculty in their first five years of hiring who demonstrate excellence in teaching, on/off campus activities, and overall collegiality. Last year’s recipient was Jessica Lopez Jimenez.

Nominations may be made by faculty, staff, or administrators. Multiple nominations for the same people or multiple people will be accepted. The Academic Senate will select a winner of the award at its May 9th meeting and will announce the winner at the May 16th End of Year Celebration.


The following faculty members are eligible for the 2014 Meyer Excellence in Teaching Award:

Year Hired


2010 Stephen Fredericks
2010 Tina Watts
2011 Amber Steele
2011 Carmen Velez de Jesus
2011 Christopher Gibson
2011 David Hasson
2011 Edmund Yee
2011 Zachary Bruno
2012 Jessica Lopez Jimenez
2012 Melissa Matthews
2012 Sarita Santos
2012 Nathan Jones
2012 Jesse Raskin
2013 Carina Antilla-Suarez
2013 Amir Esfahani
2013 Paul Bridenbaugh
2013 Julia Johnson
2013 Kym Jackson
2013 Tammy Calderon
2013 Carmen Richardson
2013 Bruce Greenstein
2013 Paula Silva
2013 Robert Williams
2013 Serena Chu-Mraz
2013 Younga Choi
2013 Phillip Williams
2013 Michelle Hawkins
2013 Adam Windham
2013  Ijaz Ahmed

Nominations may be made by filling out the nominations form sent out in email, also available for download here under “Other Vital Information.”

Please send all nominations to Leigh Anne Shaw at shawl@smccd.edu or Nick Kapp at Kapp@smccd.edu. Thank you for acknowledging the hard work that our new hires do.

End-of-Year Celebration – Save the Date!

8774402768_fd2ef035eb_bMay 16, 2014 is the End of Year Celebration! This is when the campus comes together to celebrate the hard work we’ve done all year, cheer over our accomplishments, acknowledge individuals for their service, and enjoy some food and good cheer. Please save the date from 12:00-2:00 p.m. and join your colleagues for a bit of much-needed levity before the end of the semester!

The theme is TOP SECRET, but…Trekkies are encouraged to make contact with the Enterprise in the SMT division, ext. 4221.

Academic Senate Elections Coming Up May 9-16

Image 1The Academic Senate will be holding elections for its 2014-2015 Governing Council. Faculty are asked to review the candidates’ statements and prepare to vote on May 9, 2014. The ballots will come to all faculty in email from the Academic Senate president. Upon receiving the ballot, faculty are asked to please vote immediately. The ballot will close on the morning of May 16.

Faculty may read candidates’ statements on the Academic Senate website
The results will be announced at the End of the Year party on May 16.

Goodwill Orientation

spring 14-2 goodwill orientation

Photo: Adolfo Leiva, Troy Barros, Julie Lamson, Toti “Jay” Anamani (sitting down), Chante Mobley, Travis Hall, Christopher Gascon (sitting down), Soledad McCarthy, Jeremy Evangelista, Irving Magallan, Derricka Benton (sitting down), Adrian Benton, Emiliano Zaragoza (sitting down), Alpha Lewis, Francisco Ramos, Jose Amador (sitting down), Douglas Galyardt

The Skyline College Workforce Development Program and Goodwill Industries welcomed their second spring 2014 Skyline College Warehousing and Logistics cohort on March 31, 2014. Skyline College’s Business Division and Workforce Development partnership with Goodwill Industries awards certificates in Warehousing and Logistics to students wishing to reenter the workforce. For many of the Goodwill students, this is their first time entering a college environment.

As a result of the partnership, graduates are encouraged to enroll in the Career Advancement Academy. Students are currently enrolled in the Allied Health Bridge Program and the Entry Level Automotive Career Advancement Academies. The Career Advancement Academy (CAA) provides stackable certificates in Auto Entry Level Technician, Foundations in Early Childhood Education, Paralegal and Allied Health (EMT, Medical Office Administrator, and Sterile Processing).

For more information about joining or creating a Career Advancement Academy or the Goodwill Partnership, contact Soledad McCarthy, mccarthys@smccd.edu.

Article by Soledad McCarthy | Photo by Jeremy Evangelista

Brothers and Sisters Conference a Huge Success

B&S13898253215_396717c22f_oOn Monday April 14, Skyline College hosted its first annual Brothers and Sisters Conference. The conference strengthens and expands Skyline College’s existing outreach efforts to local high schools bridging the gap that currently exists in our educational pipeline for African American students. In collaboration with the ASTEP learning community, CIPHER, Student Services, Career Advancement Academy Programs, and Career Technology Education Programs, the Brothers and Sisters Conference served as a great transition and welcoming opportunity for these students as they graduate high school and come to Skyline College. Sponsored by the President’s Innovation Fund (PIF), the funds provided gave the team the opportunity to dream out loud. Components of the conference included:

1. Welcome
2. Institutional Welcome
3. Guest Speaker Milton Bowens
4. Enrollment Presentation
5. Program Fair
6. Campus Tour

Participating high schools included Capuchino, South San Francisco, Emery, Jefferson, and Lowell. Over 60 students were in attendance and they all were amazed by the programs and services Skyline College has to offer them.

If you want to see more photos from the day, click here

Article by Kwame Thomas

Introducing Inside Skyline College

shinesInside Skyline College is a newly developed website that serves as a resource for faculty, staff and administration of the college. This site takes the place of the former Faculty/Staff site and includes important resources such as how to order business cards online. The goal of the page was to shift internally-focused information from the public website into an easy to use portal format. Much of the information on the site contains quick links to easily access information of interest.

The site is still a work in progress, so feedback about what would be helpful for you and your department to see/be able to access from this portal is welcome. Please contact Cherie Colin at colinc@smccd.edu with any feedback.

Thank you to Liz Gaudet, Web Programmer Analyst who worked diligently in conceptualizing and implementing the site.

Article by Cherie Colin with help from Liz Gaudet

Mental Health First Aid Event

On Saturday, April 19, 2014, Skyline College hosted a Mental Health First Aid training event. The event was a collaboration between Psychological Services and the Filipino Mental Health Initiative. Interest was high with over thirty-five people participating in an eight-hour training regarding how to help individuals experiencing a mental illness or crisis. Attendees consisted of staff members and students of Skyline College, and community members. The trainers, Jei Africa and Sisilia Sisita of San Mateo Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, led the group through engaging, interactive exercises as they covered topics such as: recognizing the signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses, learning the potential risk factors for developing a mental illness, and carrying out a five-step action plan to help individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis. Several students reported that it was a great and informative event. All attendees received a certificate of completion and are now recognized as Mental Health First Aiders. Congratulations!

If you are interested in information about future Mental Health First Aid events, please contact Liz Llamas at llamase@smccd.edu.

KinderCaminata at Skyline College


On Friday, April 25, Skyline College was invaded by over 350 Kindergartners and 140 parents as the institution held its first KinderCaminata event. This event in collaboration with the San Bruno Park School District provided activities for students throughout the morning. Students from Allen, Belle Air Elementary, El Crystal, John Muir, Portola and Rollingwood Elementary Schools were greeted by Skyline staff, faculty and students as they drove onto campus. Dr. Stanback Stroud, President, welcome the students followed by Dr. David Hutt, San Bruno Park School District, Dr. David Hutt who thanked Skyline College for their participation and commitment to students.

kinder2Students, dressed in Skyline College “Kinder” shirts carrying backpacks filled with coloring books and pencils then participated in a host of activities at different locations throughout campus. Many thanks to San Bruno Fire Department, Skyline College Public Safety, San Mateo Community College District Construction Services, Allied Health, Cosmetology and Early Childhood Education programs for their fun-filled activities and exercises for the students. The event concluded with lunch and students left on buses going back to their respective schools.

kinder3This successful event was coordinated by Florentino Ubungen, Outreach Coordinator and Adriana Armas, Staff Assistant, Enrollment Services. In addition, over 60 Skyline College staff, faculty and students volunteered their time and created a wonderful experience for the San Bruno students, teachers and families. A special thanks to Joseph Morello, Dean of Kinesiology, Athletics and Dance for the use of the gymnasium and Facilities for preparing the buildings for our visitors.
This event would not have been possible without the support of the President’s Innovation Fund at Skyline College.

Article by Dr. John R. Mosby | Photos by Raul Guerra

Cosmetology Mothers Day Present Photo Shoot


Mimi Vasquez, Kym Jackson and Regina Pelayo of the Spa at Skyline College.

The costume box overflowed with pearls, feather boas, headbands and tie-dye fabric and giggling girls struck silly poses. This was no ordinary opportunity to dress up; it was a special photo shoot in which the Cosmetology, Esthetics and Fashion Merchandising departments combined to make over their clients as a present for Mother’s Day.

Over a few short hours, ordinary women transformed into flappers, movie stars, flower children and secret agents with the magic of makeup, hairstyling and a few props. Photographer Gino de Grandis brought the best out of every model, coaxing smiles and laughter even from camera-shy shrinking violets. Once the paying clients had enjoyed their makeovers and photo shoots, the staff and students got in front of the camera for a few portraits of their own. Kym Jackson and staff looked lovely draped in fur and pearls, or just plain funny in oversize sunglasses. Even the Dean of the Business Division, Don Carlson, stopped by to try on a smashing fedora and snap some new head shots.

The photo shoot offered selected clients a fun experience (and some souvenir portraits!) to balance their upcoming relaxing afternoon at the Spa at Skyline College just before Mother’s Day. Students who participated in the project have glossy new photos for their portfolios, and the moms who modeled have a reminder of their own personal beauty and sense of style. If you missed the boat this year, check back with Cosmetology next spring to arrange the same special treatment for your mom. On Mother’s Day, she deserves something special.


Cat Nguyen and her mother Cam-Hoan Dinh celebrate Mother’s Day with a sixties-inspired photo shoot.


Freshman cosmetology instructor Tammy Calderon strikes a pose.


Flower children dance for the cameras.

Article by Lynsey Hemstreet | Photos by Gino de Grandis